For Men

A natural solution for optimizing sexual function,

resolving ED and improving men’s overall health.

Men are thrilled with the P-shot® procedure

The P-Shot® procedure is a good choice for you if:

  • Are you looking for a solution for your ED or other sexual challenge?
  • Do you desire more fulfilling sexual relations?
  • Would you like to have a healthier heart, brain and body?

The P-Shot® is a life-altering, safe and convenient procedure for men who desire optimal sexual function. You can expect the positive benefits to last for 12-18 months depending on your condition.

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P-Shot® Benefits

  • Increased sensation and pleasure (and can help correct the damage from diabetes)
  • Make other therapies work better (if you still need Viagra or Cialis, then it will work better for you)
  • Helpful for men with Peyronie’s Condition

Learn more about Dr. Benson’s successful GAINSWave® Shock Wave Treatment for Men with videos by scrolling down further.

How The P-Shot® Works

The procedure promotes new tissue growth by stimulating unipotent stem cells (Platelet Rich Plasma) to increase circulation within the penis. It is proven to work in multiple studies and involves minimal discomfort. Aside from this, the Priapus Shot® has numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased circulation within the penis for a healthier organ
  • New blood flow with new blood vessels stimulated by your PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • Proven to work in multiple studies
  • Minimal discomfort

Men are thrilled with the P-Shot® procedure with the Gainswave© Treatment

The P shot with Dr. Benson was surprisingly painless, quick, and effective.

It basically turned the clock back to a younger version of myself. Combined with the Gainswave, it’s the best way I know to hack the effects of male aging and increase pleasure naturally without having to be dependent on medication. What guy wouldn’t want to do that? Grateful for the results I am getting and glad I did not put this off until my 50’s.


The P-Shot/pump and the health guidance I received from Dr. Robyn and Tom Myers was a game changer for my sex life.

For years I noticed I was avoiding sex, my ED was getting worse and I have not had great experiences with PDE5 drugs. I am back in action and feel like myself again in my early 50’s. Amen!

N. Williams, Florida.

Thank you Dr. Benson for your integrative care, expertise and professionalism in dealing with a sensitive issue.

I have suffered from ED since I was 24 due to contracting Malaria.  After my P-Shot I am having more frequent erections and finally I have found something that works other than Viagra which does not make me feel good. 


I wish I made this investment in my health long ago.

Since having the P Shot I have more sensation and am finally able to hold an erection.

Dr. W.G.

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