Introducing Thrive Shots at Santa Fe Soul

Introducing Thrive Shots at Santa Fe Soul

Boost Your Health and Be Your Best Self

The transition from summer to fall can take its toll on all of us—mentally, emotionally and physically. That’s why now is the perfect time to adjust to the seasonal change and boost your overall health with our new Thrive Shots available at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health.

Designed to help you regain vibrant health, each of our five Thrive Shots provides an array of benefits that can help you overcome feeling wired and tired or depressed, ease pain, and combat the sluggish effects of low energy, low libido, and low immunity. We’ve carefully calibrated each Thrive Shot with a formula of powerful nutrients, including B Complex, amino acids, Magnesium and Procaine, all targeted to alleviate your specific health challenges.

Drawing from more than 28 years of clinical experience, I created Thrive Shots to empower you to take charge of your own healing. You can browse our Thrive Shots menu below and choose the treatments best aligned with your individual needs. Try more than one shot to gain multiple benefits. You’ll be amazed by your own healthy transformation.

  • IM Jumpshot – A blend of Regenalyn (amino acids), Procaine, and B Complex, jump starts your immune system.
  • IM Jumpshot/Relax – This Thrive Shot will relax, refresh, and beautify you from the inside out. This liquid yoga treatment contains a potent blend of Regenalyn (amino acids), Magnesium, and Procaine.
  • IM Glutathione – Ideal for liver detoxification and lung support, is a simple formula of Glutathione and Procaine.
  • IM Skin Support – An anti-aging formula, gives you a natural glow. The combination of Glutathione, Carnitine, B complex and Procaine helps improve skin firmness and elasticity while stimulating healthy hair growth. This Thrive Shot also aids with detoxification.
  • IM NAD+ with B12 and Procaine – This Thrive Shot is a safe, simple and inexpensive therapy that kickstarts your energy levels and elevates your mood.

The new Thrive Shots are part of my Amplified Regenerative Therapies (A.R.T.) at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health. My A.R.T. is a revolutionary program designed to help you discover and expand your healthiest self, using oxidative therapies, IV infusion and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with acupuncture and herbs to alleviate chronic pain, headaches, hormonal imbalance and many other health issues.

If you would like to learn more ways to empower yourself by supporting your own self-care plan, enjoy listening to my new podcast called, “YOUNGER: The Art and Science of Youthful Aging.” It features interviews with leading experts in natural healthcare with easy access 24/7 as you live a regenerative life.

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Recharge Your Health with IV Therapies

Recharge Your Health with IV Therapies

Tired of feeling fatigued, anxious or depressed? Need a boost to enhance your immune system?   In these uncertain times, one thing’s for sure: my team at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health is here to help you overcome health challenges with a powerful combination of natural traditional, alternative and regenerative medicine.

IV Therapies play an exciting role in the superhuman revolution at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health, where we’ve been helping patients achieve vibrant health for 15 years. Our pioneering IV Center of Santa Fe offers a selection of signature nutrient Intravenous Therapies that can restore energy levels, boost immunity, elevate mood, recharge brain power, enhance detoxification, help you regain your zest for life and promote overall good health.

Intravenous treatment is a potent method of infusing nutrients directly into your bloodstream, allowing you to better absorb nutrients by bypassing your digestive system. At our IV Center, you can choose from nine different treatments or combine multiple therapies to address your needs. We can also customize a blend of vitamins and minerals in a single treatment to focus on your specific acute or chronic health issues.

IV Therapies can help you achieve Superhuman Energy, something we could all benefit from right now, when burnout, chronic fatigue and lack of energy affect nearly1 out of 2 people. Here’s a look at how some of the signature therapies on the menu at our IV Center of Santa Fe can improve your life.

The Immune Boost gives you a high dose of vitamin C, which strengthens your natural defense system. This infusion alleviates colds as well as allergies, which have been so prevalent this year. It also enhances pre and post-surgical recovery. The Hydro Helper aids in recovery from dehydration, whether you’re dealing with gut issues that result in lost fluids or you’re an active person who naturally loses fluids through exertion.

The classic Myers Cocktail helps you regain energy, recover from jet lag and beat back the blues. To elevate your mood as well as your energy levels, order the popular B12 shot. When you’re ready to relax and refresh, try our Chill Out, a simple magnesium infusion that we like to think of as “liquid yoga.”

For anti-aging assistance, the Rectifier combines the Myers Cocktail and Glutathione to give you a natural youthful glow. This treatment improves the firmness and elasticity of your skin, aids in detoxification and stimulates healthy immunity.

If you’re ready to let our transformative IV Therapies change your life, visit the IV Center at Santa Fe Soul Optimal Center of Health. If you’d like additional help with your health challenges, but you prefer an online video-conference, contact us to schedule your tele-health appointment.

Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health

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Alcohol Swaps

Alcohol Swaps:  Managing Your Liquid Sugar Intake

Let’s begin by saying we would prefer it if you skipped the hard liquor when discussing a regenerative lifestyle. With that being said, if you still feel you would like to relax with an alcoholic drink, how about swapping it out with a glass of wine instead!

That brings us to the first question you might want to ask, what kind of wine should I drink?

If you desire an drink with alcohol on occasion to kick back from a week of hard work, before dinner or when connecting with a friend, choose a dry wine.  Even over the holidays at parties, or at home this provides a great alcohol swap to remember.

In a WebMD article they write how researchers say their findings, confirm the absence of a link between the type of alcoholic beverage and the occurrence of cirrhosis is still valid.  This is one reason why we do not endorse drinking alcohol every day, but rather on occasion and only for special events.

The article offers more insights including a Danish study revealing wine drinkers have 70% less chance of getting cirrhosis of the liver, than those who drank liquor or beer.  In the article the French study couldn’t replicate those findings and came up with very different results.

Wine has been proven to have antioxidant qualities which might support the notion of lower cirrhosis risk for wine drinkers.  If you go down the alcohol route it is important to read the research, know your health risks and make the better choices.

What does that mean? 

If you decide alcohol is for you, serve and drink wine.  Here are a variety of reasons other researchers have found for those who drink wine over hard liquor:

Lower insulin – Enjoy a glass of wine and make sure you skip the desert. This could prove a good alternative to other sugar foods, especially for those concerned with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss – For those who have mastered their healthy weight zone, there has been research to support a glass of wine daily can lower the chance of becoming overweight.

Longer life – It has been said red wines have Resveratrol. This is a compound that triggers genes like SIRT1 which has been known to improve longevity.

Relaxation – Wine releases calming neurotransmitter, GABA. Perfect with dinner, but not good as a bedtime sleep aid because it effects your blood sugar which can interfere with the quality of your sleep.

Balance is one of the keys to a regenerative lifestyle which is quite an easy concept to remember for good health. Over-drinking, can add a burden to the body as it must convert into sugar, using lots of energy which can lead to major health issues, tax your liver and add to all sorts of unexpected problems.

Here we will briefly discuss ways to pick a healthy wine and the best time to drink it:

Red or White – The dryer wine is best, whether it is red or white. Obviously, avoiding the fruitier tasting wines would only make sense if you are managing your sugar intake because it would be higher. One reason is because the fermentation process that some cheaper wines might have, means the fermentation process was shortened or not completed. You want to drink a wine not a juice, which means you should choose a brand that you know has absorbed all the grape sugars. Keep reading…

A Brand for You – One of the best choices for wine has been Dry Farm Wines. They are known for their organic, low-sugar impact and a reliable wine to drink regularly.

NO Wine before Bed – As mentioned briefly above, drinking wine to fall asleep misses the point and becomes a bad choice. If you would like ways to help you with your sleep naturally, go here for a variety of brands including gluten free choices and we make it easy to order from over 300 top quality practitioner brands 24/7.

One Glass A Day – Wellness can be best supported in a lifestyle of balance enjoying the grace for each moment you live without having to be too hard on yourself. Guilt doesn’t work, so if you need to take a break from your best habits, make the better choices not the worst. If you must have one glass of wine a day, have it during or after dinner. It is important to relax into a reflective day and decompress naturally in order to move toward your vision and passion for a healthy life. You can live a smart lifestyle with a smile and without feeling bad about yourself.

The power of a regenerative lifestyle is in perfect alignment to my ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies). Regenerative Medicine is where we are heading so embracing some basic habits on how you can get ahead of any heavy event season begins with being conscious about your eating and drinking choices.

Learn the simple examples for sugar swaps designed to provide a life line so you can enjoy yourself when eliminating those extremely bad decisions out of the gate.  You can make the better choices in your life today in order to avoid serious health problems in the future.

Reach out to us to learn about our ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies) and learn more about Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health. Ask about our 5-Day Regenerative Reset Program and learn how our patients have claimed they have dropped 5 pounds in 5 days, eliminated 1.2 inches off their waist including those annoying aches and pains in 5 days.

Call us at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health M-F 8 am – 5 pm MST at: (505) 474-8555

Sugar Swaps

15 Top Sugar Swaps: Easy, Potent and Pleasurable

Learning simple ways to manage the level of sugar intake during certain times of the year has its value. The responsibility is placed upon the individual to integrate and manage any ongoing holiday season that retailers seem to have defined for us.  For some it might take education, planning, work, so we thought we would introduce you to some simple sugar swaps to be used as tools in any circumstance.

When we seem to find any excuse to party. You heard the mantra, what is a meal or celebration without something sweet, REALLY SWEET with lots and lots of alcohol?

Whether you are being entertained or are the entertainer, high levels of sugar entering our body is not a good idea.  We forget our system breaks down the sugar into an acid, which really translates into fat, as the body must protect its internal organs.

If we don’t like to pollute mother nature, then why do we disrespect our own bodies.  The idea of a flu season has gone by the wayside, since we know the new normal is people get the flu 365 days a year now and the big trigger is ingesting sugar.

For those living a regenerative lifestyle you can understand the interest to keeping your body and immune system strong.  Think about it, a diabetic is forced to have clear guidelines to follow in order to stay alive.  Learn to recognize and practice ways to keep high sugar foods out of your body before dis-ease takes place and enjoy the celebration without feeling lousy afterwards.

Just google the stats.  I just found this article by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) saying 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year.  You know this dis-ease has a direct correlation to the amount of sugar that goes into your body.  Why wait until the 11th hour, when you can find simple ways to honor your body and eat for health today!

Maybe you have mastered the mindset with disciplined achievements for months, and maybe years, which has sharpened your thinking, give you that youthful look and offers new energy to go that extra mile.  Let’s manage challenging circumstances today so you can continue your great success through any holiday season.

We can agree, sugar is not your friend, so why go for instant gratification.  Let’s avoid sickness altogether by simply making better choices.

15 Top Sugar Swap Tips to use where ever you are:

Resist the Obvious – Sodas, candy, chips and baked goods unless you know the baker or can read the ingredients

Taste the Coffee / Tea – Make sure you taste the coffee / tea! Between the dairy creamers and the sugar, you know it is just a easy choice to go for the non-sweetened nut, and coconut milks and follow the low glucose options listed below in #5.

Breakfast Cereal – One of the worst offenders is breaking down at the start of your day with sugared granola’s, oatmeal and breakfast cereals. Make the effort to use pure rolled oats or unsweetened instant oatmeal mix and ask if this is a option where ever you go.

Hydrate with Water – Enjoy drinking your 8 glasses of water a day by sweetening it with lemons, cucumbers, watermelon, mint or grapefruit. When you keep water simple and delicious you will drink more.

Sweeten Naturally – If you must, bring your own natural popular low-calorie sweeteners with you, like: Stevia; Xylitol, Erythritol, Yacon syrup. At home, since it might be awkward to carry these in your backpack or purse, stock up on the “less bad” sugars like, real maple syrup, molasses, and honey but use sparingly.

Fresh Fruit – Most hotels, restaurants offer the ability to dive into some fresh fruit. Take advantage of it and serve it to your guests as well.

Naked Proteins – Choose a naked burger and leave the bun behind.

Celebrate Raw – Nuts and seeds are great to carry with you on the road and are great to add to any meal or salad.

Create the Perfect Parfait – Don’t be tempted to conveniently grab those prepackaged granola-filled yogurts. They are the worst sugar offenders and you might as well drink a Coke. If you are home, make your own parfait. The perfect one would include, Oikos Triple Zero (Greek brand yogurt), plain coconut or almond yogurts.

Give Up the Snickers – Although it is more and more difficult to find a healthier protein or granola bar, take responsibility for your own health and get use to reading the ingredients on the package. If you need a snack between meals, buy a box for the road that is a better snack for energy. Do not get fooled into an energy bar that will convert into sugar knowing it will only contribute to false energy and adds the bad fat to your system and will throw off your balance.

