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Warrior Women’s Wealth and Wellness

  Meet ‘Kim Swims’ in person! Kimberley Chambers will be in Santa Fe on Friday,  July 13th from 6-8 pm at BODY. Kim is a record-breaking athlete, marathon open water swimmer, feminist and dreamer from New Zealand.  Enjoy watching this movie trailer that has won many awards as a powerful documentary:  Kim Swims Kim will be joined […]

5 Top Healthy Solutions for Allergies!

              More and more people seem to have a heightened sensitivity to an allergen of some kind (a food, pollen, dust, mold…) which can cause the immune system to overreact in order to defend itself. The immune system typically responds to a harmful substance, such as wheat, dairy, peanuts […]

8 Lifestyle Choices for Better Heart Health

8 Lifestyle Choices for Better Heart Health by Robyn Benson We have all heard the American Heart Association’s warnings to men about heart disease for years. Now, heart attacks have become the top killer of women too. Thankfully, there are easy lifestyle changes we can implement to encourage good heart health. Below are the top […]

Knee, Back, and Shoulder Pain Cured With Prolozone

Are you one of the 100 million Americans that suffer from chronic pain? Does it affect your mood, energy, and your ability to show up in the world the way you desire? Traditional treatment options such as pain killers have created an opioid addiction epidemic. It has torn many families apart while leaving people in […]

Youthful Aging is a Choice

The Breakthrough Science of Regenerative Medicine by Robyn Benson, D.O.M. The US spends more on health care than other high-income nations, but has a lower life expectancy and poorer health. Our country is ranked 37 in the world in all around health care (among industrialized countries), while the rates of obesity and chronic conditions continue […]

A proven natural solution for optimizing sexual function, resolving ED and improving men’s overall health

  Along with fitness, a healthy waistline and overall wellness, most men care to have sexual vitality throughout life. However, ED rates have gone up dramatically over the last 20-30 years. Common causes for ED are aging, pelvic injury, high blood pressure, kidney disease and prostate cancer.  Today constant stress, and living in an increasingly […]

A Safe, Natural Solution for Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and so much more

by Robyn Benson, D.O.M. If you’re struggling to break a bad habit — such as anxiety, overeating, alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, sex addiction, procrastination, etc. — then this may be the most important message you will ever read. All of these destructive habits are rooted in dysfunctional brain chemistry and faulty processing pathways in the […]

5 Steps to Healthier, Fuller & Shapelier Breasts

by Robyn Benson, D.O.M. Breast cancer, lumps, breast pain and sagging breasts are all very common occurrences and concerns for women in today’s world and increasingly for men too! If you are experiencing one of these challenges, consider the following solutions in addition to a self-care lifestyle, regular breast massage and monthly self-examination. 1. Whole Foods. More […]

Amplify Youth and Restore Beauty with a Natural Face-Lift Procedure!

By Dr. Robyn Benson, D.O.M. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the beauty of your face; from chemical peels to lasers and even plastic surgery. However, the PRP Facelift aka the Vampire Facelift® continues to be a favorite choice for celebrities, and people who choose a natural approach to amplify the youthful […]

JJ Virgin receiving Dr. Benson’s Amplified Regenerative Therapies (ART)

  We were thrilled when New York Times bestselling author JJ Virgin and her team visited Santa Fe Soul recently to try out my Amplified Regenerative Therapies (ART…including the O-Shot, P-Shot and Vampire procedures). JJ was working on a book deadline and wanted help handling the stress and an acupuncture treatment provided the perfect remedy. I told JJ […]