Mark White

“GAINSwave is a non-invasive way for guys to get more blood flow in their penis without needing Viagra or having to get a P-Shot.”

Guest Bio:

Mark White is the CEO of Vitaly Connect. He has worn hats as an entrepreneur, financial analyst, marketer, and venture capitalist. After realizing that doctors aren’t taught the valuable marketing, management, and business skills to open their practice and scale their business, he made it his mission is to educate and empower doctors to learn those skills.

Episode Summary:

Mark White shares how to restore healthy circulation back into the penis to regain sexual function again. So many men feel ashamed of their erectile dysfunction and choose to silently suffer from it. Why take a pill for your sexual health when there’s a completely natural and non-invasive way to solve the root of the problem? Mark shares his insights on this week’s episode!

Title: Tackling Erectile Dysfunction: The Natural Way! — Mark White

Subtitle: Fix the root problem of ED instead of taking a pill for a quick fix.

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to men’s health, guys silently suffer. They just don’t like talking about it.
  • How did Mark start GAINSwave?
  • Back then, testosterone replacement therapy was very taboo. Now, it’s much more widely accepted, but the quality of the treatment has drastically gone down as more people have offered it.
  • Why would any man want to get blood injected into his penis?
  • Why do we have heart attacks?
  • When things don’t work down below, that’s when the guy will take action on his health.
  • How does GAINSwave work?
  • What’s the science behind this?
  • Mark is working on a home device for men.
  • GAINSwave is just a jumpstart to fixing the whole body and showing people the importance of taking care of themselves.
  • Sex is where the conversation gets started for men.
  • If you happen to be addicted to porn to help with an erection, there is always time to work on that and overcome it!
  • Don’t take negative action when it comes to your sexual wellbeing!

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“Guys didn’t want to optimize their hormone levels. That was just a means to the end. Guys just want to have a kickass life.”

“Viagra basically artificially forces blood into the penis for a temporary amount of time. It can cause headaches because your blood vessels dilate too.”

“GAINSwave is a non-invasive way for guys to get more blood flow in their penis without needing Viagra or having to get a P-Shot.”