Trail Mix – STOP BUYING the trail mix at the convenient stores. Make your own before you leave town with a healthy mixture of unsalted and raw nuts (i.e. almonds, walnuts, pecans) and add some coconut flakes with some Goji berries.

Stop Screaming for Ice Cream – Find and enjoy the many natural, low-sugar frozen treats by making your own fruit blended Popsicle and enjoy the better choices like the Greek yogurt pops available at most food stores.

Cut the Cheese – Learn to treat any meal with cheese like desert choice, so manage your intake. Cheese will break down in your blood into sugar. So why overload your body when you are not at the least getting the sweet rush. So, if you have cheese on your eggs in the morning, skip the cheese on your salad for lunch. At dinner, substitute the cheese with some extra rich avocado (guacamole) with some green chile on your taco or burrito. Still hooked on Pizza, request a veggie slice without the cheese!

Get your Veggies – Okay, fruit smoothies still seem to pacify your desire to make a good choice, but in reality, have high sugar content to diminish what appeared to be a healthy choice into a sugar drink. If you reach for a smoothie on the road or make one at home, use one-part low sugar fruit (i.e. berries, melon, kiwi as opposed to Mango, Cherries, pineapple and papaya) with two parts vegetable.

Skip the Alcohol – If you find you enjoy an alcoholic drink on special occasions or after a hard day of work, keep it to 1 glass, and choose a dry wine instead of those sugary mixed drinks. Get access to alcohol swaps here!

Okay, so when you are on the road, don’t buy into convenience, even if the hotel breakfast says it is included in the room rate.  Be smart and enjoy a head start on your health every season, any time of year, by applying these easy sugar swaps!

Reach out to us and let us know if you would like to learn more about our 5-Day Regenerative Reset Program. Some claim they have dropped 5 pounds in 5 days, eliminated 1.2 inches off their waist including those annoying aches and pains.

Visit us at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health and ask for your FREE Tour of The ART LAB, IV of Santa Fe Therapy Room and more.  We are open M-F 8 am – 5 pm MST so call us today: (505) 474-8555

8 Top Reasons To Give Back: Make it Personal!

Enjoy a Year of Rewards that Go Beyond Your Boundaries!

I am passionate about travel and made the decision to go to Uganda with my daughter to be part of JLMC Foundation trip of a lifetime to meet the girls they serve and to witness the impact of the Girl Power Project in Uganda®, East Africa. We were with a group of conscious activists who are committed to changing the world, while having an unforgettable time along the way.

With the holidays arriving, giving can offer you a boost of health, happiness, and strengthen an entire community. Of course, you do not have to shop to reap the benefits of giving. There is research showing the same benefits can come from donating to charities or volunteering your time.

My friend and founder of the non-profit, Vivian Glyck, invited us to join her to connect with the families her organization serves in Uganda. We were able to experience the Girl Power Project first-hand by:

  • Teaching communities about the law and human rights.
  • Implementing Population Council’s Girl Roster Toolkit.
  • Signing a covenant with the community.

These were powerful experiences to have with my daughter Hannah who is in her teens. We both learned, grew and personally gained a deeper personal sense of self and the value of giving back unconditionally.

There are so many ways to give back to the world. As a mother among other roles I engage in daily, helping girls before they become a adult, responsible woman, just made sense to me.

As I researched this program and why Uganda, I came across some interesting statistics which became my inspiration to be part of this positive change:

  • Empowerment – When a girl has 7 more years of education, she marries 4 years later and has 2.2 fewer children.
  • Education – More than 100 Million children remain out of school – 66 million of them are girls and half of them live in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Leadership –Nelson Mandela said it all when he was quoted as saying, “No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated.”
  • Reproductive Health – Medical complication from pregnancy and childbirth are the second leading cause of death among girls ages 15-19, worldwide.
  • Justice – Worldwide 50% of all sexual assaults are against girls ages 15-years old and younger.

This journey to help others required our time and money. They had a good plan that optimized our adventure to give back with an African Safari along the Nile River, shopping that included local entertainment while we became part of the community in our participation of service.

Let me share 8 top reasons to give back and how I made it personal:

  1. Make a Difference
  2. Build Community
  3. Expand Connections
  4. Improve your Health (mind, body and spirit)
  5. Lead Others by Example
  6. Share Your Skills
  7. Embrace the Good Feeling
  8. Give Authentically
#1. Make a Difference

We innately desire to make an impact on the world to add value outside of our regular grind to wake up, work, sleep and repeat. I am grateful as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), that I designed my desire to travel as a way to make a difference for my patients.

I search the world for new technologies, based in science, to help them regenerate naturally. It has been a blessing to run a unique practice for over 25 years all while I make a difference in others health, life everyday.

When contemplating anther type of experience of giving back and sharing it with my daughter, I recognized it needed to be different. When I dug deeper,and recognized I would have a witness, my daughter in this case, I came up with a new way to refresh my opportunity to give back and personally grow.

It is when we discover deep inside our passion to experience more from life, and share it, this was the opportunity that felt right for me this year. I was confident that this was the non-profit foundation I could trust, that it would meet the experience that was resonating in my heart with my daughter.

It is important to pick an organization you believe so you can apply your contributions, your time and/or money, directly to the cause you care most about. If it is your first time, don’t hesitate to investigate local organizations before you go overseas which can be a bigger risk or investment.

Research ways the organization has truly implemented changes they claim. Take a look at how they help a family, community, country or the world with transparent results that should be documented.

#2. Build Community

Building a community can’t be done over night and nothing changes a community for the better like volunteering.

I work hard because I am passionate to help my patients feel youthful and healthy naturally. I have created and cultivated a resilient community that I authentically care about and continue to give back.

Stepping out on this trip to Uganda took me away to listen to my heart in new ways. It helped me by get out of the day to day, week to week schedule. I found participating in a positive impact with a community beyond my borders that certainly requires support, extended my purpose and allowed my daughter witness the same as such an early age.

#3. Expand Connections

In a society where technology has taken over, we can become lonely very quickly! We seem to let the clock run us so stepping out of our regular work environment which rules most of our day, can interfere with our ability to expand our network.

We count on our digital communities keep us connected but over time without personal engagement, can prove to distance and isolate us from having meaningful impact and interpersonal relationships. Volunteering in person seems to help balance my work schedules. It allows me to get out of the office, house or the same old routine to broaden my horizons with others who have similar passion and interests to contribute.

Experiencing the honor to give back in a meaningful way while meeting others willing to do the same, adds a special spark of life from the heart. It can ground your focus on making a living when a new experience reminds you to be present and simply enjoy the process.

#4. Improve your Health (mind, body and spirit)

Improving your health is what I teach my family, patients and apply personally all week long. I know how we think, live and feel can have a direct, real impact, upon our own health and longevity.

I find it interesting when I donate my time and invest unconditionally in an organization that has a proven track record to show they are making a positive difference in the health of a community, I participate in the rise of everyone’s physical, emotional and spiritual health together. It is powerful when we get outside of ourselves for some time to connect, improve and harmonize with the lives of others.

Giving back life force as it relates to health is a special offering I understand. It goes beyond financial contributions. The ability to be an example and live a simple healthy life has its gifts far beyond any ones imagination and it is personal.

Don’t stay on the sidelines with your own health or learning about balancing mind, body and soul by observing others who are less fortunate. They reveal secrets due to their limited resources that can become part of their gift back to you.

It is best to simply take action for yourself, one step at a time, so you can become the example for others. You do not have to be an expert in health to share what has worked for you with others interested in your like-minded objectives.

#5. Lead Others by Example

My friend Vivian who founded JLMC Foundation has a special story that inspired her to build her non-profit. It is important to know, you do not have to go to that length to contribute as you can lead others by your own example.

When if comes to any great idea or an honest effort in leadership think of ways to help in the long term by providing an ongoing contribution. I find when I give back, I choose pure organizations or ways to open myself to opportunities that take my leadership to new heights. I witnessed this with my daughter, Hannah, as she interacted with the girls in Uganda, some of them younger than her.

Yes, there were days when we thought it was too hot and uncomfortable to feel inspired to do anything for anyone. Just like in life, when you move beyond the small things and show up to the bigger experiences, like seeing the joy in those we serve, the feeling of being inconvenienced for a short time disappears when our efforts add value to others we were serving.

#6. Share Your Skills

I know we all have a special gift to offer the world, so find it in you and share with others who will appreciate it.

What do you feel is your strength?

It is important to put your heart, mind and talents to the test by donating and volunteering for a particular cause or organization to help others as you allow yourself to grow as well. I can seem like such a surprise when you strengthen your own talents and passion as you humbly make a difference.

Embrace the celebration of sharing your skills to help others. I can assure you it comes back to you 1,000-fold.

#7. Embrace the Good Feeling

Over the years I have discovered giving back builds our emotional wealth, and simply feels good. When I contribute to help others, I can feel the natural side effect that reaffirms my own beliefs that there is goodness within ourselves and others.

We just do not see enough examples of this in the society we live in today unless it is a celebrity. Know you do not have to be famous to find what fore fills those desires from within your soul.

When you feel it, embrace the good feeling every time.

#8. Give Authentically

Everyday I am inspired to contribute authentically with empathy. It is natural to give back to others in ways you believe is appreciated and gives you a higher sense of self knowing if the circumstances were reverse someone would be there for you also.

Without a real reason, for a true cause, with a solid story, contributions appear to be shallow and received as some type of self-adoration. Dig deeper into yourself, and embrace your legitimate heartfelt needs. It is only then that you can make an impact with hope and intention to authentically give back!

Self-Care Includes Giving Back
Let your Vision become Bigger than YOU and Share your Desire to GIVE!

I truly hope you enjoyed a year of giving on some scale. It becomes easier to take action with the opportunity to grow in this way if you begin small then expand your commitment gradually. I feel satisfied on every level of my life when I continue to make a variety of commitments to GIVE BACK each year!

I would like to hear from you! Please share with me ways you have made difference in your family, community, preferably outside of your professional life. If you didn’t have the opportunity to indulge in this special way to personally grow, or haven’t found the organization that fits your heart, let me know that too. I would enjoy discussing ideas we can come up with together.

It is hard to believe another year is coming to an end. The light of an ending is the beginning that gives you a brand new start. Find your 8 top reasons to give back in your life and enjoy reflecting with grace as you begin another new year.

I would like to thank you for being in my life of service and would like to wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season into the New Year!

Reach Out To Me
SHARE Ideas You Choose to Give Back!
…email me 24/7:

LIVE to be 139 Years Strong: Turning Degeneration into Regeneration

Learn how to LIVE to be 139 Years in this Doctor Driven Seminar with Interactive Workshop

Most of us understand what it means to have a degenerative diseaseWikipedia explains degenerative disease as the result of a continuous process based on degenerative cell changes, affecting tissues or organs, which will increasingly deteriorate over time, whether due to normal bodily wear or lifestyle choices such as exercise or eating habits. Another reason for the degeneration of cells could be metabolism, both the natural decrease in metabolism as a person ages and abnormalities in metabolic rate due to genetics. Degenerative diseases are often contrasted with infectious diseases.

Many find this perspective of aging hopeless for obvious reasons.  I am excited to share a vision of the future of an anti-aging lifestyle.

My ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies) at Santa Fe Soul considers the polar opposite a degenerative or aging process which supports regenerative solutions and practices. Regenerative medicine reverses the thinking around degenerative disease. It’s the science of boosting healing naturally in damaged tissues and in under-functioning endocrine and immune systems. This is achieved with nutrition therapy, stem cells and oxidative medicine (ozone and high dose vitamin C IVs). It also includes restoring healthy joints, hair growth, skin rejuvenation and sexual function with your own platelet rich plasma (PRP).

I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM) celebrating innovative and game changing approaches to today’s health care. As I travel the world to learn more about the most advanced leading-edge therapies, procedures and products designed to renew, restore, and revive peoples’ health I invested in the technology and education to offer a complete menu of services built around regenerative medicine in my practice.

Can you imagine living to be 139 years strong?

It appears our current health care system is failing us, so those living an anti-aging lifestyle are taking their health in their own hands and discovering how regenerative medicine is the wave of the future.  Anyone researching the benefits of complementary medicine will discover many natural ways that are now supporting a positive outlook to health. I made a short list of therapies that have become popular at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health over 15 years:

Prolozone has been used for athletes for years.  Now everyday patients with chronic pain are learning how Prolozone can help promote the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints and ways it can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems.

