For Women

Women are raving about the O-shot®

Finally… a natural solution for optimizing sexual function, resolving incontinence, and relief from pelvic pain

The O-Shot® will give you the confidence you desire when it comes to your sexual life and pelvic health.
The O-Shot®, is an effective and simple procedure for women who want to improve their sexual function, libido, reverse incontinence, relieve pelvic pain and increase vaginal sensation and tone.
The O-Shot® is gentle procedure that requires no down time. Expect 30-45 minutes from start to finish.

O-Shot® Benefits

  • Restore healthy sexual functioning
  • Decrease incontinence (and often complete resolution in 90% of all women)
  • Revitalize the pelvic floor
  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva
  • A tighter vaginal opening with increased natural lubrication
  • A solution for those who experience painful intercourse
  • Increased desire for sex and better orgasms

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Why the O-Shot®?

I’m passionate about helping women of all ages restore and revive their sexual and bladder health.

Between 30 and 40 percent of all women experience some symptoms of stress incontinence and/or female sexual dysfunction in their lifetime. Incontinence can appear after childbirth, as the process of giving birth can weaken the tissues around the bladder. Female sexual dysfunction can appear at any age and often presents itself as a lack of sexual pleasure, or even as pain during intercourse.

The O-Shot will give you the confidence you desire when it comes to your sexual life and pelvic health.

I offer an integrative approach that includes the Benson ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapy) method.  To thrive with a healthy pelvic area, consider a self-care lifestyle that includes a whole food diet, exercise, supplements, excellent hygiene… and regular sexual activity is super helpful!  I look forward to working with you!

Kind Words

The O-shot does wonders for your woo haa! I was experiencing decreased sexual desire and bladder incontinence after having three babies.

The O shot resolved both issues beautifully and I’m only three months post shot. It seems to be getting better and better as time goes on. Honestly having a bikini wax is more painful! Robyn’s O shot is something every woman should have done!

Candice W.

Albuquerque, NM

Receiving my first O-Shot solved a two decade issue with incontinence.

 I am thrilled to be doing my Zumba classes again, running without a pad and even my sex life has improved dramatically


I had very little clitoral sensation before my O-shot and occasional incontinence.

I just can’t believe the change.  No more inconvenient leakage when I exercise and I have better sexual relations now than I have had for a very long time.


When I received my first  O-Shot® I was blown away not to experience any pain at all.

What has been most profound for me was the identification and treatment of scar tissue (with my own PRP) from giving birth to my second child.  This has completely resolved the discomfort I have felt over the years.  This is huge!

Dr. Robyn Benson

Santa Fe, NM

I am beyond grateful. I want to share with women and men that Dr. Robyn Benson treated me one time with the O Shot and eliminated my urinary incontinence. 

I had tried the sling surgery, acupuncture at my gynecologist’s office and drugs at my physicians office. Nothing was good until I went to Robyn. Five years I dealt with this worry and mess and after one mostly painless procedure I am free! Yahoo! If you want to know about this life-changing procedure,  let me know.

Cecile W.

New Mexico

 I’ll be doing this every year for sure.

My results from the O-Shot were beyond my expectations- increased sensation, lubrication, control- it’s like turning back the clock.


I am incredibly grateful for my O-Shot® experience with Dr. Benson.

Honestly, I did not think it could possibly bring an end to this torment. I had given up hope and I regret putting this off for two years.

I literally had urinary frequency 24/7, and that was really tough on the days I see 20 + patients. I went to the bathroom right before and by the time I was on the table I needed to go again. I was silently afraid I was going to pee during the procedure.

By the time Dr. Robyn finished the fairly quick, thorough and painless procedure, I did not need to urinate. I was in shock and I am so happy.

It has been 3 months and it is a relief not to always be looking for bathrooms,

and AMEN I don’t get up all night long.

Dr. Robyn is so skilled. Her care for me really was obvious throughout the experience.

Don’t put this off like I did. Just say yes!

Call Dr Robyn Benson.

Dr. W. C. Santa Fe

O-Shot Testimonial

For the first time in my life I have nipple sensitivity, and I am 60 years old.

I never had children, I just thought this was not possible for me. Wow, it has amplified my sex life in amazing ways. I feel tingles throughout my body and a connection to my vagina and my spouse in new ways. My husband of 30 years said I am so fortunate to have a woman so attractive and alive like this in her 60s. Thank you Dr. Benson for your gentle care. The procedure was absolutely pain less and it just gets better with time.

Dawn S. Chicago

Forever grateful and will continue the exercises and breast love affirmations Dr. Robyn gave me. Thank you for helping me get my shine back, Dr. Robyn.

After breastfeeding two children, I felt helpless about my sagging breasts. They were small to begin with. Yet at 53, I researched my nonsurgical options to help bring my breasts back to life. There was very little outside of implants, and as a highly sensitive person with an autoimmune condition, I knew that was not an option for me. I am grateful I found Dr. Benson and Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine. After two PRP breast lifts in 3 months, I am elated. I have more volume in my breasts, they are not drooping anymore, perkier and the skin and texture of my entire breast area looks like they did pre-children.

Samantha, Albuquerque

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