Stu Scharfer

“Your body can only absorb so much food at a time. If you take on more food than the body can absorb, it stores it as fat.”

Guest Bio: 

Stu Schaefer is a 20-year award-winning weight-loss coach. He specializes in helping people reset their bodies so they can lose weight as they did in their 20s. Stu struggled with anorexia in his teens, and when he overcame his eating disorder he realized he wanted to help people create their perfect body in a healthy, sustainable way. Since then, Stu has helped thousands of people transform their bodies and empower themselves to create massive success in their life.

Episode Summary:

Stu Schaefer is passionate about slowing your body’s aging process down. There are so many fad diets out there and extreme workout programs that get a fundamental thing wrong about nutrition and the body: it over-stresses you! If you’re overstressed, your body is going to hold tight onto those extra pounds because it’s in survival mode. Stu shares how he flips this on his head and gets his clients great results.

Title: Lose Those Tough Pounds and Stop Aging in Its Tracks — Stu Schaefer

Subtitle: If your body is overstressed, it’s impossible to lose those extra pounds.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stu suffered from anorexia as a teen and has dedicated his life mission to help people eat healthily.
  • Robin didn’t reach her ideal wait until her early 50s.
  • After a stint in jail, Stu went through a period of self-hatred.
  • Stu understands what it’s like to completely hate your body.
  • There’s so much information out there that it makes it difficult to get the right nutrition for your body.
  • People want to feel young, look young, and they think they’ll achieve that by losing weight. That’s only one part of the equation.
  • Stu shares a client story where she struggled for six years with her weight.
  • This is why sometimes what you have to do to lose weight and feel better is counterintuitive.
  • Your body has its limits. Push those to the max and your body starts pumping out cortisol.
  • Right now we’re in a high-fat fad, but the next big diet fad is going to be plant-based.
  • What really works to optimize your health?
  • What happens when you go low-carb, high-fat, or follow the latest diet trend?
  • In the last three years, Stu has had more women come to him with hyperthyroidism. What’s going on here?
  • What should you be eating for optimal health?
  • You should eat five to six meals a day. You should not be fasting.
  • Stu shares what you can learn from a bodybuilder vs. a sumo wrestler.
  • If you’re eating fewer, but larger meals, the odds of you overeating go up substantially.
  • Controlling your blood sugar is one of the best ways to slow down aging.
  • Everyone has a different body. It’s always going to be unique to you.
  • You shouldn’t be “hungry” throughout the day. There’s no need to go against the body’s natural cravings.
  • You want to eat consistently, but you don’t want to be grazing your food! Stu shares what’s the difference.
  • Stu helped one of his 70-year old clients drastically release her chances of MS and Parkison’s.
  • Can you eat something before bed or is it strictly off-limits?
  • Are you just getting started? Stu has a quick hack for you.

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“We think more means faster results. There is a tipping point and when you reach it, it over-stresses the body.”

“Sumo wrestlers. They generally carry a lot of body fat. They have always followed the intermediate fasting schedule. They eat 1-2 meals a day and they eat it later in the day.”

“Your body can only absorb so much food at a time. If you take on more food than the body can absorb, it stores it as fat.”