Dr. Dennis Harper


“The choice right there is to choose to live and have the best day ever today. You choose; today is the best day of your life and tomorrow’s going to be better.”

Guest Bio:

Dr. Dennis Harper is an instrumental leader in the State of Idaho’s Chiropractic profession. He has molded the laws, standards, and policies in his region and continues to contribute to the advancement of healthcare on a national level.  Embracing his practice of more than 39 years, Dr. Harper has treated literally thousands of patients.

Implementing his proprietary Harper Restoration Treatments, he has performed more than 30,000 Proprietary HRS injections in the last 12 years.

Through education, seminars, and mentorship, Dr. Harper strives to improve healthcare practices on a broader scale, expanding his impact beyond the walls of his practice. His dynamically abundant scope of medical expertise has consistently allowed him to deliver highly effective and accurate patient examination and diagnosis. As a result, these pinpoint examination and diagnostic techniques have birthed highly successful treatments.

Due to his passion for healing and the success of his treatments, Dr. Harper is sharing his proprietary Harper Restoration System Treatment protocols through nationally recognized Harper Restoration System seminars. His 2-day comprehensive seminars demonstrate in precise detail how doctors can successfully offer these treatments and include patient marketing materials, website network presence, and back office management procedures. During the seminars, attendees will receive individual hands-on training and return to their practices with an individual 5 step action plan, specific to their needs to put into place on Monday morning! Adding a valuable new skill set: to diagnose patient issues from the “top down, inside out” according to the Chiropractic creed; employing the 4 Cornerstones of HRS, preconditioning, differential diagnosis, treatment, and hands-on training. Training physicians to actively engage patients in their own health, providing pain relief, and providing hope as well as a renewed interest in better health. Dr. Harper is the sole doctor in the USA providing this level of national training through hands-on seminars, materials and superior support after training.

Episode Summary:

Dr. Dennis Harper nearly died when he got lost on a hunting trip in winter. This was a pivotal point for Dr. Dennis and he shares why you have so much power in the everyday, small, decisions that you make. What you do today can influence your health for the better 20-, 30-plus years from now. The only thing is, are you going to take it in stride or blow it off?

Title: Five Free Things You Can Do To Live Longer Right Now — Dr. Dennis Harper

Subtitle: Kill your excuses at the door and get started living a younger life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Let’s talk about the power of choice.
  • What’s a choice you’re faced with right now? You can choose to eat the frog or blow it off.
  • Dr. Dennis shares a story of how he got lost during winter. People were looking for him for five hours and he almost died.
  • Everybody has unique needs and requirements. There is no such thing as a magic bullet.
  • What are you trying to accomplish and how much are you willing to do to live an extra 10-, 20-, 30-plus years?
  • What are the top five things people can do to live longer right now?
  • Where is your mental state currently?
  • Dr. Dennis shares his morning routine.
  • So many people know what they “should be” doing, but they don’t do it. What’s the shift they need to take on to change this behavior?
  • When it comes to regenerative therapies, what are the five top things we should be paying attention to?
  • Ozone is the most cost-effective treatment right now!
  • You die at the rate of 300 million cells a minute and your cells don’t regenerate fast enough.
  • The key to living a long life is choosing to have the best day today and having good quality people in your life.

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The journey and examination of why we follow the rules we do, who makes those rules, how they impact u, and the realization that we are free to choose the rules we follow!

A simple approach to a complex life

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Resources for a Younger Lifestyle:

Dr. Robyn Benson’s Free Youthful Aging eGuide

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Connect with Dr. Dennis: Harper-chiropractic.com


“The choice right there is to choose to live and have the best day ever today. You choose; today is the best day of your life and tomorrow’s going to be better.”

“Wow, you’re 40 years old and you have a 70-year-old knee. What’s it going to take to bring that knee down to 40 years old? We look at nutrition, bloodwork, and we look at our treatment options.”

“We know right now that a birth, one of your healthy stem cells builds a billion healthy cells a month. By age 30, it builds 20,000 a month. By 60, it only builds 200 a month.”