Dr. Dee Blanco


“There are several things you can do that can help your pets and you don’t have to poison them. We love to poison everything here.”

Guest Bio:

Dr. Dee Blanco received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1981, and for the first six years practiced the conventional, allopathic western-medicine style of veterinary care. She has certifications in Classical Veterinary Homeopathy and Acupuncture. This out-of-the-box education continues to this day logging a great many hours in the study of Functional, Environmental, and Nutritional Medicine.

From Santa Fe, New Mexico and for almost 40 years, Dr. Dee continues to treat animals using homeopathic remedies, dietary support, and nutraceuticals and is on a mission to help humans learn how to care for their animals naturally by giving them what they truly need to be healthy, resilient and vital!

Episode Summary:

Some of our best friends are often our furry companions. They provide us with unconditional love, so it only makes sense that we return the love by giving them a healthy diet and a high quality of life. In our environment, there is so much that we’re doing to our pet that we end up poisoning them instead! Dr. Dee has some answers on how you can take better care of your pet.

Title: Healthy Animals Through Proper Nutrition and Less Poison — Dr. Dee Blanco

Subtitle: Preventive medicine for your family pet.

Key Takeaways:

  • How can we keep our furry friends living longer and healthier?
  • We can learn a lot from our pets. They provide us with unconditional love and so it only makes sense we do the same in return.
  • It’s a universal truth that the body knows how to heal itself.
  • Animals are much more likely to be harmed by vaccines compared to adults. A lot of animals have illnesses from these vaccines.
  • How are animals getting cancer at three to six years old?
  • Some clients love to take on acupuncture for their animals, but they don’t look at the diet!
  • What should you be feeding your animals?
  • The fresher the food is, the better. And you’ll see it in your animal’s faces too!
  • How much food and how frequently should you be feeding your pet?
  • The heart deworming pill? It’s a big no for Dr. Dee. She explains why.
  • Pests are attracted to unhealthy animals. They know when an animal has inflammation.
  • Can animals get COVID-19?
  • Dr. Dee is so concerned that we are going to be mandating vaccines.
  • How can you ease your pet’s anxiety when there are heavy thunderstorms outside?
  • Should you neuter or spay your animal?

Resources for a Younger Lifestyle:

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Connect with Dr. Dee Blanco: Drdeeblanco.com


“If you don’t put poisons into the body, through food or water or vaccines, then the body thrives.”

“If the animal can handle it and you can make their food, that’s the best kind of diet. You can control everything you’re purchasing.”

“There are several things you can do that can help your pets and you don’t have to poison them. We love to poison everything here.”

“In terms of veterinary medicine, for some of these companies, 25% of their income is on veterinary vaccines. It’s a lot.”