Teri Cochrane


“We have to honor this amazing machine, this God-given matrix of energy that creates human form, and practice giving back to it.”

Guest Bio:

Teri Cochrane is an international thought leader in sustainable health and longevity. She is the founder of The Global Sustainable Health Institute and has developed “The Cochrane Method” which integrates a multi-level, metabolic health modality. Teri specializes in complex health conditions, also maximizing the human potential in professional athletes, and Olympic hopefuls.

Teri has a private clinical practice in the metro Washington DC area.

She launched her bestselling book in 2018 – The Wildatarian Diet – Living as Nature Intended.

Teri received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida with an advanced degree from Huntington School of Health Sciences. Teri believes longevity starts in the womb.

Part 2 with Teri Cochrane

Episode Summary:

Teri is back with another fantastic episode about energy and how to live a life of abundance and coherence. Our bodies are beautiful, living and breathing energy sources, but stress, our modern world, and more can take away our energy and have us living at a suboptimal level. Teri explains how you can take control of your environment and live in a space where every day you’re filled with new energy.

Title: We Live in Two Modes: Survival or Creation — Teri Cochrane

Subtitle: Our bodies are composed of energy, but our modern world zaps us of this powerful life force.

Key Takeaways:

  • We are beings filled with energy. This isn’t just “woo,” either. There’s science behind this!
  • Our thoughts carry frequency and that has a direct impact on our DNA.
  • What does it mean to be ‘in our power’?
  • Teri explains what ‘coherence’ means to her.
  • This is an amazing time right now to practice every day and move yourself into mastery. The world is changing and so should you!
  • When we choose to become intentional with abundance and coherence, amazing things happen for us.
  • We are often in two modes, survival or creation.
  • Connecting with nature revitalizes your energy sources and helps you become less stressed.
  • Just listening to bird songs can get your body back into coherence. There’s something very magical about listening to birds sing and how your heartbeat syncs up with their voices.
  • COVID-19 has caused many of us to take a pause and take a step back in our fast-paced environment. Teri doesn’t think this is a coincidence.
  • Teri shares an example of what the mind can do to the body when it thinks of a stressful situation vs. a peaceful situation.
  • Take the time to get out of your ego-centric world. It’s exhausting and it’s zapping your life energy out of you.
  • Never meditated before? It’s never too late to start!
  • How did this health journey start for Teri?
  • You need to make a conscious decision every day to return to your wholeness.
  • We are in charge of our body. It’s time we recognize that!

Resources for a Younger Lifestyle:

Dr. Robyn Benson’s Free Youthful Aging eGuide

Connect with Teri: Tericochrane.com


“Our thought creates our reality, which creates our biochemistry, and that creates our genetic expression.”

“We are electrical beings. Through our hands, there’s energy, a healing touch. We impart energy.”

“The body will be depleted through stress. It is the biggest taker-away of our youth and our vitality.”

“We have to honor this amazing machine, this God-given matrix of energy that creates human form, and practice giving back to it.”