PRP has been used to improve the quality of men and women’s skin (also known as Vampire Facelift®), breasts (also known as Vampire Breastlift®), hair regeneration (also known as Vampire Hairlift®).  Recently PRP has been proven to help women with incontinence and pain with sex, called an O-Shot®, and to help men with ED, called the P-Shot®.

10-Pass Ozone Therapy which has become the latest and greatest tool for the treatment of many diseases!

-> Reduces blood pathogens including bacteria, viruses and molds.

-> White blood cell activity is increased.

-> Stem cell production and liberation are both increased.

-> Increase mitochondrial activity

UVB/Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation plus Ozone together which has become a safe and natural therapy using light as a natural antibiotic, read more. UVBI may sound intimidating, but the health benefits are immense.  By introducing UV waves (which are found in sunlight) to your blood, your body is helped in fighting off viruses and bacterial infections as well as given an immune boost to fight off illness.

IV Therapies are various treatments that are available to help with everything from illness to fatigue to detoxification:

The Myers’s Cocktail of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and B complex has been shown to be effective in treating migraines, chronic fatigue and respiratory infections.

A Vitamin C IV can boost your immune system, help get rid of infection and, according to a WebMD* article, is linked to boosting the capability of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells.

A Magnesium push can be another good way to treat acute migraines while also combating various cardiovascular diseases.  Magnesium also improves blood flow and blood pressure.

The GSH Glutathione push is an antioxidant powerhouse.  Glutathione is considered the master antioxidant and is found in every cell in the body.  We lose Glutathione as we age.  The use of a GSH Glutathione push helps replace lost Glutathione, which in turn helps to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and improve overall health.

A Heavy Metal Detox not only detoxifies key systems and organs in the body like the liver and kidneys, it also supports the immune system.

As a practicing DOM, I am thrilled to be hosting a Doctor Seminar with interactive workshops designed to train other practitioners solutions designed to turn degeneration into regeneration.  Harper Restoration System is presenting an Advanced Biological Allograft with Ozone and aesthetics with Biological Allograft at my center in Santa Fe each fall. I invite you to contact me today to take advantage of these powerful natural therapies that can change your patient’s life.

This is a Doctor-Driven, very advanced, class being introduced to practitioners interested in helping their patients regenerate naturally.  All attendees will provide the input needed to help lead the class.

We  require all students to complete the pre-screening questionnaires and watch videos before attending class.  Attendees will purchase their Biologic Allograft equipment before this begins workshop so the practitioners will be ready to begin applying what they have learned on Monday when they get back to their offices.

We will introduce distinguished expert physicians’ instructors:

Dr. Dennis Harper, DC is a renowned physician, speaker, and trainer in Regenerative Medicine using Ozone, Vitamins, and Biological Allograft in innovative applications and protocols that he has developed to treat patients. Along with research and terminology, you will learn about several different types of sources that are currently on the market, how they actually work, as well as the risks & benefits. You will learn administration methods, when to use each, and how to implement these techniques into your existing practice.

If you are interested in learning more about how youthful aging is a choice with ART, get free access here. If you are referring your Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD), Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) so they can offer outpatient solutions that can regenerate your health, let us know and we will reach out to them.  Space is limited to 15 attendees for each Doctor-Driven seminar we offer.

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My name is Dr. Robyn Benson and I am an author, speaker, self-care and regenerative medicine expert is known by many to be THE health detective with life-changing solutions!  I am the owner and founder of Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health for over 14 years located in the “Land of Enchantment,” New Mexico.

For over 25 years, I have applied my considerable knowledge of acupuncture, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, Herbs, IV therapies and love for healthy travel to help patients resolve acute and chronic health challenges and to achieve optimal and sustainable health.  I look forward to meeting you and learning how ART can support your regenerative lifestyle.

HELP ME! My Hair is Thinning!

Are you crying for help because your hair is thinning?

Are you fearful it will get worse?

Do you dream of a natural, affordable solution that gives you results with little downtime?

If your answers to the above questions are, “Yes,” please read further and also download our FREE ebook. You will learn more  about new documented research available, university studies with before and after photos, access to a powerful article by the International Journal of Trichology and more.

We now know hair growth is an integral part of your health and it is not just an issue for men.   Hair loss is a direct reflection of what your body is telling you and can obviously affect self-confidence and self-perception when the image of yourself shifts compounding stress levels as your visual appearance changes.

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I have offered the most advanced leading-edge therapies, procedures and products designed to renew, restore and revive people’s health for over 25 years.  I have called these natural, science-based solutions ART — Amplified Regenerative Therapies.

I am honored to help men and women to improve their health and lifestyles with success for many decades.  It is thrilling to announce new science that provides relief to those with thinning and damaged hair also.  Many postmenopausal women seek my care for this condition but the biggest shock includes teens suffering with hair loss due to their toxic and high-stress lifestyles.

The signs of thinning hair and imminent hair loss affecting you, or anyone you know, can be self-diagnosable. Lab tests or imaging are not required.

What causes your hair to fall out?

Hair loss is common. Don’t be ashamed because a lot of people, including younger people, are concerned about of thinning hair or hair loss today.

Let’s review the list of possible areas that might relate to hair loss: 

Family history. How does your mother or father’s hair look? Are you having the same problem with hair loss or thinning? When hair loss runs in your family, you inevitably will also have the same problem with your hair.

Stress. Are you always stressed? Stress can be a major culprit. Physical stress from surgery, illness, or high fever and mental stress, especially when it is ongoing, can result in hair loss.  Pregnancy can also cause your hair to fall out due to the stress your body endures during pregnancy.

Medications. Do any medications you are taking cause side effects that result in hair loss? Some medications for cancer, depression, heart problems, arthritis and high blood pressure has this side effect.

Chemotherapy. Are you or have you undergoing—or undergone– chemotherapy? Chemotherapy frequently causes hair loss. It destroys the cancer cells as well as the normal cells, causing hair to fall out.  This can affect hair growth and regrowth.

Hair Damage.  Are you fond of tight ponytails, braids, curling irons, or dyes? These can damage your hair and can eventually cause hair loss.

Hormones. Did you recently stop taking birth control, or are you going through menopause? Pregnant women, those who have discontinued birth control, and menopausal women can also cause temporary thinning of hair, but after these are resolved, normal hair growth can be achieved.

Age. Have you noticed your hair thinning as you age? As you age, your hair grows less, gets thinner and becomes more brittle. This is why older people commonly experience thinning hair, baldness, and hair loss.

Diet. Are you eating the right kind of foods for healthy hair? Many people don’t have the best dietary practices, so people don’t get enough nutrients and minerals essential for hair growth. If you are not eating enough protein and foods rich in iron, zinc and biotin, hair loss can occur.

Thyroid diseases. Have you ever been diagnosed with a thyroid disease? If you are suffering from thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, hair loss is a common problem.

Ringworm of the scalp. Do you check your children’s scalp? This is common in children, and causes bald patches.

Alopecia Areata. Have you tested for AA or patchy hair loss? Alopecia Areata called AA, results in sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that can overlap.  AA is a disorder in which the body’s immune system actually attacks hair follicles.

If you find yourself reading this because you feel you are losing too much hair, or know someone who is, you came to the right place to learn more about a natural way to support a beautiful head of hair. We offer hope and solutions that are affordable, effective, and provide a quick recovery that doesn’t involve surgery at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health.  Get access to more details in our FREE ebook.

At Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health we use my ART with patients who have confirmed PRP has helped them resolve hair loss, and join pain, incontinence, ED, saggy breasts, wrinkled skin and more.  We have documented these treatments and results.

So, what is PRP therapy?  This stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which uses your own blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate your body and in this case your hair.  PRP is a natural regenerative scalp and hair treatment.  I have provided PRP to thousands of patients throughout my many years of practice.

Enjoy learning more in my FREE ebook, “Help ME! My Hair is Thinning!”   This ebook displays before and after images on exciting research that includes a university study and a Medical Journal article documenting how doctors are inspired by the power of PRP to help their patients naturally regenerate hair and more.

How much is “too much” falling hair?

How do you feel about your thinning hair?

Can hair loss be genetic?

What are the early symptoms of hair loss?

How do you know if hair loss is permanent or temporary?

Will hair grow back?

What causes hair to fall out?

How do you treat thinning hair?

What is the PRP or Vampire Hairlift®?

What are the advantages?

How does it work?

How do you know if PRP or Vampire Hairlift® is a good fit for you?

Call us today 8 am – 9 pm MST to schedule your appointment with me at 505.474.8555 or email us 24/7: . You can also visit my website for additional short videos and more details about PRP Hairlift.

Warrior Women’s Wealth and Wellness

Meet ‘Kim Swims’ in person!

Kimberley Chambers
 will be in Santa Fe on Friday,  July 13th from 6-8 pm at BODY. Kim is a record-breaking athlete, marathon open water swimmer, feminist and dreamer from New Zealand.  Enjoy watching this movie trailer that has won many awards as a powerful documentary:  Kim Swims

Kim will be joined by 5 Top Warrior Women who will share their journey to wellness that lead them down a path to define a new way to wealth.  Meet: Dr. Susan BoolBol (specializes in Hematology/Oncology and is affiliated with Mount Sinai Beth Israel ), Elizabeth Liechty ChFC, CLU (partner at the Charter Financial Group, a private financial planning services firm), Jody Feagan (co-founder with Katie Roundtree of 100 Women Who Care in Santa Fe), Dr. Robyn Benson (Doctor of Oriental Medicine focusing on natural ART–Amplified Regenerative Therapies), Lorin Parrish (Founder of BODY).

So, are you ready to BE you? BE the unique individual that you were created to be, that Warrior Woman with a unique purpose. Our panel of amazing women are here today to help us ALL re-imagine and redefine what our true WEALTH is. It comes down to our relationships, health – both physically, spiritually and emotional. Please join us to hear their stories, how they found and embraced their unique purposes to BE-come and realize their true wealth on their journey of life.

Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health and BODY are proud to bring you an amazing group of real life Warrior Women. We don’t have to go to the movies to find inspiring real-life woman when we can simply look within ourselves.

Here is where you get access to the details of this event.

Contributions will go to the 100 Women Who Care in Santa Fe– Co-Founders Jody Feagan & Katie Roundtree

Brief notes on each speaker:

Keynote Speaker Kimberley Chambers – Record-breaking athlete, marathon open water swimmer, feminist and dreamer from New Zealand. Kim is also known for her nationally released film Kim Swims. She is the ONLY WOMAN to ever complete the Oceans Seven which is a marathon swimming challenge consisting of seven open water channel swims.  To put this in perspective only 6 people in the world has ever completed it. Watch Kim’s Trailer to her Award-Winning Documentary Film

Jody Feagan – Co-Founder with Katie Roundtree of 100 Women Who Care 

Dr. Robyn Benson –  Dr. Robyn Benson, author, speaker, self-care and regenerative medicine expert is known by many to be the health detective with life-changing solutions!

For 26 years, she has applied proven science-based solutions and her love for travel to allow patients to resolve acute and chronic health challenges to achieve optimal and sustainable health.

Dr Susan K. Boolbol – is a nationally known breast surgical oncologist. Her passion is treating the woman with breast cancer as a whole and not just treating the cancer. She believes that we should emerge from difficult times stronger and with more balanced priorities.

Elizabeth Liechty – A Financial Planner whose focus with clients has been to help them re-imagine and redefine what true wealth represents…. Elizabeth began the process fulfilling her own passion project to BE authentic. Elizabeth has written a Best-Selling children’s grief book called, “The Blue Elephant,” which has now also premiered as an animated film at the Annapolis Film Festival.

Hosts / Sponsors for this Event

  • Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health– Founder Dr. Robyn Benson brings an innovative and game changing approach to health care. Robyn designed this center with most advanced leading-edge therapies like acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies, PRP, ART, natural solutions designed to help patients get out of pain, look and feel younger.
  • BODY – Body is a Santa Fe based health and wellness center that offers eco-conscious clothing, a health café, leading-edge massage and facial treatments, studio and fitness classes, as well as host community-inspiring events like this one.  Founder / Owner of Body, Lorin Parrish will be providing healthy BODY Food for this event.

Do you have any questions about this event or how to save your seat?

Contact us at Santa Fe Soul

Call Santa Fe Soul (M-F 8 am – 5 pm):  505-474-8555

Email us:

Remember, there is limited seating so grab your tickets fast, and tell you friends to book.  You do not want to miss this event!

5 Top Healthy Solutions for Allergies!

More and more people seem to have a heightened sensitivity to an allergen of some kind (a food, pollen, dust, mold…) which can cause the immune system to overreact in order to defend itself.

