Take a Moment…

I’ve had to stop, pause and take a moment to reflect on all the growth, challenges, change, progress, and blessings I experienced last year.

More than anything, I can heartfully say it was a rock and roll “wowza” year for so many. I give you all a hug for enduring the ups and downs and all-arounds, and for choosing to move forward with fortitude, knowing that life is cyclical, and always full of surprises. Yes, change is the only constant!

I can easily admit that I too have been challenged in ways I never thought were possible. Many nights I have felt scared to take on my days and weeks ahead, simply feeling too overwhelmed to handle all that I have said yes to.

And there have been many days where I have felt that if I heard one more sad, intense, or outright horrible story…I would just lose it.

It is through self-care and all of its faces, that we can carefully and thoughtfully return to our true nature, no matter what is occurring in the outer world. This I know for sure!

Looking back at last year, I’ve worked with hundreds of people to launch a most important health care movement of our lifetime, called the Self-Care Revolution (SCR). I am grateful that Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Center (that we built in 2005) is the home of the SCR. We also celebrated the first SCR LIVE event with 22 speakers and two documentary films in June. Many people have commented that this event was simply “life changing.”

Last year, I was fortunate to travel regularly (mostly for business) and to enjoy the growth of my two children (Harrison 14 and Hannah 12).

As of today, we are finishing off the year with the launch of our full year Self-Care Revolution series. Stay tuned for details on how you can have this full library of speakers and coaches on every topic of healthy living centered on 12 themes that will help just about any health issue you could possibly have.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the blessings I received in 2013, and now, I want to pay it forward.

This newsletter is my thanks to the universe and my gift to you. It’s my way of paying it forward by providing you with amazing content twice a month to support, guide, and encourage you on your self-care journey and a tool for you to share with loved ones you care to invite to join you in a life of optimal, radiant and sustainable health.

Please take a moment to browse this “birth” issue and let me know what you think.

Yours In Health,