Leslie Kenny


“Today, at age 58, Leslie has reversed her autoimmune conditions and is living proof that we can get better with age, so long as we take responsibility for our health and tap into our body’s natural healing abilities. “

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Guest Bio: 

Leslie Kenny, is the founder of Oxford HealthSpan. She is an Oxford based entrepreneur born in California and a graduate of Berkeley and Harvard Business School.

In her 30s, her life changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with an array of autoimmune conditions – lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism. Her doctors told her there was no cure and that they could only be managed with strong immunosuppressants.

This didn’t sit right with her. Coming from a Taiwanese background, she was raised with the mentality that its best to work with your body’s innate wisdom to heal itself. Why would she suppress her immune system rather than support it in its natural abilities?

On a quest to revive her own health, she went back to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Her passion for health optimization grew and her career took an interesting and unexpected turn when she moved to Oxford and began working with Oxford University scientists and doctors.

Episode Summary:

On my next YOUNGER podcast episode, I interview the founder of Oxford-HealthSpan, a company that is now producing a high-quality spermidine called Primaeadine®.

Many health practitioners are learning more spermidine. You will learn how it is a naturally-occurring and potent polyamine (a kind of protein) known for inducing autophagy, the body’s cellular renewal and recycling process. It also inhibits 9 of the 12 Hallmarks of Aging, the paths down which we age.

Oxford-HealthSpan is backed by leading longevity experts, to produce products formulated with the oversight of internationally recognized longevity scientists and doctors, including Oxford University Emeritus Professor of Physiology, Denis Noble and Immunology Professor and Autophagy Expert, Katja Simon, “Best in Medicine” Longevity Doctor and Author of ‘The Kaufmann Anti-Aging Protocol’, Dr. Sandy Kaufmann, Celebrity Anti-Aging Doctor and Psychoneuroimmunologist, Dr. Olivia Lesslar, and Head of the UK’s first-of-its-kind Space Innovation Lab and Autophagy Researcher, Dr. Ghada Alsaleh, among others.

“2/3 of the spermidine found in the human body is produced endogenously, or in the body, by the gut microbiota and various tissues. The final 1/3 is found exogenously, or externally, in the food that we eat.”

Title:Slow Aging Inside and Out with Food-Derived Spermidine

Key Takeaways:

  • The science behind spermidine
  • Synthetic or not
  • Clean ingredients and whole-plant derived spermidine
  • 3rd Party lab testing
  • Who benefits
  • Suggested dosage
  • What to expect
  • Foods highest in spermidine
  • Natural solution not a medical treatment
  • Quality spermidine supplements
  • What do health practitioners know
  • Where can I purchase Primaeadine®

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Additional Quote:

“As we age, our body’s ability to produce it declines. To restore youthful levels of spermidine, we have to look externally. Otherwise, our cells’ ability to trigger autophagy will continue to decline and the aging pathways will progress.”