The immune system typically responds to a harmful substance, such as wheat, dairy, peanuts or what is common now in New Mexico the Juniper pollen when exposed to the body.  People with allergies recognize their immune system might work overtime on what appears to be relatively harmless exposure.

The persons reaction can range from mild discomfort to a life-threatening situation.

General allergy symptoms appear similar to the flu without the fever!  Most with an allergy will display a combination of symptoms like:  watery eyes; runny nose; sneezing; itchy throat; nasal congestion; wheezing; fatigue; coughing; stomach ache; fatigue; irritability; skin irritation; and maybe hives.

Hay fever, eczema, hives and asthma are all due to allergic reactions.

When you determine if your allergic episode was due to something in the air (pollen, pet dander), an insect sting (i.e. venom of bees and wasps), a chemical, medication or from something you ate, here are the top questions to can ask yourself for clues:

  • What have you eaten differently?
  • Do you work outdoors, or have you been active outdoors recently?
  • Have you had a recent traumatic stressful experience?
  • Have you been in contact with something that might have irritated your eyes or skin?

The answers to these questions will help guide your doctor to becoming more specific and may request scheduling for a simple skin or blood test.  If you have a serious allergy or reaction, make sure you get to the hospital as fast as possible as allergies can be life threatening. If it is a food allergy we offer a simple test to identify the foods with a complete report.  This will include a list of foods to avoid based on the results.

For 25 years of practice, I have offered natural solutions that are proven and work, like:

  •      Acupuncture –  Decreases inflammation and supports the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid) and fortifies the detox organs (liver, kidney, lung and spleen).
  •      Chinese herbs and Homeopathy – Histoplex, Xanthium Relieve Surface, Jade Screen or Allergena 6, Juniper 200x homeopathic (that you can begin a month before the season begins for quick results).
  •      Nasal sprays – Restore™ Sinus Spray and Ozone Nasal Insufflation can help to clean out the sinus cavity.
  •      Eye drops – Lubrisine Eye Drops helps to soothe itchy, burning eyes.
  •      Diet therapy – A simple blood test can reveal a complete list of foods to avoid.

Are you ready for relief with a natural solution today?

We are here for you when you call 505-986-1089 M-F   8 am – 5 pm or emailing us.

8 Lifestyle Choices for Better Heart Health

8 Lifestyle Choices for Better Heart Health
by Robyn Benson

We have all heard the American Heart Association’s warnings to men about heart disease for years. Now, heart attacks have become the top killer of women too. Thankfully, there are easy lifestyle changes we can implement to encourage good heart health. Below are the top eight lifestyle choices that affect heart health.

1. Studies have shown that stress can change the way blood clots, which can increase the risk of heart attack. Create simple habits to follow to deal and manage your stress.
2. Celebrate a healthy heart with good food and nutrition for your heart. Enjoy omega-3’s (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring and trout), nuts (almonds or walnuts) and berries (heart-healthy phytonutrients and soluble fiber).
3. If you are significantly above your ideal healthy weight, change it. Don’t put yourself at higher risk, like high blood pressure, that could lead to heart disease.
4. The 21st century saying, Sitting is the New Smoking has been based on studies that confirm sitting for long periods of time increases your risk of having a heart attack the same as if you smoke.
5. Depression enhances sticky platelets, which are the tiny cells that can cause blood to clot. Learn more about Amplified Regenerative Therapies (ART) which are natural, unique scientific outpatient programs.
6. Addictions like tobacco, alcohol and drugs can lead to many health problems. Tobacco smoke reduces the amount of oxygen the blood can carry to the heart and nicotine can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Drinking can hurt your heart muscle (cardiomyopathy) and raise your blood pressure. Drugs affect your heart’s efficiency in its ability to pump and more. Ask about our 28-day program.
7. Erectile dysfunction and heart disease go hand in hand. The inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex may be a warning sign leading to serious heart problems.
8. Get a good night’s sleep and lighten your heart’s workload as your blood pressure and heart rate go down at night. Learn ways to keep a full sleep cycle to decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Love Your Heart Health with Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM and founder of Santa Fe Soul, offers ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies) with cutting-edge medicine backed by science. For more information, call 505-986-1089, visit or Dr.

Knee, Back, and Shoulder Pain Cured With Prolozone

Are you one of the 100 million Americans that suffer from chronic pain? Does it affect your mood, energy, and your ability to show up in the world the way you desire? Traditional treatment options such as pain killers have created an opioid addiction epidemic. It has torn many families apart while leaving people in more pain than when they started treatment. Pain killers do nothing to help facilitate healing and predispose many to addiction. This has left many seeking solutions that are safe and effective.

What if I told you that there is a solution that not only works fast but actually facilitates healing rather than just blocks the pain signal. Not only that, but does all of this without any nasty side effects.

I want to introduce you to Prolozone Therapy. Prolozone Therapy is an injection technique similar to prolotherapy that uses ozone. The use of ozone causes the joint to heal much more quickly than in traditional prolotherapy. Prolozone is a form of non-surgical ligament reconstruction that is often a permanent treatment for chronic pain. By repairing the connective tissue this is all that is needed to reverse chronic pain.

Pain will persist as long as the connective tissue in a joint remains damaged. Connective tissue can be scarred, torn, or overly stretched. Prolozone injections stimulate tissue to repair itself, strengthening and tightening, and ultimately stabilizing the joint. Prolozone therapy involves the injections of ozone into soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons. This causes a localized inflammation in these weak areas, which then increases the blood supply and flow of nutrients, the stimulation of anabolic cells, fibroblasts, osteoblasts, and chondroblasts. These effects stimulate the tissue to repair itself, strengthening and tightening, and thereby stabilizing the area.

I have treated 1,000’s of patients with Prolozone therapy. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. Many of my patients were able to cancel surgery after experiencing the incredible results of Prolozone Therapy. In over 25 years of clinical experience, there is nothing that is as fast, effective, and safe for pain relief than Prolozone Therapy.

Youthful Aging is a Choice

The Breakthrough Science of Regenerative Medicine

by Robyn Benson, D.O.M.

The US spends more on health care than other high-income nations, but has a lower life expectancy and poorer health. Our country is ranked 37 in the world in all around health care (among industrialized countries), while the rates of obesity and chronic conditions continue to increase.

At least 80-90% of all diseases today are caused by lifestyle choices. In addition to poor food choices, a high sugar diet, and increased stress, most Americans are not exercising and getting adequate sleep like our ancestors once did.

With modern technology such as laptops, computers, modern lighting, and our 24-7 “on” lifestyle including smart phones (aka electronic COCAINE), it is easy to see how the digital age is also causing us to age rapidly. We are breaking down faster than we can regenerate. Why? Because our cells and circadian rhythms are not designed for these artificial frequencies and are not allowing the proper amounts of rest, exercise and outdoor “fresh air time” to refuel.

We often forget that the human body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself and age well if we simply follow the laws of nature. What is most promising today for youthful aging is the whole new realm of regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is the reverse of aging and degenerative disease. It’s the science of boosting healing naturally in damaged tissues and under-functioning endocrine and immune systems with nutrition therapy, stem cells and oxidative medicine (ozone and Vitamin C IVs). It also includes restoring healthy joints, hair growth, skin rejuvenation and sexual function with your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

PRP is a concentrated sample of your own blood, composed primarily of high levels of platelets. Growth factors derived from platelets are responsible for soft tissue repair, bone regeneration, development of new blood vessels, and stimulation of the wound healing process.  

Imagine all the surgeries that are being avoided, health restored and diseases prevented naturally with PRP and regenerative medicine. It is an exciting time to age youthfully with an informed self-care lifestyle and the promise and success of regenerative medicine.

Call 505-986-1089 and visit to find out more about this program. The website also includes a wealth of information about how to live better and age healthfully. And visit my personal website:

A proven natural solution for optimizing sexual function, resolving ED and improving men’s overall health

Along with fitness, a healthy waistline and overall wellness, most men care to have sexual vitality throughout life. However, ED rates have gone up dramatically over the last 20-30 years.

Common causes for ED are aging, pelvic injury, high blood pressure, kidney disease and prostate cancer.  Today constant stress, and living in an increasingly toxic world are also contributing factors.

What is surprising today is that ED is increasing mostly now among younger guys. According to a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one out of every four new ED patients is under 40 years old. Tobias Köhler, M.D., chief of the Division of Male Infertility at Southern Illinois University. “Roughly 40 percent of men in their 40s suffer from ED, and 50% percent in their 50s” he says.

As a Doctor of Oriental medicine, I help men find the root cause.  Very often it is a combination of issues including weight gain, trauma, poor diet, lack of exercise and even sexual fears and feelings of inadequacy.

Conventional medicine boasts the merits of Viagra and Cilias.  But a lot of men want their sexual vitality restored without the use of drugs.  Afterall, there are serious side effects and these drugs are often inconvenient and uncomfortable.

In addition to lifestyle guidance and acupuncture, I offer the very effective P-Shot® aka the Priapus PRP (platelete rich plasma) injection that can be used in conjunction with ED prescriptions or help you use them less or not at all.

How the P-Shot® Works

The procedure promotes new tissue growth by stimulating unipotent stem cells (Platelet Rich Plasma) from your own blood to increase circulation within the penis. It is proven to work in multiple studies and involves minimal discomfort. Other benefits include increased sensation and pleasure (and can help correct the damage from diabetes).  The P-Shot®  is also helpful for men with Peyronie’s Condition.

“I have suffered from ED since I was 24 due to contracting Malaria.  After my P-Shot I am having more frequent erections and finally I have found something that works other than Viagra, which does not make me feel good.  Thank you Dr. Benson for your integrative care, expertise and professionalism in dealing with a sensitive issue.”  Joe K

A Safe, Natural Solution for Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and so much more

by Robyn Benson, D.O.M.

If you’re struggling to break a bad habit — such as anxiety, overeating, alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, sex addiction, procrastination, etc. — then this may be the most important message you will ever read.

All of these destructive habits are rooted in dysfunctional brain chemistry and faulty processing pathways in the brain. For example, when brain chemicals such as Dopamine and Serotonin are out of balance, the experience of disorder results.

Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health is offering a unique scientific and well-researched 21 and 28 day, outpatient, customized Brain Optimization and Body Regeneration program to help people with these afflictions by restoring the natural balance of the brain’s chemistry.

The heart of this personalized system is the 30-minute Theta Chamber™ session, which includes 5 different types of technologies that help to increase new neuro-pathways favoring a healthy brain and to restore life-affirming habits.

An essential component of the Theta Chamber™ is ECS (electro- cranial stimulation) which is the main modality utilized in the recovery of drug addiction and depression. While enjoying the vestibular movement of the theta chamber you also get the benefit of oxygen therapy, binaural beats and light therapy.

The two programs also include the Photon Genius (useful for optimizing a healthy bio-field, detoxification and to rid pathogens…), the Pressotherapy (for detox, pain and relaxation) and a Russian computerized body scan to measure improvements during the length of your stay.

In addition, this individualized program includes “Rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (rTMS) which is a procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety and others. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is often recommended when other depression treatments haven’t worked.

Our 21-28-day Brain Optimization and Body Recovery (BOBR) Theta program supports your own body and brain’s chemistry to re-balance and re-program those altered pathways that have become dysfunctional, gently, safely, and all backed by scientific research.

Call 505-986-1089 and visit to find out more about this program. The website also includes a wealth of information about how to live better and age healthfully. And visit my personal website:

5 Steps to Healthier, Fuller & Shapelier Breasts

Benson, Robyn - Santa Fe Soul - Truly Alive Magazineby Robyn Benson, D.O.M.

Breast cancer, lumps, breast pain and sagging breasts are all very common occurrences and concerns for women in today’s world and increasingly for men too! If you are experiencing one of these challenges, consider the following solutions in addition to a self-care lifestyle, regular breast massage and monthly self-examination.

1. Whole Foods. More than anything, choose an organic whole food diet and one free of pesticides, herbicides and plastic drinking bottles. The toxic buildup from these offenders can contribute to massive havoc in your breast cell tissue and to hormone imbalance. One of my favorite supplements to help detox chemical buildup in breast tissue is calcium glucarate. I also recommend a good multivitamin, Vitamin D and Chinese herbs to promote breast and hormone wellness.

2. Exercise. Exercise (at least 3-4 x week). This is key for your heart, brain and yes, your breast tissue too. Walk daily, take a Zumba class and lift weights. Be sure to wear a support bra that is comfortable and not too tight around your breasts for improved circulation.

3. Bra Breaks. Did you know that underwire bras are hazardous to healthy breast tissue? Underwire bras hinder healthy lymphatic movement in and around your breasts. Whenever possible, let your boobs breathe and be free – especially when at home at night and weekends.

