Curtis Brookover

“The [jaw development] success is unbelievable when you correct the foundation of why there are crowded teeth, to begin with.”

Guest Bio:

Dr. Brookover, or as he prefers, Dr. Curtis, is passionately dedicated to providing the most advanced, highest quality dental care using an integrative, health-focused, whole body philosophy. He combines proven dental science with advanced technical training and experience.

Dr. Curtis’s approach to oral healthcare includes a genuine concern for his patients’ emotional wellbeing and comfort. An important part of his integrative approach is coordinating patient care with many of the alternative healthcare and holistic practitioners in the community.

In addition to preventive, cosmetic, and general biological dentistry, Dr. Curtis specializes in complex dental surgery. He is a master cosmetic dentist, an expert in laser dentisty, and holds the rarely achieved advanced certification in IV sedation, which gives his patients the option of being relaxed, worry and pain-free during procedures.

Dr. Curtis received his DDS degree from Oklahoma University in 1998. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, the Academy of Laser Dentistry, a Fellow of the American Academy of General Dentistry, and Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Episode Summary:

Dr. Curtis Brookover is a biological dentist focused on keeping your mouth and teeth as healthy and infection-free as possible. In this episode, Dr. Curtis talks about some controversial topics, like mercury fillings and root canals, and weighs his take on it from an expert’s perspective. So many people are unaware of how many underlying infections could be hidden in your mouth!

Title: The Real Truth Behind Your Dentistry! — Dr. Curtis Brookover

Subtitle: Let’s bust some teeth myths and fix any underlying infections you might have.

Key Takeaways:

  • How did Dr. Curtis get into dentistry?
  • What is biological dentistry?
  • Why are mercury-fillings such a controversial issue?
  • Root canals can still leave underlying infections in your mouth.
  • How should we be looking at root canals? What’s in the best interest of our health?
  • If we’re not looking for pathology within the teeth, you’re missing a whole other picture.
  • If the goal is to just “keep the teeth” no matter the circumstances, then Western medicine is doing a good job at that!
  • Why was the documentary, Root Cause, censored and pulled off the air?
  • Why does Dr. Curtis like using Ozone in his practice?
  • Dr. Curtis shares what you need to know about cavitations.
  • Dr. Robyn’s teeth have gone on quite the painful journey.
  • Should you get teeth implants?
  • Children are experiencing crowding teeth and poor jaw development, but this can be prevented.
  • Dr. Curtis shares why he’s passionate about helping children develop a strong jaw foundation and prevent crowding teeth.
  • When it comes to the basics, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, what should we choose?
  • What are Dr. Curtis’s thoughts on fluoride?
  • Going to the dentist in times of COVID-19?

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Connect with Dr. Curtis:

Documentary: Root Cause

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, by James Nestor


“The problem with necrotic teeth, dead teeth, or periodontal pockets, we’re just overlooking this low-grade chronic systemic infection that’s causing the inflammation.”

“Today, there’s a lot of interesting technologies that can be utilized for better data and making better [healthier] decisions based on that.”

“The [jaw development] success is unbelievable when you correct the foundation of why there are crowded teeth, to begin with.”

“The goal is to not kill all the bacteria in the mouth nor is it to kill all the bacteria in the lower digestive tube either. We try to establish a healthy microbiome in the oral cavity.”