Dr. Krista Burns


“Everybody needs to bring their devices up to eye level. We’re spending more time on our devices than ever before. Don’t look down and hunch forward.”

Guest Bio:

Dr. Krista Burns is the Co-Founder of The American Posture Institute. Having been disappointed with the quality & accessibility of the current posture education, Dr. Krista set out to revolutionize an old system. Focused on evidence-based practices, she and her Co-Founder started first with increasing their knowledge and now have a combined four doctorates and 50-plus certifications in posture, neurology, ergonomics, and human function.

Dr. Krista is considered the most “Certified Posture Expert” on the planet. She has an intense quest for knowledge that never stops and she has currently helped thousands of healthcare professionals in every industry, in more than 50 countries worldwide, become posture experts.

Episode Summary:

Dr. Krista’s athletic career was cut short when she had a terrible back injury that left her in decades of pain. It wasn’t until she fixed her posture 20-plus years later did she find the missing link between a pain-free life and good back health. Find out more about Dr. Krista’s journey and why you need to take your posture seriously if you wish to live longer, younger, and healthier!

Title: Healthy Posture and Its Connection To a Healthy Life — Dr. Krista Burns

Subtitle: Our bodies are designed to be upright, not slumped over!

Key Takeaways:

  • How important is posture towards our aging process?
  • How did Dr. Krista get into this field?
  • After a serious injury, Dr. Krista became obsessed with understanding back pain and back injuries.
  • Through postural correction, Dr. Krista was able to be back-pain-free for the first time in 20 years!
  • How do you change your posture?
  • Why is posture so important and how do you know if you have good posture?
  • Posture is a key indicator of mental and brain health, too!
  • With the increase in digital literacy in children, posture has had a sharp decline.
  • How can parents help their children with their back and posture?
  • Patients are often driven by two factors — pain and vanity!
  • Just by changing your posture, you can feel more confident and you’re perceived to be a better leader!
  • When we’re in an upright position, we think more positively and we think a lot clearer.
  • What are some of the best ways to get a better posture?
  • Posture is a way of life!

Resources for a Younger Lifestyle:

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Connect with Dr. Krista: Americanpostureinstitute.com & Posturearchetype.com


“Our habits and our daily life put us back into flexor dominant posture. It brings us out of spinal alignment.”

“When we go forward, we’re adding up to 60 lbs. of additional pressure on our cervical spine.”

“Everybody needs to bring their devices up to eye level. We’re spending more time on our devices than ever before. Don’t look down and hunch forward.”