Lisa Saff Koche, MD

“If we stay in gratitude and self-love and a positive energy space, and focus on the vessel we’ve been given, whatever pathogen that comes in, doesn’t stand a chance.”

Guest Bio:

Lisa Saff Koche, M.D., is a triple-board certified medical professional, Founder and Director of Spectra Wellness Solutions clinic, author of Get Lit and a national speaker.

Dr. Koche is a truth-seeker paving the way for access to unbiased science and medical freedom. She specializes in anti-aging, regenerative, bio-hacking, traditional and functional medicine. Her clinic, Spectra Wellness Solutions, located in Tampa, focuses on all aspects needed for total body healing including the ketogenic diet, hormone replacement therapies, and enhancing mitochondrial function. She has built a team of gifted healers that work together to create individualized treatment plans. She has several signature programs for optimal performance including the Ignite program featured in her first book, GET LIT. Dr. Koche has lectured nationally and has been featured on numerous podcast, radio and TV segments across the country.

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Episode Summary:

Dr. Lisa Koche is hyper-focused on keeping your inner energy in a good and happy place. The more stressed out the body gets, the lower your immune system gets, which makes you more likely to get sick! Your body is a sacred vessel so turn off your TV and practice some form of self-care to get your body healthy again. In this episode, Dr. Lisa shares what the COVID-19 agenda really is all about and why it’s important you take control of your health.

Title: You Have the Power to Make Positive Change! — Dr. Lisa Koche

Subtitle: Turn off the news!

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Lisa shares her health story and why she became an M.D.
  • There were so many fear-mongering messages coming out when COVID-19 first hit.
  • Dr. Lisa knows that high stress levels kill our immune system. So who are the doctors out there that can bring some humanity into this crisis?
  • Dr. Lisa is not about having a political agenda, she just wants to find the truth!
  • What’s really going on with COVID-19?
  • Dr. Lisa knows within seconds if someone watches mainstream media by how paranoid they are and stressed they are.
  • Everything is energy, so how are we directing our days and choosing to show up in our lives? Don’t let fear control you.
  • Remember, light always wins. Stay within your positive energy and don’t let darkness consume you.
  • You don’t have to take a huge step to get back into control of your inner self.
  • Final words of wisdom from Dr. Lisa: Keep asking yourself why and stay in a love-centered space.

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“There’s so much mixed messaging that almost everybody has been tricked into fear.”

“Use your courage in whatever way that makes sense in your life.”

“Light always wins and if we stay in our own work, we are helping us shift into a positive space.”

“If we stay in gratitude and self-love and a positive energy space, and focus on the vessel we’ve been given, whatever pathogen that comes in, doesn’t stand a chance.”