Susan Bratton

“I shifted from being an amazing empowered woman to being an amazing goddess connected to all things and all people, and Gaia.”

Guest Bio: 

Susan Bratton is an advocate and champion of all who desire passionate intimacy. She is a bestselling author of 34 books and online programs that teach passionate lovemaking, bedroom communication skills, and restorative sexual wellness techniques. Susan is a frequent daytime television guest, speaker from the stage, and expert on myriad online summits and podcasts.

In addition to being a sexpert helping millions of people through her Better Lover YouTube channel, The Susan Bratton Show, and her Instagram platform, she is the CEO of a digital publishing company called Personal Life Media and creator of a next-generation line of libido products for people across the gender spectrum called The20.

Episode Summary:

Susan Bratton loves to empower singles and couples to take ownership of their sexual energy and have better orgasms. This is Susan’s second guest appearance, and there will be many more! In this week’s episode, she teaches a little bit about the female and male autonomy, why certain zones are so important to focus on, and how you/your woman can begin to have liquid orgasms!

Title: Let The Liquid Orgasms Flow! — Susan Bratton

Subtitle: What do we need to know about the G-spot?

Key Takeaways:

  • A little bit about Susan and why it’s not that hard as you might think to revitalize your sex life!
  • Let’s talk about female ejaculation and the basics of what you need to know.
  • Women do not squirt when they’re under pressure.
  • What do men need to know about the G-spot? It’s not a spot! It’s an area.
  • Susan shares some visual examples. Go check out the video to get a quick 101 on anatomy!
  • Susan dives into male anatomy 101.
  • Susan explains why women take longer to get turned on/have an orgasm.
  • Did you know you have two G-spots?
  • All women can squirt and it’s not pee that’s coming out.
  • Every man has had worries that they have finished too soon for their woman.
  • The good news is that you can train yourself to slow down.
  • Susan shares all the important pieces that fall into place for a woman when you’re relaxed and ready to release.
  • What makes a sex toy good vs. great?
  • Want a man to touch you in a way that is mind-blowing? Share this episode!
  • Did you know that men can have 15 types of orgasms?
  • There’s such a deep connection that happens when you are in such a surrendered state.

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“I shifted from being an amazing empowered woman to being an amazing goddess connected to all things and all people, and Gaia.”

“This is sexual healing for the planet. We are not separate from mother nature.”

“These are the kinds of things I really want to encourage couples to pursue, and for singles.”