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Robyn Benson

Published on February 23, 2015

Healthy Traveler’s Guide: Retrain, Regain & Renew Yourself with Eight Pathways to Smart & Conscious Travel

I’m excited to announce the upcoming publication of my new book, “Healthy Traveler’s Guide: Retrain, Regain & Renew Yourself with Eight Pathways to Smart & Conscious Travel.” I’d like to share some of my recommendations with you so that if you’re traveling this winter, you can enjoy a comfortable, healthy and happy trip that will leave you feeling renewed and invigorated.

In the “Healthy Traveler’s Guide,” you’ll discover Eight Pathways that strengthen your immune system and provide vibrant health when you’re on the road and even when you return home. Renew, regain and retrain yourself for travel success by following the program outlined here:

The Eight Pathways

  1. Be your own best health care advocate.
  2. Reconnect to the earth regularly.
  3. Eat natural organic food.
  4. Drink lots of healthy, potable water.
  5. Stay active.
  6. Optimize Sleep.
  7. Stay conscious and travel with intention.
  8. Connect regularly to your higher self through mindful techniques.

Here are eight easy steps to ensure that your trip is relaxed, stress-free and fun!

  1. Refresh yourself by being outdoors as much as possible. During breaks, take your shoes and socks off so that you are able to literally ground yourself to the earth through the bottom of your feet. A powerful acupuncture point on the sole of your foot called “Gushing Spring,” is strongly rooting and, when activated, helps you reconnect with the earth. Simply walking barefoot is a quick way to neutralize stress in your body and mind.
  2. Refuel your cells with nature by getting into healthy bodies of water, when available. Plan your trips around your favorite beach, hot mineral springs or a lake or river destination. Your body loves clean water, and many hot springs offer a multitude of healing properties from pain relief to stress relief.
  3. Embody the ultimate health formula (UHF) , or the Eight Pathways to conscious and smart travel. Your personal power combined with earth frequencies and lots of healthy water, optimal nutrition, movement, presence in the moment, (including your best positive thoughts) and awareness of your interconnectedness to people, place and the universe results in Ultimate Health.
  4. Bring your favorite essential oils and take a warm bath on arrival. Essential oils that are 100 percent natural are an excellent choice for recalibrating your energy, rebooting your immune system, and helping you with digestive issues after a long journey.
  5. Chant, pray, listen to music, do yoga, or stretch to bring about the best vibrations and frequencies for your mind and body.
  6. Drink the best possible clean water with a pinch of sea salt to help rehydrate your body before, during, and after travel. Water can immediately give you a boost. I highly recommend a supplement called Oxylent that you can add to your water. You can find this at
  7. Invest in reputable products that help neutralize harmful frequencies, including Earthing sheets, Orgone pendants, protective shields and functional clothes. Invest in the best pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) wellness devices, which mimic the earth’s frequencies and quickly recharge your cell batteries.
  8. Invest in your stress resiliency. As the healthy conscious traveler, you want a clear game plan for how to handle stressful delays, cancellations, getting through security, or finding yourself stuck in traffic on a freeway in L.A. Write a note to yourself from your higher-evolved self about the three things you commit to do on a regular basis when the you-know-what hits the fan while traveling.
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To learn more, and to become a Healthy Conscious Traveler:

Join the 10-day Healthy Travelers Summit, featuring 28 experts in nutrition, exercise, aging, brain power, holistic living and other fields, coming soon in April 2015. Website available March 10th.

We love to hear your suggestions. Feel free to comment below! Cheers to your healthy travel with each and every trip.

Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM
Founder of the Self-Care Revolution
And Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health
Healthy Traveler’s Summit