Dr. Kasia Kines


“If you are tired and the tiredness is excessive, that’s when you need to think about it. When you literally cannot perform normal functions, cannot move, or if you feel like you have cognitive decline. Oftentimes it starts with a very bad flu.”

Guest Bio:

Dr. Kasia Kines is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Founder and CEO of Global EBV Institute, and Holistic Nutrition Naturally. She is an author, speaker, wellness expert, and international authority on Epstein-Barr Virus, with the Amazon best-selling Epstein-Barr Virus Solution, the EBV Recovery Program, and the EBV Clinician Training and Certification Program.

For 15 years she has served clients throughout the United States and globally in her virtual clinic. She helps those who struggle with complicated health issues, especially gastrointestinal and autoimmune, with EBV being the main focus in the last few years. Dr. Kines lives on San Juan Island in Washington with her family.


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Episode Summary:

Dr. Kasia Kines has spent her entire career studying the Epstein-Barr virus and has discovered some interesting and complicated health issues that patients experience from it. The virus can live in you undetected for a long, long time and can it lead to a cascading level of weird medical conditions. It first starts with the flu, but it can easily turn into an autoimmune disorder if left untreated. Dr. Kasia shares the signs and symptoms with you today.

Title: Do You Have the Epstein-Barr Virus? What It Is and How To Fight It — Dr. Kasia Kines

Subtitle: Have you ever been so tired your body arches? Do you get random bouts of depression? It might be the Epstein-Barr virus.

Key Takeaways:

  • So many people are tired and they don’t know why!
  • What is the Epstein-Barr virus?
  • A large population already has this virus, Dr. Kasia estimates around 90%.
  • Why did Dr. Kaisa decide to write her book?
  • How does the Epstein-Barr virus affect our aging?
  • What does this virus create terrible fatigue and brain fog?
  • Antioxidants are critical for your health because that’s what keeps aging at bay.
  • How do you know if you have the virus?
  • It often starts with having a very bad flu. Like it’s the worst flu of your life.
  • The longer the virus is in you, the more damage it causes and it can lead to autoimmune disorders.
  • Women are most impacted because their lifestyle often overextends themselves and stress is the main cause that reactivates the virus.
  • When was the last time you felt pure joy? You can’t feel fear and joy at the same time.
  • You become a host for so many viruses when your emotional body is not clear.
  • How can you recover from this virus?

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“A lot of women are buried under responsibilities. That certainty taps into the virus because it reactivates with stress. The chemicals of stress can reactivate it.”

“If you are tired and the tiredness is excessive, that’s when you need to think about it. When you literally cannot perform normal functions, cannot move, or if you feel like you have cognitive decline. Oftentimes it starts with a very bad flu.”

“For most women, they don’t remember the last time they felt unfiltered joy. So if you can turn on the joy, you can turn off the chemicals of stress.”

“Organic food has better quality of soil, so more nutrients. These are things for me that are non-negotiable, whether I have the virus or not.”