Harmony West


“Because mushrooms are antibacterial and antiviral, they really help kick our immune system in gear. Mushrooms aren't anything to be afraid of.”

Guest Bio:

Many Santa Feans know Harmony West as the founder of Magical Child Playschool, a preschool she directed for 20 years. This Creative Crone is also an Author, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Food Healing Instructor. Her passion for superfoods inspired her to create Mushroom Mama, a family of medicinal mushroom teas. She considers herself to be a mushroom enthusiast and delights in sharing her passion for these superfoods with others.

Episode Summary:

Harmony, also known as the Mushroom Mama, has a wealth of knowledge for you today about the healing properties of mushrooms. Mushrooms are an excellent resource for cleaning up our toxic environment as well as inside our bodies. Harmony shares the different types of mushrooms out there and how you can leverage their healing properties in this week’s episode.

Title: The Beautify and Healing Properties of Mushrooms — Harmony West

Subtitle: Discover how each mushroom has a healing superpower.

Key Takeaways:

  • What do mushrooms have to do with being younger?
  • Why is cordyceps considered natural Viagra?
  • Why do mushrooms play a huge role in medicine?
  • In Harmony’s experience, people can be really mushroom phobic or skeptical about the healing benefits of mushrooms.
  • Harmony explains why lion’s mane is good for the brain!
  • Chaga mushrooms have some amazing healing benefits and it doesn’t even look like a mushroom!
  • Why are cordyceps mushrooms so expensive?
  • Turkey tail mushrooms help give healing benefits to the breasts. Medicinal mushrooms are not magic mushrooms.
  • The fungi kingdom is enormous. All mushrooms are considered fungi.
  • Fungi is really good at cleaning out the toxins in both our bodies and in our environment.
  • Did you know you can make fabric from mushrooms?
  • Shiitake mushrooms are the number 1 cancer use in Japan.
  • Harmony has created her own mushroom supplement blends. Dr. Robyn has loved every mushroom elixir Harmony has ever made for her.

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I am the doctor

I am the man of medicines

I am

I am he who cures

I am the remedy and the medicine man

I am the mushroom

I am the fresh mushroom

I am the large mushroom

I am the fragrant mushroom

I am the mushroom of spirit

-Mazatec Shaman-

Resources for a Younger Lifestyle:

Dr. Robyn Benson’s Free Youthful Aging eGuide

Connect with Harmony: MushroomMama.com Enter Coupon Code: “ThanksMom” at checkout. 


“Because mushrooms are antibacterial and antiviral, they really help kick our immune system in gear. Mushrooms aren’t anything to be afraid of.”

“We think fungi are plants. However, we are in the animal kingdom, then there’s the plant kingdom, but there’s also a fungi kingdom and it’s totally separate. We have only tapped 10% of it.”

“For boosting your immune system, Shiitake is the number one anticancer used in Japan.”

“When we think about really protecting this country, this world, this soil, thank God for the mushrooms.”