4. Consider a natural PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Breast lift. Did you read recently that Jennifer Aniston had this non-surgical procedure done? Most of the world does not know this option exists. Learn more at:

5. Stress less and meditate more. Stress wreaks havoc in our bodies. Instead of stressing, find ways to allow more flow, more fun and more fabulous moments in your life. Meditate and allow your body the proper rest it desires. This will help you age better, with more radiance and vitality in your skin and all your body tissues.

Benson logoFor more info on how to live better and age healthfully, visit 505-986-1089,

Amplify Youth and Restore Beauty with a Natural Face-Lift Procedure!

Benson, Robyn - Santa Fe Soul - Truly Alive MagazineBy Dr. Robyn Benson, D.O.M.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the beauty of your face; from chemical peels to lasers and even plastic surgery.

However, the PRP Facelift aka the Vampire Facelift® continues to be a favorite choice for celebrities, and people who choose a natural approach to amplify the youthful face they desire. We work with you to help shape, lift and texture your face in a way that reduces wrinkles, scars and rebuilds healthy new tissue.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) has been around for more than 20 years. It has been used successfully in orthopedics, dermatology, dentistry and even for racehorses. Dr. Robyn Benson, in Santa Fe, NM is applying this same therapy to the face, joints, breasts, and scars and even for sexual rejuvenation.

Benson pic Truly Alive MagazineePRP is so natural and so effective because it utilizes your body’s own growth factors to stimulate new cell growth in the targeted areas. Recipients of this procedure can expect plumping of sagging skin, diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles, smoother skin on the face and neck and the rebuilding of healthy collagen and elastin.

How does the PRP Facial and Vampire Facelift® restore your natural beauty?

We start by taking a very small amount of blood from your arm and placing it into an FDA approved high-tech centrifuge. This separates out the plasma into a highly concentrated form. Your plasma is then used in the desired area, where it stimulates blood flow to the area, and produces new cells and new tissue. This is similar to what happens when our body suffers an injury and our natural healing process kicks in.

We apply a local anesthetic to your face, so there is minimal pain with the procedure. We use a micro roller or the SkinPen™ which makes many tiny holes in the skin to receive the plasma solution. This procedure only takes about 30 minutes once we have processed your plasma. The effects begin to be felt and seen almost immediately.

In the PRP Facelift, the platelet rich plasma is strategically injected into key points in the face, as well as into volume depleted areas. There is no downtime, although there could be some minor swelling or bruising. We do everything we can to prevent this. Typically, most of our clients are able to return to work or their normal daily activities right after receiving the PRP facelift.

SantaFeSoul Logo with title - Truly Alive Magazine

Show your most beautiful self to the world. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Benson and complete your procedure in time for holiday celebrations. Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health: 505-986-1089,

JJ Virgin receiving Dr. Benson’s Amplified Regenerative Therapies (ART)


We were thrilled when New York Times bestselling author JJ Virgin and her team visited Santa Fe Soul recently to try out my Amplified Regenerative Therapies (ART…including the O-Shot, P-Shot and Vampire procedures). JJ was working on a book deadline and wanted help handling the stress and an acupuncture treatment provided the perfect remedy.

I told JJ that we are all “wired and tired” from living in fast-paced times, working with computers and deadlines. But acupuncture is a powerful tool that can restore health and balance to our lives. An ancient Oriental healing technique developed more than three thousand years ago, the approach uses needles to open up pathways, balancing the body’s energy meridians, healing pain as well as muscular, neurological, and arthritic problems and helping to overcome disease.

By tuning in to the wisdom of your own body, acupuncture helps to balance the body’s imbalances, healing anxiety and depression by calming the hormones and helping with weight loss by improving the digestion system. Acupuncture also can greatly relieve lower back pain and other common ailments. I like to use acupuncture for relief from geopathic stress caused by working on computers and phones and being indoors for prolonged periods of time.

JJ felt relaxed and restored following her session at Santa Fe Soul, as did her team members. You can learn more by watching her live Facebook event of her visit, viewed by thousands of people. Check it out here, and feel free to share: 


For more information about our ART offerings,  and to schedule your next treatment at Santa Fe Soul, call (505) 986-1089 and visit

Become Your Healthiest Self with Dr. Benson’s Amplified Regenerative Therapies (ART)

o-shot 4

The O-Shot®

Did you know that 30 to 40 percent of all women experience sexual dysfunction and stress incontinence at some point in their lifetime?

During my 24 years of practice, I have focused on helping women of all ages restore and revive their sexual and bladder health. In addition to acupuncture and herbal therapy, I am thrilled to offer the O-Shot®, a revolutionary, natural and non-invasive procedure that is giving women the lasting results they have been looking for.

Sexual dysfunction can happen at any age, often causing a lack of sexual pleasure and desire as well as painful intercourse. And incontinence can appear after childbirth, since the process of giving birth often weakens the tissues around the bladder.

The O-Shot® is a procedure where Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is extracted from your own blood which is rich in growth factors.The shot adds volume to the treated area, in turn increasing sensation and sensitivity. Injections are quick, and relatively painless because the area isnumbed prior to the injections.

Within days and a few weeks, the stem cells and tissues in the injected areas grow and regenerate, causing an increase in blood flow and tissue rejuvenation.

This extremely effective and simple procedure not only improves women’s sexual function and libido and reverses incontinence, it also relieves pelvic pain and increases vaginal sensation and tone. Best of all, the procedure is gentle, causes minimal or no discomfort and requires no downtime.

It takes only 30-45 minutes from start to finish.

When I received my first O-Shot I was amazed that I experienced absolutely no pain! And what was most profound for me was the identification and treatment of scar tissue (with my own PRP) from giving birth to my second child.

At Santa Fe Soul, my patients who’ve received the O-Shot have often reported immediate improvement in increased sexual satisfaction and in the symptoms of stress incontinence. PRP has already been extensively used in the orthopedic field to improve joint, ligament and tendon function by regenerating damaged tissues. Now physicians are turning to the pelvic area of the body with great success.

The O-Shot will provide you with confidence in your sex life and with pelvic vitality throughout your life. The procedure restores healthy sexual relations with the one you love and decreases urinary/stress incontinence, with complete resolution reported by 90% of all women. It also increases your ability to experience vaginal orgasm and provides greater arousal from clitoral stimulation. In addition, the O-Shot provides a renewed and restored healthy pelvic floor and a tighter vaginal opening with increased natural lubrication. The O-Shot is the ideal solution for painless intercourse and even increases your desire for sex.

To amplify the O-Shot results, I offer an integrative approach that includes the Benson Amplified Regenerative Therapy (ART) method. To thrive with a healthy pelvic area, consider a self-care lifestyle that includes a whole food diet, exercise, supplements, excellent hygiene and, of course, regular sexual activity is incredibly helpful!

Below are a few testimonials from clients who’ve received the O-Shot. To learn more click here. Contact Santa Fe Soul for more details and to make an appointment by calling 505: 986-1089. I look forward to working with you!

“Receiving my first O-Shot solved a two decade issue with incontinence. I am thrilled to be doing my Zumba classes again, running without a pad and even my sex life has improved dramatically.”

~ D.A.

“I had very little clitoral sensation before my O-shot and occasional incontinence. I just can’t believe the change. No more inconvenient leakage when I exercise and I have better sexual relations now than I have had for a very long time.”

~ H.T.

How to Stay Healthy & Energized During Summer Travel

How to Stay Healthy & Energized During Summer Travel

By Dr. Robyn Benson

Summer vacations are meant to be relaxing, a time to enjoy family and friends and de-stress from the workplace. But delayed flights, lost luggage, exposure to illnesses in airplane cabins and other frustrations can make summer travel more stressful than work! Know that you can travel with ease during this season and arrive at your destination with vibrant health.

To retrain, regain and renew yourself for travel success, here are solutions from my bestselling book Travel with Vitality, to ensure that your trip is relaxed, stress-free and fun.

1. Refresh yourself by being outdoors as much as possible. A powerful acupuncture point on the sole of your foot called “Gushing Spring,” is strongly rooting and, when activated, helps you reconnect with the earth. Simply walking barefoot is a quick way to neutralize stress in your body and mind and is now widely known as Earthing.

2. Refuel your cells with nature by getting into healthy bodies of water. Plan your trips around your favorite beach or other water destination as oceans and hot springs offer many healing properties, including pain and stress relief.

3. Bring your favorite essential oils and take a warm bath on arrival. 100 percent natural essential oils are excellent for recalibrating your energy, rebooting your immune system, and helping you with digestive issues after a long journey.

4. Chant, pray, listen to music, do yoga, or stretch to bring about the best vibrations and frequencies for your mind and body.

5. Drink the best possible water with a pinch of sea salt to help rehydrate your body before, during, and after travel. Water can give you an immediate boost. Of course, consume the healthiest foods possible. Chapter two in my book will give you the best possible information on how to do this well on every trip.

6. Invest in reputable products that help neutralize harmful frequencies, including Earthing sheets, protective shields and functional clothes. Invest in the best pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) wellness devices, (this is the one we have used for 8 years at Santa Fe Soul) which mimic the earth’s frequencies and quickly recharge your cell batteries! Call us at 505-986-1089 to find out about this companies best offering for its 10 year anniversary for our TRIBE!

7. Invest in your stress resiliency. Write a note to yourself from your higher-evolved self about three things you commit to doing to help with stressful delays, cancellations, getting through security, or finding yourself stuck in traffic on a freeway.

To learn everything you want to know about traveling healthy, you can get your copy of Travel With Vitality, here.

About Dr. Robyn Benson

For 25 years, Dr. Robyn Benson DOM, author, speaker, adventure enthusiast and world traveler, has helped patients achieve optimal and sustainable health with acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies and leading edge health technology. She is the founder of The Self-care Revolution the Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health and the author of the bestselling book, Travel With Vitality: 7 Simple Solutions to Sleeping Well, Staying Fit and Avoiding Illness. Robyn is here to help you! or (505) 986-1089.

Travel Healthy by Eating Right


Travel Healthy by Eating Right

Foods to Keep You Fit Whether You Fly or Drive

By Dr. Robyn Benson

Are you getting ready to take a much needed trip for spring break, or a time to head to a warmer climate and escape from the allergy/flu season? Airports are super busy right now and we want you to be be prepared for healthy travel especially when it comes to food!

Did you know that at least 80% of your health is related to the food choices you make each day and will determine your overall vitality, longevity and well-being?  When you travel you are often exposed to illnesses, jet lag, exhaustion and other perils so it is even more critical to eat healthy, real foods.

By now, you know that your body—and every cell inside of  you—require high-energy food that is alive to help you thrive. But while you may be accustomed to a well-stocked, healthy kitchen free of GMO foods, it’s not as easy to eat well when you’re traveling. Airports, train stations and highway travel centers are full of fast-food chains serving processed food containing chemicals and preservatives. Airplane fare is limited to snack and junk food with no nutritional value. And many grocery store chains in the U.S. offer little in the way of healthy, organic food. But this doesn’t mean you have to go hungry while you’re on the road, or consume food that is not good for your body.


In my book Travel with Vitality: 7 Simple Solutions to Sleeping Well, Staying Fit and Avoidling Illness, I distill my experience as a lifelong traveler and 24 years of practice as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine into simple, useful steps that show you how to eat well when traveling anywhere in the world, and how you can  eat well each day of your life!


You can, for example, pack organic fruits and vegetables to last a few days when you’re traveling domestically. You can also purchase frozen healthy and delicious meals and pack them in your suitcase to enjoy after you arrive at your travel destination. Artisan Bistro, for example, has partnered with practitioners to create a menu based on proven, effective weight management and research. Their meals feature the finest all-natural, organic and sustainable ingredients, designed to ignite your metabolism. Choose from wild-caught fish and free-range meats and other meals that are free of GMOs. They even offer meals free of gluten, dairy, soy and peanuts to work with any dietary requirement and deliver foods right to your door. ( to order and enter Practitioner Code 126178. to receive a 10% discount.)


Travel with Vitality provides a wealth of other practical, helpful and critical information about what to eat when you’re traveling. Did you know, for example, that parasites often hang out in salad bars? Avoid them and leave room in your carry-on to pack a seal-able container with a homemade salad of organic greens and healthy colorful vegetables full of carotenoids and phytonutrients.  Or  bring a healthy gluten-free chicken sandwich you’ve made at home. And instead of eating GMO peanuts handed out on the plane, bring your own trail mix, granola or a combo of nuts and seeds—organic flax, chia, pumpkin seeds and cashews. The fiber helps you feel full and keeps your blood sugar balanced.

