Sarah Phillipe

“If we can heal the body at the cellular level by addressing the things that are causing inflammation, then you have true, and lasting, healing.”

Guest Bio:

Sarah has a passion for restoring health that has taken her along a path from RN, to becoming a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, True Cellular Detox™ Practitioner, and Breast Implant Illness Expert. She believes the solution to reversing breast implant illness is about more than just the ex-plant and that we all need to take personal responsibility for restoring our health by addressing all of the root causes that contribute to chronic illness. It is Sarah’s belief that the body has an innate desire to heal if given what it needs and she focuses on teaching women how to unlock that innate intelligence and heal themselves.

Episode Summary:

Sarah had a traumatic journey with her breast implants. It led her down a path where she had to remove one of her fallopian tubes. She doesn’t want another woman to go through what she went through and shares not only her story, but what women need to do to detox their body after removing their implants.

Title: How Do You Know If You Have Breast Implant Illness? — Sarah Phillipe

Subtitle: Your breast implants could be what’s making you severely sick.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sarah is bringing awareness to breast implant illness. Sarah shares her story.
  • So many competitive female bodybuilders get breast implants because when you become so lean, you don’t have breast tissue anymore.
  • Sarah got hers for looks, not for health, and her body punished her for it.
  • How did Sarah know her symptoms were related to her breast implants?
  • Sarah had to have extensive surgery and remove one of her fallopian tubes and one of her ovaries is not functional anymore. Her odds of becoming pregnant have dropped by 50%.
  • Sarah had her implants in for six years and had them take out roughly three years ago.
  • There are several triggers that ‘turn on’ your body’s immune system. That final trigger could be your breast implants.
  • Sarah works with women who have problematic breast implants and helps them heal their bodies after they’ve taken them out.
  • What tests does Sarah run to confirm if it’s breast implant illness?
  • It’s critical to go through a detox program after you remove your implants because your symptoms could still be showing up a year or three years from now.
  • 300,000 women get implants a year. How can you best have a conversation with your daughter or a woman in your life about breast implants?
  • Women are angry and they’re sharing their stories.
  • Regardless of your shape, you can love your body and the skin that you’re in.

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“When we have inflammation, we have inflammation at the cellular level. When your cells are inflamed, you’re not going to get toxins out of the cells.”

“If we can heal the body at the cellular level by addressing the things that are causing inflammation, then you have true, and lasting, healing.”

“Looking at your genes really isn’t enough. We need to know if certain genes are turned on or not and we can see that by looking at detox pathways on a DUTCH test.”

“Typically, when you discover something in the health arena, it takes a good two decades for change to occur.”