Amplify Youth and Restore Beauty with a Natural Face-Lift Procedure!

Robyn Benson

Published on December 22, 2016

Benson, Robyn - Santa Fe Soul - Truly Alive MagazineBy Dr. Robyn Benson, D.O.M.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the beauty of your face; from chemical peels to lasers and even plastic surgery.

However, the PRP Facelift aka the Vampire Facelift® continues to be a favorite choice for celebrities, and people who choose a natural approach to amplify the youthful face they desire. We work with you to help shape, lift and texture your face in a way that reduces wrinkles, scars and rebuilds healthy new tissue.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) has been around for more than 20 years. It has been used successfully in orthopedics, dermatology, dentistry and even for racehorses. Dr. Robyn Benson, in Santa Fe, NM is applying this same therapy to the face, joints, breasts, and scars and even for sexual rejuvenation.

Benson pic Truly Alive MagazineePRP is so natural and so effective because it utilizes your body’s own growth factors to stimulate new cell growth in the targeted areas. Recipients of this procedure can expect plumping of sagging skin, diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles, smoother skin on the face and neck and the rebuilding of healthy collagen and elastin.

How does the PRP Facial and Vampire Facelift® restore your natural beauty?

We start by taking a very small amount of blood from your arm and placing it into an FDA approved high-tech centrifuge. This separates out the plasma into a highly concentrated form. Your plasma is then used in the desired area, where it stimulates blood flow to the area, and produces new cells and new tissue. This is similar to what happens when our body suffers an injury and our natural healing process kicks in.

We apply a local anesthetic to your face, so there is minimal pain with the procedure. We use a micro roller or the SkinPen™ which makes many tiny holes in the skin to receive the plasma solution. This procedure only takes about 30 minutes once we have processed your plasma. The effects begin to be felt and seen almost immediately.

In the PRP Facelift, the platelet rich plasma is strategically injected into key points in the face, as well as into volume depleted areas. There is no downtime, although there could be some minor swelling or bruising. We do everything we can to prevent this. Typically, most of our clients are able to return to work or their normal daily activities right after receiving the PRP facelift.

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