Also check out the delicious travel bars at Travel with Vitality.  We have these at my health center, and they get raving reviews.


When traveling by plane, always pack an empty BPA-free water bottle with a filter so that you can fill at any water fountain once you’re past security, saving you from buying expensive bottled water in the airport that comes in toxic plastic bottles.  My favorite one is called lifestraw. I love how they have a powerful pay it forward program and send free bottles to children in India, Haiti etc for each bottle sold.

If you’re taking a road trip, pack a cooler with ice, cool beverages, salads, gluten-free sandwiches, fresh fruit and vegetables, kale chips, beef jerkey and other perishables so you can eat while on the road. Always bring your own packaged sea salt full of minerals to complement any meal you have. Add a pinch of sea salt to water one to two times a day to ensure water absorption into your cells and to keep your electrical body fully charged.

Heading to a hotel? Check before you go to see if your hotel room has a refrigerator. If not, see if you can request one. Often they’re readily available, for a nominal fee and, in the long run, you’ll save money.


To learn more about how to eat wisely when you’re on the road, pick up a copy of my new book Travel with Vitality: 7 Simple Solutions to Sleeping Well, Staying Fit and Avoiding Illness and my companion book, Travel with Vitalty Food Guide (to be published in May 2016), where you’ll find dozens of recipes and tips for eating well whether you’re traveling by plane, train, car, bus or boat, including this healthy recipe for truffles, designed to give you an energy boost without the side effects of caffeine and too much sugar.

Tom’s Terrific Truffles (Makes 4 truffles)

1 scoop Paleo Protein Deluxe (

4 tablespoons cacao powder

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 tablespoon warm water

½ teaspoon Celtic or Himalayan salt


Mix all ingredients to a paste-like consistency. Form into 4 balls the size of golf balls and roll into loose cacao powder. Let chill for 10 minutes. Serve at room temperature.

To learn more about Traveling with Vitality and to leave a review if you received value: Travel with Vitality.

I appreciate your comments and ideas always so please write below.  Perhaps you have a healthy travel recipe to share with us?

Cheers to your healthy travels!



About Dr. Robyn Benson

For 24 years, Dr. Robyn Benson DOM, author, speaker, adventure enthusiast and world traveler, loves to help each and every patient achieve optimal and sustainable health.  She brings a wealth of services to you including acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies and leading edge energy medicine and technology to help solve your health challenges.  Robyn is the founder of The Self-care Revolution the Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health and the recent online program the Healthy Travelers Global Summit.  Robyn can be reached at 505 986-1089.

6 S.I.M.P.L.E. Self-Care Steps to Natural Hormonal Bliss


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate
now and then doesn’t hurt.” 

– Charles M. Schulz

Welcome to February everyone!  As we continue to embark on a New Year, we all have time to enjoy a little indulgence now and then.  As Valentine’s Day approaches the topic of love is thrown around a little more than any other time of the year.  There are some very valuable health benefits when you open up to love of any kind, here are some of my favorite ones:

Elated mood levels

More Health conscious

Decreased timidity

Spiritual Growth

Social Expansion


and one of the best ways to keep the LOVE vibe going is to make sure your hormones are working for you!  At least 1/3 of the patients (including teenagers and men) I see have hormone related issues; zero libido, depression, weight resistance, fatigue, bone loss, headaches and more. This can be a complicated, costly and an extremely emotional journey for many! Continue reading here to learn about my S.I.M.P.L.E method to restore healthy hormones.

Do you want more energy, better memory an increased sex drive and the promise of better sleep?  It may be time for a hormone makeover.

Our stressful life-styles, poor food choices and our increasingly toxic world are contributing significantly to the rise in hormone dysfunction, sleeplessness and acute depression. 

Your hormones are chemical messengers in your body, which impact your ability to procreate, think, move, eliminate and to make lean muscle tissue, bone mass and so much more.

Correcting your thyroid and your adrenals are your first and most important step to achieving hormonal well-being. 

Your adrenals are small walnut-sized glands that secrete many essential hormones including estrogen, progesterone and the vilified hormone called cortisol (known to increase belly fat, and keep you awake at night when you are out of balance).  

When balanced these hormones help you sleep, experience good moods and live a more stable and fulfilled life. 

Hormonal health and well-being is big business these days, and it can be very challenging deciding which path to take.  Work with a qualified practitioner and take vitamins and minerals to resolve the deficiencies in your body that also contribute to healthy hormone production (ie zinc, magnesium, Vit C, B12 and B5, B6 and Vit D).

6 SIMPLE Self-Care Steps to Insure Your Natural Hormonal Bliss Daily. 

  1.  S-avor an organic, whole food, healthy fat, water-rich diet that includes lots of colorful vegetables and spices. I fully agree with many of the experts that you will solve most of your hormonal issues by staying away from all processed foods and DESTRESSING!
  2. I-mplement an exercise program that involves 20-30 minutes of aerobic and high intensity exercise at least 3 x week
  3. M-editate at least 10-20 minutes a day to calm your nervous system.
  4. P-LAY often!  Get away from your phones and post-it notes and let go of the demands of your life.
  5. L-augh, Love, and Learn today more than you did yesterday
  6. E-ngage in healthy relationships with your friends, family, pets and community. This naturally increases a wonderful feel-good hormone called oxytocin (the bonding hormone that is an antidote to stress).

To work with Dr. Benson or to get help with your hormones, weight, energy and more we invite you to one of our weekly educational classes Tuesday nights 5-6pm (March-April) in the BOSS at Santa Fe which includes the use of one of our health technologies.

“It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year”” How to Stay Healthy & Energized During the Holiday Travel Season

Photographer: Chris Brignola

“It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year”
How to Stay Healthy & Energized During the Holiday Travel Season
By Dr. Robyn Benson

The holidays are a happy season, but delayed flights, exposure to winter colds and flues and lost luggage can make travel during the holidays the most stressful time of the year. Know that you can travel with ease during this season and arrive at your destination with vibrant health, including a strong immune system that resists jet lag, illness and other travel-related problems.

Are you ready to release that anxiety you feel rightPasted Graphic 1 now just thinking about travel during the busiest time of the year? To trade it in for courage, confidence and certainty about your trip? In my
bestselling new book, The Healthy Conscious Traveler, you’ll discover the 8 Pathways that keep you happy and humming with health when you’re on the road as well as long after you and your family return home.

The Healthy Conscious Traveler is a book that Dr. Hyla Cass calls “a must-read for every traveler who has ever suffered through stress and sickness on the road – so essentially, everyone. This book will always be on my packing list!” And Dr. C. Norm Shealy says: “Even those who do not fly around the world often travel 10,000 miles or more each year in automobiles. Let your favorite form of travel sustain you with the true health solutions Robyn provides.”

To retrain, regain and renew yourself for travel success, here are eight easy steps from The Healthy Conscious Traveler to ensure that your trip is relaxed, stress-free and fun.

Pasted Graphic 2

1. Refresh yourself by being outdoors as much as possible. During breaks in your journey, take your shoes and socks off so that you are able to literally ground yourself to the earth through the bottom of your feet. A powerful acupuncture point on the sole of your foot called “Gushing Spring,” s strongly rooting and, when activated, helps you reconnect with the earth. Simply walking barefoot is a quick way to neutralize stress in your body and mind and is now widely known as Earthing.

I was recently in Iceland and can honestly say, that I experienced the best Earthing of my life. I climbed glaciers, walked barefoot on the cool grass and I even para-glided off a mountain over the sea. Talk about healthy travel!

2. Refuel your cells with nature by getting into healthy bodies of water, when available. Plan your trips around your favorite beach, hot mineral springs or a lake or river destination. Your body loves clean water, and many hot springs offer a multitude of healing properties from pain relief to stress relief.

3. Follow the Ultimate Health Formula (UHF) , or The 8 Pathways to conscious and extraordinary travel. Your personal power combined with earth frequencies and lots of healthy water, optimal nutrition, movement, and presence in the moment, (including your best positive thoughts) and awareness of your interconnectedness to people, place and the universe, results in ultimate health.

4. Bring your favorite essential oils and take a warm bath on arrival. Essential oils that are 100 percent natural are an excellent choice for recalibrating your energy, rebooting your immune system, and helping you with digestive issues after a long journey.

5. Chant, pray, listen to music, do yoga, or stretch to bring about the best vibrations and frequencies for your mind and body.

6. Drink the best possible water with a pinch of sea salt to help rehydrate your body before, during, and after travel. Water can give you an immediate boost.

7. Invest in reputable products that help neutralize harmful frequencies, including Earthing sheets, Orgone pendants, protective shields and functional clothes. Invest in the best pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) wellness devices, which mimic the earth’s frequencies and quickly recharge your cell batteries. Pasted Graphic 3

8. Invest in your stress resiliency. As a healthy conscious traveler, you want a clear game plan for how to handle stressful delays, cancellations, getting through security, or finding yourself stuck in traffic on a freeway
in L.A. Write a note to yourself from your higher-evolved self about the three things you commit to do on a regular basis when the you-know what hits the fan while traveling.

To learn more, visit: Click Here

About Dr. Robyn Benson
For 23 years, Dr. Robyn Benson DOM, author, speaker, adventure enthusiast and world traveler, loves to help each and every patient achieve optimal, radiant and sustainable health. She brings a wealth of services to you including acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies and leading edge energy medicine and technology to help solve your health challenges. Robyn is the founder of The Self-care Revolution the Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health and the recent online program the Healthy Travelers Global Summit. Robyn can
be reached at 505 986-1089.

The Benefits of IV Therapy By Dr. Robyn Benson

Our patients keep coming back for IV Therapies because they are an affordable regenerative solution used for centuries.  Patients praise IV Therapies saying they help with:

-> chronic fatigue and pain

-> infectious disease

-> chronic illness

-> detoxification

-> recovery i.e. recover from colds and flues, surgery, injury (sports, accidental or age related) and more…

For decades, I have offered a variety of IV Therapies to thousands of my patients at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health.  In addition to acupuncture and injection therapies (such as prolozone and B12), IV Therapies also have their place for people interested in anti-aging and preventative health used to boost the body’s ability to recover and heal naturally.

Intravenous therapy was started in the 1800s as a way to treat seriously ill patients.  Since then, the use of the IV Therapies has evolved and become a necessary part of medical procedure for the administering of medicine and fluids.

In recent years the use of IV Therapies has evolved to support a holistic and preventative healthcare pathway.  Indeed, IV Therapy has moved from the hospital to become part of a sustainable solution and has continued to be a documented service with the ability to achieve positive, regenerative results for patients of all types.

What are the benefits of IV Therapy?  How can they be added to your self-care, regenerative program?

Here are a few of the various treatments we offer at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health:

-> The Myers’s Cocktail of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and B complex has been shown to be effective in treating migraines, chronic fatigue and respiratory infections.

-> A Vitamin C IV can boost your immune system, help get rid of infection and, according to a WebMD* article, is linked to boosting the capability of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells.

-> A Magnesium push can be another good way to treat acute migraines while also combating various cardiovascular diseases.  Magnesium also improves blood flow and blood pressure.

-> The GSH Glutathione push is an antioxidant powerhouse.  Glutathione is considered the master antioxidant and is found in every cell in the body.  We lose Glutathione as we age.  The use of a GSH Glutathione push helps replace lost Glutathione, which in turn helps to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and improve overall health.

-> A Heavy Metal Detox not only detoxifies key systems and organs in the body like the liver and kidneys, it also supports the immune system.

-> UVB/Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation may sound intimidating, but the health benefits are immense.  By introducing UV waves (which are found in sunlight) to your blood, your body is helped in fighting off viruses and bacterial infections as well as given an immune boost to fight off illness.

With all the benefits of IV Therapy it is no wonder this treatment is a sound option for health and well-being.  Utilizing these benefits will help us achieve optimum health and join the self-care revolution.

Here is a picture of us giving Dr. Norm Shealy, considered the father of complementary medicine, an IV after a long trip to Santa Fe to speak at the Self-Care Revolution Thrive event at Santa Fe Soul.

Here is a picture of us giving Dr. Norm Shealy, considered the father of complementary medicine, an IV after a long trip to Santa Fe to speak at the Self-Care Revolution Thrive event at Santa Fe Soul.

Feel free to contact us at 505-986-1089 if you have any questions about IV Therapies or are in need of a rejuvenating infusion.

Be sure to learn more about Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health.

Exponential Healing with Tesla Energy Lights

At Santa Fe Soul, we’re committed to helping you change your lives through better health, and recently, we’ve been working with two potent tools that literally produce miraculous results, impacting our clients’ lives on a cellular level.

