Shirin Etessam

“When we speak our truth, we are questioning the status quo and seeking to make the world a better place.”

Guest Bio: 

Shirin Etessam is an entrepreneur, seasoned media executive, and transformational speaker. She has produced films, original television series and specials, created several companies, and led campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized companies (ABC, CBS, Discovery, BBC, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Virgin, and many more).

A proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Shirin founded OML TV, a popular platform dedicated to streaming and curating quality, queer female, video content and OML Originals, a female led production company telling diverse female stories through a vast spectrum of film and television genres. Today, Shirin guides seekers in her six-week program, Free to Be, to disconnect their human “being” from their human “doing” to find true and lasting fulfillment.  She lives in Marin County, California, with her wife and two children.

Episode Summary:

From an early age we’re taught that in order to be worthy, to find true happiness, to be “somebody,” we have to accomplish many things. We become achievement machines, always grasping for the next big win to send a signal to the world—and to ourselves—that we’ve “made it.” That we are happy.

But do we ever “make it,” really? Are we truly happy not in the “#livingmybestlife” and “#blessed” way in which we caption our social media pages, but from a truly contented place of inner peace and joy? One where the yearning for the bigger house, the better job, the younger, more pliable spouse takes a backseat to the yearnings of our hearts and souls, a place where contentment just “is”?

Title: FREE TO BE: A Six-Week Guide to Reclaiming Your Soul

Key Takeaways:

  • Do you find yourself feeling unfulfilled? Unworthy?
  • Did you check all the boxes and built a life, a career, a family but still, have an empty feeling as if something is missing?
  • Why is soul work important in this day and age?
  • Are our listeners bound to still have bad days from time to time even after finishing the lessons in the book? How do they go about changing that?
  • How did you identify the categories for reclaiming your soul and breaking them up into six weeks?

Resources for a Younger Lifestyle:

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“Walking our talk is never a straight line. Our path will have twists and turns.”

“The concept of a “Work-life balance” is elusive and faulty.”

“Most people have been disconnected from their souls for so long, they have no idea where to find it…let alone how to follow it.”