Isa Herrera

“You need to own your body, you need to own your pelvis, and you, as a woman, need to understand your divine feminine anatomy.”

Guest Bio:

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS – Short Bio: Isa is a licensed pelvic physical therapist, as well as an expert in integrative pelvic floor therapies. She developed her expertise in diagnosing and treating pelvic pain, leaking, and prolapse by helping over 14,000 women since 2005 at her NYC healing center Renew PT. Isa pioneered the use of integrative modalities like Maya Massage, Cold Laser Therapy, Sound Healing, and Andean Energy Techniques with evidence-based physical therapy in ways that had never been done. Isa incorporates a mind-body-spirit approach to all pelvic healing and believes that every woman holds the key to their own healing and can be their own inner doctor.

She is also the author of five books on the topic of pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic pain including the newly released international bestseller, Female Pelvic Alchemy.

Isa’s new online school, brings all of her expertise to a global audience, incorporating exercises, self-care techniques, and integrative tools to maximize female healing and professional training. After suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, herself after the birth of her daughter, Isa has made it her life’s mission to help  1 million women overcome pelvic floor conditions. To this end, she has created the Female Pelvic Alchemy Online program which teaches women how to heal themselves in the privacy of their own homes.  Isa’s goal is to create a global language of understanding around a topic that is loaded with taboo, shame and silence and to help women to awaken their inner pelvic healers.

Episode Summary:

Isa Herrera helps both women and men reignite their pelvic floor and become healthy again. So much sexual energy and health comes from the pelvic floor and if it’s out of balance, you might experience pain, sexual dysfunction, and so much more. Isa shares in this episode how you can take ownership of your body and discover what’s holding you back through exploration and experimentation.

Title: Reignite Your Pelvic Floor — Isa Herrera

Subtitle: Tightness is not a good thing! You should not be having sexual pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is a pelvic floor and why is it so important?
  • Women forget to exercise this very important area in their body.
  • Our society has told us women need to be ‘tight’ in this area, but that’s actually damaging our bodies!
  • One out of three women has chronic sexual pain. Just because everyone has it, doesn’t make this normal!
  • It’s important to take ownership of your self-care. Take ownership of your body instead of outsourcing it to a medical professional.
  • Are Kegels actually good for you or are they hurting you?
  • What kind of exercises should women be doing to improve their pelvic floor?
  • If you are accidentally leaking urine throughout the day, try to drink more water. It helps your body clean out the toxins.
  • By the way, this is not just a woman’s issue! 40% of the people Isa works with are men!
  • Women have a lot of shame when it comes to their bodies, but in Isa’s experience, men are even quieter!
  • Isa shares some of the tools and workout devices women can use!
  • Why is the g-spot such an important part of our pelvic floor?
  • Look forward to a future episode with Isa dedicated to men and their prostate!
  • Get to know your pelvic health. Massage your interior walls to help loosen it up and get more blood flow into it.
  • You have more control over your health than we’ve been led to believe. Take control of it, and explore!

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“One out of three women has chronic sexual pain and 49% of women leak urine, and up to 50% of older women have a pelvic organ prolapse.”

“You need to own your body, you need to own your pelvis, and you, as a woman, need to understand your divine feminine anatomy.”

“If you can’t touch your own vagina, then who can?”

“I have seen women’s sexual function transform. We start to massage the whole interior wall, we start to get more blood flow into it, and it’s a miraculous transformation.”