Tesla Energy Lights are a powerful system, inspired by the work of the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, that fuels your energy, mental clarity and positive well-being. Combine the lights with Nano-Vi™ technology, which promotes vitality and rejuvenation, and the results are spectacular,  from reducing chronic pain, headaches and eye inflammation to providing anti-aging results and even helping with PTSD in veterans and autism in children.

A session with the Tesla Lights involves lying on a treatment table between two sets of flickering quartz gas tubes, one at your head and the other at  your feet. In this position, you are “illuminated,” much like the filament of a light bulb. As you’re exposed to the Lights, you focus on the aspects of your body, mind and spirit, envisioning the healing of whatever is challenging you. Positioned between the lights, you enter an alpha state, an altered state of  consciousness like that achieved by meditating, dreaming and even praying, and that leads to enlightenment.

After multiple sessions, your intentions start manifesting, and this, in turn, makes you focus even more on your goals. The result is a creation of balance, with less stress and resistance and more coherence. Some patients report clearer thinking, positive feelings and higher awareness, others an increased emotional intimacy in their relationships. One of the most common comments after a session is “Wow, what a power nap!”

But what’s really happening is that an invisible life force known as “subtle energy” is donating electrons, recharging and permeating your subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies. To learn more, watch this video with me and Aeron Goldheart, the Global Developer and CEO of Tesla Energy Lights.

You can profoundly amplify your healing with a TurboAcupuncture treatment, combining acupuncture with the frequency from the Tesla Energy Lights.

Add in the Nano-Vi™ technology—a small device the produces moist air that you inhale as you’re lying on the treatment table that triggers your body’s response to oxidative stress damage—and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel!

“I was amazed by how quickly my eye started healing, three years after I had three surgeries for a detached retina. A year of steroid drops had no effect on helping clear up distortion and cloudiness caused by the surgeries. But after just a few sessions of Turbo Acupuncture paired with the Nano-VI™ Technology, I noticed a remarkable improvement, long after I had given up on my eye surgeon. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone dealing with any body, mind and spirit issues.”

~ A Santa Fe Soul client

Call us at 505-986-1089 to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions or would like others to know about your results from these healing tools, please leave your comments below.

To find out more about all of our healing modalities we offer here at Santa Fe Soul.

Also find out more about Dr. Robyn Benson and her VIP Bliss days to focus on your most predominate issues you would like to resolve.

“The Healthy Conscious Traveler” is a bestseller with rave reviews!

I am very excited to report that my groundbreaking new book, The Healthy Conscious Traveler, quickly became became a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon after launching on May 31 and has already received 14 5-star reviews!

For this week only, you can buy the book on Amazon for just $1.99. For more info, and to learn about the extra bonuses you’ll receive with your purchase, click HERE.

In The Healthy Conscious Traveler you will discover practical solutions for the many hazards of travel, showing you how to retrain, regain and renew yourself,  no matter where you visit. Drawing from my personal experiences, as well as those of my clients, I discuss the challenges we face whenever we travel, whether by air, train, bus and even in our own car. From electromagnetic frequencies and radiation to jet lag, food poisoning, sleep disruption and more, travel can leave us spent, physically and mentally.

Faced with too much stimulation and noise, and surrounded by too many people,  it’s all to easy to feel overwhelmed when you travel. But there is a way out and my book shows how, in chapters devoted to eating healthy foods when you’re on the road; getting a good night’s sleep as you travel; and the best ways to stay hydrated.

The Healthy Conscious Traveler is essential reading for anyone ready to take charge of their health in our rapidly changing world, where travel has become a daily event for many people.  The book is a companion to two reference booklets, The Healthy Conscious Traveler’s Food Guide, full of recipes for healthy foods to make at home and bring on any journey, and The Healthy Conscious Traveler’s First-Aid Kit,  which outlines essential  items for travel emergencies. They will both be published soon!

Watch HERE for details

Here’s what people have been saying about The Healthy Conscious Traveler:

“Dr. Robyn Benson has not only changed how I travel but has changed my life! She will change yours too.”
~ Celeste Yacobini

“At last, a truly comprehensive treatise on health care written with experience and humor, a great resource for the average traveler, easy to understand and put to use. If it’s not in here, you don’t need it! As a senior citizen who once traveled extensively and lately and has stopped doing so because it’s so stressful, I’m ready to pack a bag and go again! Thank you!!”
~ Diane Pick

“Essential reading for all travelers. Don’t leave home without it!”
~ E.Z. Writer

“The Healthy Conscious Traveler offers a visionary perspective on self-care while on the road, with excellent travel tools, tips and more that you can use everyday, not just during travel.”
~  Patrick Durkin

“This book is fantastic. I have learned a lot on how to prepare before, during and after travel. This is really a very valuable book. It definitely can change every traveler’s life and even when you’re not always traveling, there’s a lot of helpful tips to apply in your daily living.”
~ Rally Vargis

“The Healthy Conscious Traveler will be my trusted travel companion from now on.”
~ Dexter Russell

Read all the Amazon reviews for The Healthy Conscious Traveler HERE


Here’s to Healthy Travels!


As Healthy Conscious Travelers, we know how important it is to be prepared. Not just for the weather, but for any number of health problems that commonly arise during travel, from bed bugs to dehydration and more. Here are just a few health issues you might face, along with simple solutions that provide prevention and protection. You can learn more in my new, groundbreaking book, The Healthy Traveler: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel, available starting May 31.Watch here for details on how to pre-order your copy, along with two companion booklets, The Healthy Traveler’s Food Guide and The Healthy Traveler’s First-Aid Kit

Dehydration is a very serious condition and can be life-threatening. So it’s important to drink plenty of water several days before your trip, on your trip and even after you return home. When you travel, bring a BPA-free water bottle with a built-in filter so you can fill it up at any water fountain once you’re through security, saving at least $5 on what you’d pay for bottled water.

High Blood Pressure (HBP):
Hydration is one of the best ways to manage healthy blood pressure. If you take prescription medicine for HBP, please continue to take it as scheduled. Travel is not the time to reduce or change your prescriptions. Also, manage your stress to prevent high blood pressure spikes while traveling.

Bed Bugs:
These little nasties are more common than you might think. Just like mosquitos, some people have the right skin, odor and pH that attract bed bugs. People who get hives are more prone to bed bug bites. Your best defense is a healthy immune system.You can also buy natural bug
repellant to take with you, especially if you’re traveling to warm, wet climates. I recommend Proof, which you can purchase at

For more info on healthy travel, join The Healthy Traveler’s Global Movement on our Facebook here! Also visit the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit website:

And may your every travel experience be fun, enjoyable and healthy!

Please feel free to leave your comments below about this blog. We love hearing from you!

Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM
Founder of the Self-Care Revolution
And Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health


Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM

Founder of the Self-Care Revolution

And Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health



Restorative Sleep for the Healthy Traveler

Those of you who attended the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit you learned that sleep is essential for vibrant health.

Nothing impacts our sustainable health, good moods and a “get-up-and-go attitude” like a good night’s sleep. And yet a lack of quality sleep is one of the most common problems we face when traveling

Did you know that 1/3 of people worldwide are not sleeping well?

Whether you take a red-eye flight a night train  trip or an extended car trip, traveling can interfere with your circadian rhythms— your body’s clock—which affects your hormones, your digestive system and all of the body’s organ systems. Your circadian rhythms regulate your chemical and hormonal production and metabolism along an approximate 24-hour cycle. With erratic travel schedules, it’s common to experience brain fog, increased anxiety, belly bloat, swollen ankles and more.

But a few simple steps can ensure that you get good sleep while traveling, and even the full seven to nine hours recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.

* First, get a good night’s sleep the night before you start your journey.

* Avoid alcohol during the few hours before you go to bed as alcohol sugar throws off your blood sugar, causing your heart to race while you’re trying to fall asleep. If you already suffer from sleep problems, it’s best to avoid alcohol all together.

*Finish your final meal of the day or snack at least three hours before bedtime so you’re body won’t be working hard to digest food while you’re trying to sleep.

At least two hours before bed, unplug everything in your hotel room that emits electromagnetic fields and light, which can keep you in a hyper-alert state. This includes computers, iPods, cell phones and Kindle devices. Move alarm clocks and other electrical devices away from your bed. If these devices must be used, keep them as far away from your bed as possible, and at least six feet away from your body.

*Sleep in a completely dark room, which stimulates the natural production of melatonin, a hormone that is essential for healthy, natural sleep cycles, and is important for aging well too!.

You’ll find many more tips for healthy sleep while traveling in my new book, The Healthy Traveler,: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel, to be published this month, in conjunction with the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit, which is receiving rave reviews!

One participant had this to say.  “The Summit was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Probably the best and all-encompassing I’ve listened to so far.  I love to travel and this also addressed how to travel through one’s daily life.  My mind is exploding with all the new and great information.”

You can get access to more info about ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies) and receive your FREE eBook! To find out more about my services visit

Do leave your comments.  We always love to hear from you!  Cheers to restful nights ahead!

Travel Truffles

Vegan Raw Truffles

Traveling can take it out of you. After hours in an airport or plane, days on the road and often a significant time change, you can feel exhausted. My new book, The Healthy Traveler: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel offers great ways to avoid the stress of travel on your body, from how to avoid jet lag and getting sick to what not to eat when you’re wiped out.

You can learn more about how to a Healthy Conscious Traveler at the  Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit, May 1-10. This revolutionary online program features 30 leading medical and travel experts sharing their best advice for healthy share with you! Click here to RSVP and for more info.

The Healthy Traveler: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel is accompanied by the Healthy Traveler’s Food Guide. If you’re preparing for a trip, why not whip up a batch of these truffles, designed to give you an energy boost without the  side effects of caffeine and too much sugar. They’re just one of the many delicious recipes designed for effortless travel that you’ll find in the  Healthy Traveler’s Food Guide.

Tom’s Terrific Truffles (Makes 4 truffles)

1 scoop protein powder

4 tablespoons cacao powder

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 tablespoon warm water

½ teaspoon Celtic or Himalayan salt

Mix all ingredients to a paste-like consistency. Form into 4 balls the size of golf balls and roll into loose cacao powder. Let chill for 10 minutes. Serve at room temperature.

If you have a great travel recipe you’d like to share, please leave it in the comments below! You can connect with Dr. Robyn Benson at!


Food for the Healthy Traveler

htphoto1My friend Gregg Schulman’s hotel
refrigerator at a recent event

I’m excited to show you my new book, The Healthy Traveler: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel , as well as the accompanying Healthy Traveler’s Food Guide, full of recipes and tips for eating well when you’re on the road, be it plane, train, car or bus. The books will be available May 31, so watch here for details!

You can learn more about how to be a Healthy Conscious Traveler at the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit, May 1-10. This revolutionary online program features 30 leading medical and travel experts sharing their best advice for healthy share with you! Click here to RSVP and for more info.

In the meantime, here are a few travel food tips from the Healthy Traveler’s Food Guide that you can use for weekend getaways, business trips, summer vacation and more. Happy Travels!

When traveling by plane, always pack an empty BPA-free water bottle with a filter already in it so that you can fill at any water fountain once you’re past security, saving you $4 or more.

If you’re taking a road trip, pack a cooler with ice, cool beverages, salads, sandwiches, fresh fruit and vegetables and other perishables so you can eat while on the road and in your hotel room. Always bring your own packaged sea salt full of minerals to complement any meal you have. Add a pinch of sea salt to water one to two times a day to ensure water absorption into your cells and to keep your electrical body fully charged.

If you’re flying, leave room in a carry-on to pack a lunch or dinner—salads in portable containers; sandwiches wrapped in wax paper; bags of trail mix, granola, nuts and gluten free cookies, and truffles, all safely stowed and TSA-approved.

Heading to a hotel? Check before you go to see if your hotel room has a refrigerator. If not, see if you can request one. Often they’re readily available, for a nominal fee and, in the long run, you’ll save money.

If you have a great travel tip you’d like to share, please leave it in the comments below. You can connect with Dr. Robyn Benson at!

htrobynDr. Robyn Benson at the Dead Sea in Israel

Healthy Traveler’s Blog


Healthy Traveler’s Guide: Retrain, Regain & Renew Yourself with Eight Pathways to Smart & Conscious Travel

I’m excited to announce the upcoming publication of my new book, “Healthy Traveler’s Guide: Retrain, Regain & Renew Yourself with Eight Pathways to Smart & Conscious Travel.” I’d like to share some of my recommendations with you so that if you’re traveling this winter, you can enjoy a comfortable, healthy and happy trip that will leave you feeling renewed and invigorated. Read more

How To Avoid GMOs and the Health Risks That They Pose

One of the most important health care messages I give my family, friends and patients is to avoid genetically modified foods. As hard as we try to eat a healthy diet, it’s hard to know whether the food you buy and feed your family is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It’s estimated that in the U.S., 80% of our food contains GMOs, as genetically modified corn, soybeans, sugar beets, canola oil and other ingredients.

