Get the information you need to learn about our Doctor supervised 90 Day Total Cellular Detox (TCD) Program. Our team at Santa Fe Soul, Center for Optimal Health, has been trained to guide you through this process. This is a significant step in Module 2 on Benson Regenerative Protocol, a NEW MINI COURSE. Learn the step-by-step process to a regenerative lifestyle easily today! We will give you access to it FREE when you opt-in.

NOTE: In order to REBUILD, in Module 3, you must REMOVE, Module 2, toxins on a cellular level. This is a requirement for the success of Dr. Robyn Benson’s The Seven Step Foundation to Regeneration designed to renew your golden spark and to live a youthful, healthy life.

All we need is a working email! Then we will give you access to the MIMI COURSE and the 3 phases of this TCD Program which is designed to help you detoxify your cells in organs, including your brain, due to living in a toxic world and having a lifestyle has interfered with regeneration. The TCD Program has been formulated REMOVE what is in the way of your cells ability to restore your body to its optimal state which is necessary to decrease chronic inflammation and more.

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