“The Healthy Conscious Traveler” is a bestseller with rave reviews!

Robyn Benson

Published on June 18, 2015

I am very excited to report that my groundbreaking new book, The Healthy Conscious Traveler, quickly became became a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon after launching on May 31 and has already received 14 5-star reviews!

For this week only, you can buy the book on Amazon for just $1.99. For more info, and to learn about the extra bonuses you’ll receive with your purchase, click HERE.

In The Healthy Conscious Traveler you will discover practical solutions for the many hazards of travel, showing you how to retrain, regain and renew yourself,  no matter where you visit. Drawing from my personal experiences, as well as those of my clients, I discuss the challenges we face whenever we travel, whether by air, train, bus and even in our own car. From electromagnetic frequencies and radiation to jet lag, food poisoning, sleep disruption and more, travel can leave us spent, physically and mentally.

Faced with too much stimulation and noise, and surrounded by too many people,  it’s all to easy to feel overwhelmed when you travel. But there is a way out and my book shows how, in chapters devoted to eating healthy foods when you’re on the road; getting a good night’s sleep as you travel; and the best ways to stay hydrated.

The Healthy Conscious Traveler is essential reading for anyone ready to take charge of their health in our rapidly changing world, where travel has become a daily event for many people.  The book is a companion to two reference booklets, The Healthy Conscious Traveler’s Food Guide, full of recipes for healthy foods to make at home and bring on any journey, and The Healthy Conscious Traveler’s First-Aid Kit,  which outlines essential  items for travel emergencies. They will both be published soon!

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Here’s what people have been saying about The Healthy Conscious Traveler:

“Dr. Robyn Benson has not only changed how I travel but has changed my life! She will change yours too.”
~ Celeste Yacobini

“At last, a truly comprehensive treatise on health care written with experience and humor, a great resource for the average traveler, easy to understand and put to use. If it’s not in here, you don’t need it! As a senior citizen who once traveled extensively and lately and has stopped doing so because it’s so stressful, I’m ready to pack a bag and go again! Thank you!!”
~ Diane Pick

“Essential reading for all travelers. Don’t leave home without it!”
~ E.Z. Writer

“The Healthy Conscious Traveler offers a visionary perspective on self-care while on the road, with excellent travel tools, tips and more that you can use everyday, not just during travel.”
~  Patrick Durkin

“This book is fantastic. I have learned a lot on how to prepare before, during and after travel. This is really a very valuable book. It definitely can change every traveler’s life and even when you’re not always traveling, there’s a lot of helpful tips to apply in your daily living.”
~ Rally Vargis

“The Healthy Conscious Traveler will be my trusted travel companion from now on.”
~ Dexter Russell

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