How can we avoid GMOs and the health risks, both known and unknown, that they pose?  Read more

Shiva Shakti: Awakening Your Life Force Energy

Sexual energy plays a major role in our lives, and if you’re stressed, disconnected from your partner, or dealing with other blockages, your sex life is suffering.

I have to admit that in 22 years of my practice, at least 75% of my clientele complains of low sexual interest, or even complete loss of drive. Sexual cultivation and restoration is a foundation of a well balanced life according to Chinese medicine.

In my practice, I regularly give acupuncture to help restore this primal energy in the body, which helps activate energy, gives the body a nice glow, increases healthy circulation, balances hormones and dramatically reduces stress, while increasing the pleasure hormone Oxytocin. Read more

chronic illness

Busting Myths of Chronic Illness

I want to thank Jonathan Crews MBA for his contribution to this article!

Powerful myths surround the public discussion about chronic illness, myths that cast us as victims, feeling scared, helpless, and frustrated—trapped with no way out. Not only do these myths and beliefs limit and paralyze us, they cost us thousands of dollars a year.

One of the biggest myths you’ll hear is that your disease is progressive and will only get worse. You’ll also hear that pharmaceuticals—both addictive and dangerous with numerous side effects—are the only option to help you feel better. And your friends and family may tell you that you look good…so how can you not be well? Read more

revitalize and thrive

Revitalize and Thrive in the Healing Mecca of Santa Fe November 10 – 14, 2014

“ Never give from the depth of your well, always give from the overflow.”  – Rumi                                 

There are times in life when we need help getting back on track. Being “Tired & Wired” is a modern-day epidemic. Our over-stimulated minds demand too much of our exhausted bodies. A relentless cycle of chronic fatigue — overpowered with stimulants — keeps us on a damaging treadmill, just trying to keep up. Our healthy, natural rhythms become lost in a world of artificial choices and skewed priorities. If this sounds like you, this program will change your life.

Do any of these symptoms apply to you? Read more

doctor with pills

Fix It When Illness Develops Isn’t Working

Rising healthcare costs, distrust of pharmaceutical companies, and the “fix-it when illness develops” approach not working, is leading many Americans to look for more natural ways to maintain good health – not only their physical health, but mental and spiritual as well.

This infographic shows how more Americans are turning to holistic healthcare and why: Read more

fitness test

Can You Pass these 5 Everyday Fitness Tests?

Most people think they are fit – at least somewhat fit anyway. But are we really? There are some very easy and simple fitness tests that you can do to see whether you are fit or not fit. Ready to try them out?

1. Are you still energized after 14 hours?

After a long day, do you still feel energized or are you sitting in your chair dozing off? If you are fit, you should still be active and alert at 9 PM if you woke up at 7 AM. If not, you can blame your over sedentary lifestyle.

So what to do? Exercise, sleep and reducing stress are important in fighting fatigue. Read more

farmers market

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Local Farmers Market

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is taking time to walk through my local farmers market. There is something about it that is relaxing.  It also allows me to choose the best organic produce for my family and indulge in trying new items or preparing them in different ways.

If you’ve never shopped at a farmers market, it can be a little overwhelming so I’ve put together a few tips to help you make the most of your visit: Read more

work stress

Why Work Stress Keeps Us in a Constant Fight or Flight Mode

We either live to work or work to live. Either way there are some frightening side effects no matter which side we land on, and it is affecting our day-to-day health in ways we have yet to understand.

Let’s take a look at why work stress keep our bodies in a constant “fight or flight” mode: Read more

apple a day

Want a Healthy Brain? Eat an Apple!

We all want to be healthy, but at times we’re just not sure how to get there because all of the health “noise” we hear on TV or read about on Facebook. It can all be confusing and overwhelming. One day something is good for you and the next day it’s bad for you. No wonder I have so many people asking me to help them decipher the confusion. The bottom line is; eating healthy is probably the best, fastest and most nutritious way to get there.  Even the simplest fruits can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look: Read more

belly fat

Why You Can’t Lose that Belly Fat

Have you been working out all spring and into the summer months but you’re just not seeing the results you hoped for especially around the mid-section? This is something I hear a lot from women who are getting older; despite their efforts, they still have fat around the belly.

There are a lot of factors at play here, for instance, hormones have a major impact on belly fat. So how do you banish the blubber around your belly? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why your body might be holding onto it despite your hard work. Read more


Get Rid of Anxiety the Natural Way

How often do you experience a racing heart, sweaty palms and shaky knees? If this happens often and the feelings come and go, chances are it isn’t anything serious and is more so related to feelings of anxiety or panic attacks. However, when you have these feelings, your anxiety and fear overcome you, and pull you down even further into a full blown panic attack. It can even feel as though you are having a heart attack at times. (NOTE: It is never a good idea to brush off the warning signs of a potential heart attack; seeking immediate medical attention is important) This is an all too real feeling and can be very frightening if you do not understand what is happening or how to stop it.

Most people who experience high anxiety or panic attacks allow their minds to fill with negative thoughts, and worry takes hold.  I know many people who experience these types of panic attacks or high anxiety and although there are many ways you can take control, there are a few natural ways and techniques that you can use.  Let’s take a look at a few: Read more

vitamin d deficiency

Do You Have Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for your overall health, particularly for your bones, skin and brain.  The beauty of it is that over 90% of the vitamin D that we need is produced by the sun. Many people assume they are getting enough sun and consuming enough nutrients to cover the amount needed but what they fail to realize is that most of us do not get even the minimum amount of sunlight daily and we definitely do not get the required nutrients through the foods we eat.

As far as vitamin D is concerned, your daily recommended value is 600 IUs for children and those under seventy. If you are older than seventy, the dosage should increase to 800 IUs.  Research has also stated that children can consume additional quantities up to 1,000 IUs and adults can increase to 1,500 IUs. Read more

benefits of yoga

Yoga Not Only Gives You a Better Body but Makes You a Better Partner

Everyone knows yoga gives you a better body and relaxes your mind. But are these two the only benefits? Definitely not! Research has revealed that yoga also makes you a nicer person – and – yoga can actually help you be better in bed. Yes – it’s true! People who indulge in yoga find themselves to have higher patience levels and are nicer to the people around them which in turn can make you a better lover to your partner. Now, who doesn’t want that?!

So then the question is; how much yoga is enough for you to actually feel these improvements? The perfect amount for most people seems to be sixty minute sessions conducted two or three times in a week.  One hour really isn’t a lot of time and believe me, once you are finished you will find your head clearer, feel less stressed and much happier.

Let’s look at the benefits of yoga in a little more detail: Read more

happy woman

Happiness Helps with Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? Great, are you motivated enough to do this? I know so many people who badly want to lose weight, but they face just one problem. They cannot follow a strict diet, and when they are expected to be on one, they feel hungrier and end up eating more. Obviously, if you want to lose weight, you still have to control your diet, but it does not mean that you start depriving yourself of food and feeling hungry most of the day. How is this possible? Here are a few suggestions: Read more


Experience Sustainable Wellness through Meditation

There have been countless anecdotal claims about the benefits of practicing meditation since the Eastern tradition has become more popular in the West. Now, there’s plenty of Western-based scientific evidence to support them.

Meditation is to the brain what physical activity is to the body. We’ve found meditation to be an important facet of health care, both for prevention and maintenance as well as in the treatment of disease, including cancer.

One can experience sustainable wellness by developing a life practice grounded in the cultivation of awareness. This awareness is paying attention without attachment. The ability to be aware can be increased by a meditation tool called mindfulness. Read more

Tips to Combat Stress the Healthy Way

Stress is a difficult factor of everyone’s life, but coping with stress in a positive way can make a huge difference in your health. A study conducted by Penn State suggests that eating 1.5 3 ounces of pistachios a day may reduce your biological response to stresses of everyday life, such as high blood pressure.

“We can’t avoid all the stressors in our lives, but my research has shown that eating nuts (such as pistachios, walnuts) and fruits and vegetables high in potassium can reduce your body’s biological response to stress,” says Dr. Sheila West, researcher at Penn State.

According to the American Psychological Association, stress can be a reaction to a short-lived situation, such as being stuck in traffic, or can last a long time if you’re dealing with serious traumatic situations. Stress becomes dangerous when it interferes with your ability to live a normal life over an extended period.

Who’s Stressing?

An APA poll on the causes of stress reports that two-thirds (66%) of Americans identify the economy as a significant source of stress in their lives and three-quarters (75%) are stressed by money. In addition, almost one half of Americans (48%) report that job stability is a significant cause of stress. Being aware of stress is important, but these triggers may be unchangeable.

“Stress affects the body physically just as much as it does mentally,” says Green Nut Ambassador and Nutrition Advisor Alyse Levine. “When you can’t change your circumstances to reduce stress, the best thing to do is take care of your body through diet, exercise and adequate sleep.”

The Green Way to Cope

Alyse offers these tips to help combat stress in healthy ways:

Incorporate pistachios: A study conducted by Penn State suggests that eating pistachios may reduce your body’s response to stresses of everyday life, such as high blood pressure.

Swap out processed snacks and meals with unprocessed foods: Consuming fresh produce, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and lean protein is the best way to gain the nutrients that your body needs when under pressure.

Exercise at least three times a week: Not only does exercise keep you healthy and boost your energy levels, it’s a great alternative to snacking on unhealthy foods as a way to relieve stress.

Find a ‘happy place’: Finding a positive outlet for your stress can be very beneficial to your overall health. Instead of going out for a drink after work, go for a walk in the park, take a yoga class or meditate.

Spend time with others: Oftentimes when people are stressed, they cut out quality time with friends and family to make time for work. Making time for loved ones can be calming and restorative to your health, actually making you more productive when you get back to work.

For more information, visit

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Take a Moment…

I’ve had to stop, pause and take a moment to reflect on all the growth, challenges, change, progress, and blessings I experienced last year.

More than anything, I can heartfully say it was a rock and roll “wowza” year for so many. I give you all a hug for enduring the ups and downs and all-arounds, and for choosing to move forward with fortitude, knowing that life is cyclical, and always full of surprises. Yes, change is the only constant!

I can easily admit that I too have been challenged in ways I never thought were possible. Many nights I have felt scared to take on my days and weeks ahead, simply feeling too overwhelmed to handle all that I have said yes to.

And there have been many days where I have felt that if I heard one more sad, intense, or outright horrible story…I would just lose it.

It is through self-care and all of its faces, that we can carefully and thoughtfully return to our true nature, no matter what is occurring in the outer world. This I know for sure!

Looking back at last year, I’ve worked with hundreds of people to launch a most important health care movement of our lifetime, called the Self-Care Revolution (SCR). I am grateful that Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Center (that we built in 2005) is the home of the SCR. We also celebrated the first SCR LIVE event with 22 speakers and two documentary films in June. Many people have commented that this event was simply “life changing.”

Last year, I was fortunate to travel regularly (mostly for business) and to enjoy the growth of my two children (Harrison 14 and Hannah 12).

As of today, we are finishing off the year with the launch of our full year Self-Care Revolution series. Stay tuned for details on how you can have this full library of speakers and coaches on every topic of healthy living centered on 12 themes that will help just about any health issue you could possibly have.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the blessings I received in 2013, and now, I want to pay it forward.

This newsletter is my thanks to the universe and my gift to you. It’s my way of paying it forward by providing you with amazing content twice a month to support, guide, and encourage you on your self-care journey and a tool for you to share with loved ones you care to invite to join you in a life of optimal, radiant and sustainable health.

Please take a moment to browse this “birth” issue and let me know what you think.

Yours In Health,

10 Ways to Practice Gratitude

One of the most powerful of all positive emotions is gratitude and it forms a solid foundation to help us experience more joy, happiness, hope and optimism. Since it focuses on what you have versus what you lack, gratitude – when practiced regularly – shapes our worldview toward noticing abundance versus scarcity. You bring positive energy to the conversation when you speak with others about what you are grateful for. We become better leaders, friends, co-workers and parents and are more content with the world when we practice gratitude.

Here are 10 ways to practice gratitude: … (Read more)

Take a look at Month 11 of the Self-Care Revolution™ for more on the Power of Gratitude!