Kristine Glein

“When you feel your mission, your vision, your values, are all aligned and you feel part of something bigger than yourself, when you can achieve that level, that’s when you have soul intelligence (SQ) working for you.”

Guest Bio:

As a turnaround specialist in the corporate world for more than 25 years, Kristine Glein was driven every day to identify people, process, and technology that wasn’t working well together in order to streamline operations and improve business outcomes. In other words, she had to uncover where the energy was stuck, what processes were creating stagnation, and what technology could no longer support the operation.

Ultimately, she was responsible for discovering what needed to shift to make the energy flow better for the people and the organization as a whole. When it comes to transformational change and energizing others to meet or exceed expectations, you must have your passion (EQ) and purpose aligned (IQ), as it is only then that you are able to fully stand in your authentic power and embody your full potential.

It’s your SQ—your spiritual intelligence—that creates the flow of energy within you and ignites your ideas, fuels your passion, and drives your actions—enabling you to leverage your talents and gifts and share those with others to influence and inspire. Kristine’s purpose for forming the GC Impact Group is to motivate individuals to access their soul intelligence to become game-changing leaders in their lives, businesses, and communities.

Episode Summary:

Kristine can see and feel people’s energies and she knows right away when something is off. People might not know it, but energy is the missing bridge between feeling stuck, heavy, lost to feeling connected, love, and aligned. In this week’s episode, Kristine explains how everyone and everything is energy, how this energy can get stuck and prevent you from being fully aligned with your soul, and how you can navigate your EQ and your IQ to fully reach your SQ!

Title: Access Your Soul Intelligence (SQ) to Unlock your Full Potential —  Kristine Glein

Subtitle: Everyone and everything is energy, vibrating at different rates and frequencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energy is everywhere! How do you tap into it?
  • How did Kristine become a turnaround specialist?
  • We always talk about EQ and IQ, but what about your SQ (your spiritual/soul intelligence)?
  • How does Kristine help her clients work on their inner selves?
  • We oftentimes have outgrown certain habits or beliefs and we’re being held back from truly living from an SQ place.
  • If you’re stuck on old beliefs, you’re going to have a hard time truly manifesting and tapping into your energy.
  • Kristine has seen it take clients around three sessions before they can truly shed their past selves and limiting beliefs.
  • People feel younger, feel lighter, feel better when they can let go of everything they’ve been bottling up inside!
  • Kristine shares how her process works and how she can connect you with the right energy you need.
  • Are there bad spirits out there?
  • If you’re not in the right mindset, you can blow holes in your auric field, and these gaps can allow you to let in lower-tier energies that drain you.
  • You want to live peacefully within your soul’s essence, but the only way to get there is by taking the trash out.
  • Kristine shares the lessons she learned while working with narcissists.
  • Remember, a narcissist doesn’t love who they are. So, they’ll do everything they can to control others.

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“We only access 5% of our cognitive mind. That means 95% of what’s going through our mind is subconscious.”

“When you feel your mission, your vision, your values, are all aligned and you feel part of something bigger than yourself, when you can achieve that level, that’s when you have soul intelligence (SQ) working for you.”

“A lot of people feel lighter, their face looks brighter, because we get rid of all that heavy stuff holding you back.”

“Our bodies are naturally wired to sense light/dark. We are in a land of duality.”