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The Benefits of IV Therapy By Dr. Robyn Benson

Our patients keep coming back for IV Therapies because they are an affordable regenerative solution used for centuries.  Patients praise IV Therapies saying they help with: -> chronic fatigue and pain -> infectious disease -> chronic illness -> detoxification -> recovery – i.e. recover from colds and flues, surgery, injury (sports, accidental or age related) […]

Exponential Healing with Tesla Energy Lights

At Santa Fe Soul, we’re committed to helping you change your lives through better health, and recently, we’ve been working with two potent tools that literally produce miraculous results, impacting our clients’ lives on a cellular level. Tesla Energy Lights are a powerful system, inspired by the work of the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, that […]

“The Healthy Conscious Traveler” is a bestseller with rave reviews!

I am very excited to report that my groundbreaking new book, The Healthy Conscious Traveler, quickly became became a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon after launching on May 31 and has already received 14 5-star reviews! For this week only, you can buy the book on Amazon for just $1.99. For more info, and to […]

Here’s to Healthy Travels!

As Healthy Conscious Travelers, we know how important it is to be prepared. Not just for the weather, but for any number of health problems that commonly arise during travel, from bed bugs to dehydration and more. Here are just a few health issues you might face, along with simple solutions that provide prevention and […]

Restorative Sleep for the Healthy Traveler

Those of you who attended the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit you learned that sleep is essential for vibrant health. Nothing impacts our sustainable health, good moods and a “get-up-and-go attitude” like a good night’s sleep. And yet a lack of quality sleep is one of the most common problems we face when traveling.  Did you […]

Travel Truffles

Traveling can take it out of you. After hours in an airport or plane, days on the road and often a significant time change, you can feel exhausted. My new book, The Healthy Traveler: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel offers great ways to avoid the stress of travel on your body, from how […]

Food for the Healthy Traveler

My friend Gregg Schulman’s hotel refrigerator at a recent event I’m excited to show you my new book, The Healthy Traveler: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel , as well as the accompanying Healthy Traveler’s Food Guide, full of recipes and tips for eating well when you’re on the road, be it plane, train, […]

Healthy Traveler’s Blog

Healthy Traveler’s Guide: Retrain, Regain & Renew Yourself with Eight Pathways to Smart & Conscious Travel I’m excited to announce the upcoming publication of my new book, “Healthy Traveler’s Guide: Retrain, Regain & Renew Yourself with Eight Pathways to Smart & Conscious Travel.” I’d like to share some of my recommendations with you so that […]

How To Avoid GMOs and the Health Risks That They Pose

One of the most important health care messages I give my family, friends and patients is to avoid genetically modified foods. As hard as we try to eat a healthy diet, it’s hard to know whether the food you buy and feed your family is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It’s estimated that in […]

Shiva Shakti: Awakening Your Life Force Energy

Sexual energy plays a major role in our lives, and if you’re stressed, disconnected from your partner, or dealing with other blockages, your sex life is suffering. I have to admit that in 22 years of my practice, at least 75% of my clientele complains of low sexual interest, or even complete loss of drive. Sexual […]