TK Huynh

“When we have energy flow in our meridians and acupuncture points, environmental factors or emotional factors can cause energy blockage and that can lead to pain.”

Guest Bio:

It all started when Dr. TK Hyunh recognized his innate desire to help others stand back up. At just 10 years old, young TK — a first-generation immigrant in America — made the right choice to help a war veteran stand back up after falling out of his wheelchair. What seems like a normal act of kindness turned out to be quite the pivotal moment in TK’s life.

Fast forward several years, Dr. TK Hyunh lived up to his self-promise by pursuing a doctorate in Pharmacy and becoming 1 of 4 pharmacists in the world to complete a Fellowship in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Functional Medicine.

With over 15 years of pharmacology expertise, TK devotes his life to simplifying the way in which you can incorporate Energetic Medicine into your pain management and total wellness routines.

MindBody Matrix was born in 2012 as a bio-energetic company that uses science & integrative medicine to bring you an innovative approach to pain relief.

At the foundation, MindBody Matrix and Dr. TK coexist to guide you to a more powerful mind-body energy connection and to help you manage the root cause of pain and trauma. We deliver on this core value by enhancing your understanding of the association between emotion, energy, and physical pain.

Episode Summary:

TK Huynh developed a cream to help people get off addictive pain meds and onto something more natural. As a pharmacist, he hated that he was contributing to the opiate problem and used ancient energy medicine and the latest technology to form his flagship product, MindBody Matrix’s Fast Acting Pain Relief Cream. TK shares his story and how he came to develop the product, and also shares his mission to help one million veterans find peace.

Title: A Natural Pain Relief Cream that Works Instantly — TK Huynh

Subtitle: An alternative way to relieve pain without taking addictive painkillers

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s topic is all about pain.
  • TK developed a pain-relief product that is completely natural and it works instantly.
  • When we have an energy blockage along our meridians it is what leads to pain.
  • How can we unblock our energy points?
  • After years of being a pharmacist, how did TK develop his cream?
  • Everything in our body is connected, like a computer system.
  • There is always an emotional component of any type of pain you experience and have.
  • TK knows the veteran population has been neglected and suffers from chronic pain. This is why he incorporated a “buy 1 give 1” veteran program for his products.
  • PTSD can be cured.
  • By being dependent on opiates, it shuts off so many things within your body and stops you from healing.
  • When we look at pain, we should look at the whole puzzle instead of looking at just the parts that hurt.
  • TK has also developed a sexual rejuvenation cream to help couples.

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“When we have energy flow in our meridians and acupuncture points, environmental factors or emotional factors can cause energy blockage and that can lead to pain.”

“Information is everywhere. Our heart and our brain is the computer chip.”

“We wanted to help our veterans. We created a ‘buy 1 give 1’ pain cream for veterans. Any veteran can get free pain cream from our website.”

“The basic thing that tends to get neglected is the environment that we’re in. If we’re in a stressful environment, our body will obviously take in more stress.”