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Create A New YOU!

Exclusive for 8 Women!

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Women are joining us for this exclusive 3-day retreat to rejuvenate.

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[limited to 8 women]


“I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.”

Louise Hay

Experience high-end natural rejuvenation therapies,

a comprehensive personalized health profile,

as we artfully work-shop natural ways to embody a NEW YOU!

Is it time to envision a new perspective, lifestyle, and a younger energetic lifestyle?

  • Realize the most powerful frequency on earth is the human soul on fire, reignite yours
  • Put your own body’s natural healing to work, and take your life to the next level
  • Nurturing others is what women do innately, but it translates best when rewarded with self-care
  • Participate in reunions because you are youthful and your life is exciting to share
  • Smile with confidence when you look in the mirror
  • Acknowledge the power of regeneration, empower yourself with a proactive lifestyle that renews, restores, revives
  • Live your life by design, not by default
  • Celebrate your body and reclaim your sensual, sexual self
  • Embrace intimacy daily
  • Connect to the world and know your life matters

This status quo is over! YOU are ready to take action!

YOU are ready for new roots and wings to lift you up and live your best life today!

YOU will spend time in a peaceful, healing, sacred and safe environment to work on identifying those ‘things’, big or small, that exhaust you, extinguished your spark, slow your body down, and make you feel energetically drained.  Join this small group of pro-active women committed to self-care, who are ready to release their burdens to reinvent, regenerate and reignite!