Debora Wayne

“Energy never dies. Energy doesn’t age. It is in the moment and [when] we start to use these energetic practices, we’re able to rejuvenate ourselves, literally.”

Guest Bio:

DEBORA WAYNE, founder and director of The Biofield Healing Institute™ is an internationally-known energy healer and pain-release expert whose specialty is helping people to rapidly find and remove the hidden cause for Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma, struggles with Food, Weight, BingeEating, and more.

Many of Debora’s past clients have reported complete and total healing of severe pain symptoms and chronic conditions even

though nothing else worked. Since recovering from her own “health hell” over 3O years ago, Debora has been immersed both personally and professionally in the Healing Arts. She has personally helped tens of thousands of people in 150 countries to remove their pain, restore their energy, and get their lives back on track.

Her proven programs feature her life-changing method known as Biofield Healing Immersion™.

Debora is the #1 Bestselling Author of “Why Do I Still Hurt? –

Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More”. She has earned degrees and certifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, & Chemical Dependency Counseling, has 30 + years practicing and teaching the Art of Meditation, is a nationally recognized Fine Artist, a former professional Modern Dancer, a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, founder of The Biofield Healing Immersion™ Method, and Director of the Biofield Healing Institute™.

Episode Summary:

Debora Wayne shares how her Biofield Healing Institute™ is changing the lives and the health of her clients all over the world. If we want to retain our youthful look, we need to first let go of any negative and heavy emotions weighing us down. It is completely possible to live to 180 and use the healing power of our bodies, but before we can do that, we have to make ourselves a priority first!

Title: The Answers to Youth Are Inside Each and Everyone of Us — Debora Wayne

Subtitle: If you’re going to heal, you have to first learn how to feel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Debora was in serious pain from head-to-toe over 30 years ago. She couldn’t get off the floor.
  • Debora decided to go back to school and she discovered that she had the power of energetic healing right within her fingertips.
  • How does Debora use her biofield to help treat her patients?
  • Debora helped one of her clients with a massive brain tumor. She was able to see and drive again.
  • What ages us the most is holding on to anger, resentment, guilt, and shame.
  • There are three steps to help you let go of negative emotions.
  • The biofield helps clients let things go at a quicker pace.
  • Genes do not determine our state of health. Our mind and our emotions are either turning those genes on and off.
  • It is completely possible to live to 180!
  • We must, must get rid of anger in our lives.
  • Take the time to be in silence every day and to learn how to feel the emotions you’re going through and letting go; you’ll be able to release any negative and pent up emotions.
  • Debora used every means necessary to escape her emotions and it ended with her on the floor in pain.
  • Debora is giving you her book, Why Do I Still Hurt?, away for free!
  • Stay to the end as Debora shows you how to do an ancient yoga breathing technique to help relax you.

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“The Day Of Healing”  – A Tele-Conference Experiential event LIVE with Debora Wayne

The “Day of Healing” is an EXPERIENTIAL, Audio Only one-day event designed to remove your pain and increase your energy level if you are suffering from Pain of any kind including Chronic Physical Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue, Struggles with  Weight, Binge-Eating, Trauma, and more… symptoms that just won’t stop, no matter what you try.

The Day of Healing will show you an entirely new understanding of health and the entire healing process and how to get your energy, joy, and life back on track.

This is a Highly Experiential day providing practical and effective solutions to remove the hidden reasons that lie at the root of all pain and suffering.

Includes over 5 hours LIVE (audio only) with Debora Wayne, founder of The Biofield Healing Institute™.

Morning and Late Afternoon Sessions are included to accommodate people from timezones all over the world.

The entire day is also Recorded and included and the recordings are just as powerful….some people prefer these!

INCLUDES: Rich Content + 2 full Biofield Healing Immersion Sessions + Q and A + Debora works 1:1 with individuals from the audience + Worksheets + Recording of entire day which allows you to practice the exercises and receive the Biofield Healing Immersion™ sessions again and again from the comfort of your own home.

PERFECT for anyone with a super busy life and an ideal first step if you are new to this type of work.

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Free Book Description:

#1 BESTSELLER  “Why Do I Still Hurt?” Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More! (downloadable to any device)

Debora Wayne, founder of The Pain Free Living Program® will show you why thousands of her past clients in over 150 countries have reported complete and total healing from a variety of painful symptoms including Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Binge Eating, BurnOut, Trauma, and so much more, even when nothing else worked !

Discover the hidden causes for your pain and symptoms that don’t show up on medical tests. Finally stop the pain of trying to figure it out on your own.

Discover new solutions backed by science and proven to Remove Pain & Get Your Energy and Life Back on Track Starting Now!

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“Energy never dies. Energy doesn’t age. It is in the moment and [when] we start to use these energetic practices, we’re able to rejuvenate ourselves, literally.”

“What causes decay of the body has to do with these lower vibrational states of emotion, the anger, guilt, shame, these are things that weigh us down.”

“We think 50,000–60,000 thoughts a day and if those thoughts are negative, depressing thoughts, it’s going to have an effect on us.”

“Take time every day to get quiet. Stop talking. Get silent, go inside. Quiet time is essential for your health.”