Kyrin Duston

“We all have this ‘truth leader.’ I read this book about functional medicine and I knew it was the truth. How am I an OB-GYN and never even heard about this?”

Guest Bio: 

With a successful career in the medical field, from the outside, Dr. Kyrin Dunston looked like she had it all. But on the inside, she was dying. Any spare hour she had was spent sleeping. She was tired, overweight, and her hair was falling out. She was depressed, anxious, and lacked self-confidence. She had stomach issues and low libido, and no matter what she did, all her tests came back “normal.” What was going on? Through functional medicine, Dr. Kyrin was able to regain her life back, bit by bit, and now applies the same principles to help her mid-life clients.

Episode Summary:

Dr. Kyrin Dunston couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. She thought feeling this way was “normal.” Even her doctors thought she was just making excuses for being overweight. Turns out, no, she was just doing the wrong tests. If you’re a woman in her late 40s, this episode is for you! You need to go beyond the regular tests to really discover what’s going on underneath the hood. You might find that your hormones are sending a completely wrong message to your body!

Title: Get Your Hormones in Check and Everything Else Falls Into Place — Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Subtitle: If you feel run down, no sex drive, and just feeling ill, there is hope to live a younger life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hormones really can derail our entire body. What’s going on?
  • A little bit about Dr. Kyrin.
  • The mid-life weight challenges are a communication problem.
  • Kyrin was 47 years old and had gained so much weight that she weighed 243lb.
  • Kyrin was falling apart, but what really bothered her the most was the weight. Everyone could see that.
  • All of Dr. Kyrin’s tests were coming back normal. This didn’t make any sense!
  • Kyrin was counting her calories, she was doing everything she was supposed to! Her doctor had enough with her excuses.
  • A patient of hers, another woman experiencing the midlife blues, came back a year later a completely different woman. Through her, Dr. Kyrin found out she got her hormones tested.
  • Kyrin read the book her patient was reading. At first, she was skeptical and didn’t even want to read it, but when she learned about functional medicine, she had a big aha moment.
  • After reading this book, Dr. Kyrin finally had hope.
  • If you’re having a hormone problem, that means the body is sending the wrong communication signals. No amount of counting calories will help you!
  • Weight and energy levels go hand in hand.
  • What tests should you be doing?
  • People think having a healthy juice or smoothie is good for you. It is, but it depends on what you put in it. Some smoothie places put more sugar into it than what’s in a soft drink.
  • If you don’t have key hormones in your body, your risk of dementia goes up! Along with many other diseases!
  • Kyrin shares how she uses a functional approach in her practice.
  • Everyone wants a solution, but mainstream doctors are just going to prescribe you medicine that will shut down your immune system.
  • Get your hormones rechecked once a year.
  • Be the CEO of your health because no one else can do it for you.
  • Kyrin is so passionate about working with women because she has seen that if you help one woman, she helps her entire community.

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“I said I’m not reading this book! I’m a board-certified OB-GYN, what is this author going to teach me? I had this arrogance, what I call contempt, prior to investigation.”

“We all have this ‘truth leader.’ I read this book about functional medicine and I knew it was the truth. How am I an OB-GYN and never even heard about this?”

“Truth is, most doctors in America do the wrong tests and they read them for what’s ‘normal’ which is different from what’s ‘optimal.’”