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Heading into Fall with Full Health at Santa Fe Soul

Heading into Fall with Full Health at Santa Fe Soul, by Dr. Robyn Benson Whether you eagerly embrace the start of fall or you have a hard time saying goodbye to summer, the change in seasons affects us all. Colder weather and less sunlight can leave us feeling tired, foggy, depressed and lethargic. Not to […]

Introducing Thrive Shots at Santa Fe Soul

Introducing Thrive Shots at Santa Fe Soul Boost Your Health and Be Your Best Self The transition from summer to fall can take its toll on all of us—mentally, emotionally and physically. That’s why now is the perfect time to adjust to the seasonal change and boost your overall health with our new Thrive Shots […]

Recharge Your Health with IV Therapies

Recharge Your Health with IV Therapies Tired of feeling fatigued, anxious or depressed? Need a boost to enhance your immune system?   In these uncertain times, one thing’s for sure: my team at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health is here to help you overcome health challenges with a powerful combination of natural traditional, alternative […]

Alcohol Swaps

Alcohol Swaps:  Managing Your Liquid Sugar Intake Let’s begin by saying we would prefer it if you skipped the hard liquor when discussing a regenerative lifestyle. With that being said, if you still feel you would like to relax with an alcoholic drink, how about swapping it out with a glass of wine instead! That […]

Sugar Swaps

15 Top Sugar Swaps: Easy, Potent and Pleasurable Learning simple ways to manage the level of sugar intake during certain times of the year has its value. The responsibility is placed upon the individual to integrate and manage any ongoing holiday season that retailers seem to have defined for us.  For some it might take […]

8 Top Reasons To Give Back: Make it Personal!

Enjoy a Year of Rewards that Go Beyond Your Boundaries! I am passionate about travel and made the decision to go to Uganda with my daughter to be part of JLMC Foundation trip of a lifetime to meet the girls they serve and to witness the impact of the Girl Power Project in Uganda®, East […]

LIVE to be 139 Years Strong: Turning Degeneration into Regeneration

Learn how to LIVE to be 139 Years in this Doctor Driven Seminar with Interactive Workshop Most of us understand what it means to have a degenerative disease.  Wikipedia explains degenerative disease as the result of a continuous process based on degenerative cell changes, affecting tissues or organs, which will increasingly deteriorate over time, whether […]

HELP ME! My Hair is Thinning!

Are you crying for help because your hair is thinning? Are you fearful it will get worse? Do you dream of a natural, affordable solution that gives you results with little downtime? If your answers to the above questions are, “Yes,” please read further and also download our FREE ebook. You will learn more  about […]

Warrior Women’s Wealth and Wellness

  Meet ‘Kim Swims’ in person! Kimberley Chambers will be in Santa Fe on Friday,  July 13th from 6-8 pm at BODY. Kim is a record-breaking athlete, marathon open water swimmer, feminist and dreamer from New Zealand.  Enjoy watching this movie trailer that has won many awards as a powerful documentary:  Kim Swims Kim will be joined […]

5 Top Healthy Solutions for Allergies!

              More and more people seem to have a heightened sensitivity to an allergen of some kind (a food, pollen, dust, mold…) which can cause the immune system to overreact in order to defend itself. The immune system typically responds to a harmful substance, such as wheat, dairy, peanuts […]