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There’s never been a better time to empower yourself with tools for a vibrant healthy lifestyle.

From discovering the genius of tapping into your body’s biology to learning about natural solutions for a youthful life at any age, a wealth of non-toxic resources are available to regenerate your body, mind and spirit. Learn how you can feel, and look, youthful with YOUNGER, The Art and Science of Youthful Aging, a new podcast that features interviews with leading experts in natural healthcare.

Inspired by the curious questions of my patients, I created YOUNGER after nearly three decades of my practice at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health, as an expert in regenerative medicine and founder of ART—Amplified Regenerative Therapies. In each short and powerful episode, you’ll uncover resources, tools and other essential information for your journey to vibrant health and youthful living.

While most of us are still unplugged during this challenging and unprecedented time, consider plugging into your listening device and tuning in to YOUNGER.  The weekly dialogues cover a wide range of timely topics, including how holding onto pain accelerates our aging, explored in the episode, “How Your Biggest Crisis Reveals Your Greatest Gift.” You’ll hear Dr. Debi Silber, a transformational psychologist known as “The Mojo Coach,” reveal ways to overcome pain and betrayal.

Other recent YOUNGER episodes explore how to eat better to feel better. In “Your Food, Your Health, Your Wealth,” Dr. Terry Wahls explains how our food choices can improve energy levels, reduce chronic pain and lift brain fog. “Don’t Make Working Out Just Another To-Do,” reveals how to amp up your workout with wellness coach and fitness expert Debra Atkinson, who helps women “flip” their second half with the vitality and energy they want. Best-selling author and “sexpert” Susan Bratton reveals the secrets to sexual wellness in the “Sexual Vitality: Your Lust for Life” episode.

In new episodes, bestselling author JJ Virgin discusses “The Virgin Diet,” a way to lose 7 pounds in just 7 days by dropping the 7 High Food Intolerance Foods.  Harmony West, known as “The Mushroom Mama,” explores the healing power of mushrooms in our “Medicinal Mushroom 101” episode.

Knowing how much we struggle to stay youthful and healthy in a toxic world, I designed YOUNGER to offer interviews that are easy to listen to, comprehend and share. Embracing a regenerative lifestyle puts your health in your own hands, empowering you in a multitude of ways. I invite you to tune in to YOUNGER and learn from significant global leaders who undeniably are making a difference. You will profoundly expand your health options.

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