Diane Kazer


“We can’t control everything but we can midgate and protect our body from as much as possible without being paranoid or freaked out about it.”

Guest Bio: 

Diane Kazer is an X-Pro Soccer Player turned Coach to Health Coaches, Ego Slayer, and Functional Nutrition Practitioner with a background in yoga, personal training, and financial planning. Today, Diane supports women around the world to not only heal from emotional and hormonal problems but to radically transform their entire lives.

Episode Summary:

Diane Kazer wants you to break out of the toxic beauty paradigm and shift into your authentic self that radiates inner beauty. Our society constantly reminds us why we’re not enough, but don’t let yourself stray from what God gives you: a beautiful body and soul. Find out more on this week’s episode on how you can avoid toxic beauty norms and live a younger life!

Title: Toxic Beauty Standards to Avoid — Diane Kazer

Subtitle: The need to be and look perfect is a prison that’s keeping you older!

Key Takeaways:

  • Our bodies are designed to heal. We need to stay away from toxic beauty products and foods.
  • Choose natural products; choose nature in all aspects of your life and do not buy into the information of what’s being fed in the news.
  • Toxic Beauty is birth control, breast implants, botox.
  • Transformation changes so fast these days and there are so many things you can change in your body before it starts to die.
  • You learn things from your suffering.
  • Diane explains that 96% of women do not consider themselves beautiful. No wonder we have a toxic beauty epidemic.
  • We are giving our power away to the false narrative that says we have to pay for all these artificial procedures.
  • Diane’s definition of beauty is looking at all the good things. Not only our body, face, and our breasts, but what is good in the world. What did God give us versus the things that need to be fixed?
  • We just need to turn to nature to embrace all the imbalances and deformities. One size being bigger than the others does not mean it’s not perfect.
  • The depth of real beauty, and where it comes from, is in a person’s heart and everything that they are experiencing.
  • People don’t think about or ask the question about what’s blocking their beauty.
  • Toxins and trauma are two of the biggest beauty blocks that prevent women from leaving a life of optimal health.
  • We can’t control everything but we can mitigate and protect our bodies from as much as possible. Fear could be a toxin or trauma category.
  • Our bodies are sacred. It is the temple of God.
  • All of us have genetically been carrying the shame and sadness from our ancestors.
  • Different women have different challenges.
  • Build what you’re looking forward to and set intentions for the life you wanna build and what you want to offer the world.
  • Me showing my face is my dedication to showing the world that I love my body.
  • What makes me so different and how can I channel that?
  • When you have the courage to stand up for yourself, your fears and frustrations start to fall away because you wake up with energy.
  • Detoxing is one step in a whole system. The body can’t just heal from one detox.
  • Botox is the number one most toxic substance known to man.
  • Choose a practitioner to support you in this journey. Choose someone who has experience, education, and most of all, empathy.

Resources for a Younger Lifestyle:

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Connect with Diane: Dianekazer.com


“Our toxic beauty standards and the bully within is destroying your inner beauty.”

“Your triggers are your best teachers.”

“We can’t control everything but we can midgate and protect our body from as much as possible without being paranoid or freaked out about it.”