“It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year”” How to Stay Healthy & Energized During the Holiday Travel Season

Robyn Benson

Published on November 18, 2015

“It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year”
How to Stay Healthy & Energized During the Holiday Travel Season
By Dr. Robyn Benson

The holidays are a happy season, but delayed flights, exposure to winter colds and flues and lost luggage can make travel during the holidays the most stressful time of the year. Know that you can travel with ease during this season and arrive at your destination with vibrant health, including a strong immune system that resists jet lag, illness and other travel-related problems.

Are you ready to release that anxiety you feel right now just thinking about travel during the busiest time of the year? To trade it in for courage, confidence and certainty about your trip? In my
bestselling new book, The Healthy Conscious Traveler, you’ll discover the 8 Pathways that keep you happy and humming with health when you’re on the road as well as long after you and your family return home.

The Healthy Conscious Traveler is a book that Dr. Hyla Cass calls “a must-read for every traveler who has ever suffered through stress and sickness on the road – so essentially, everyone. This book will always be on my packing list!” And Dr. C. Norm Shealy says: “Even those who do not fly around the world often travel 10,000 miles or more each year in automobiles. Let your favorite form of travel sustain you with the true health solutions Robyn provides.”

To retrain, regain and renew yourself for travel success, here are eight easy steps from The Healthy Conscious Traveler to ensure that your trip is relaxed, stress-free and fun.

1. Refresh yourself by being outdoors as much as possible. During breaks in your journey, take your shoes and socks off so that you are able to literally ground yourself to the earth through the bottom of your feet. A powerful acupuncture point on the sole of your foot called “Gushing Spring,” s strongly rooting and, when activated, helps you reconnect with the earth. Simply walking barefoot is a quick way to neutralize stress in your body and mind and is now widely known as Earthing.

I was recently in Iceland and can honestly say, that I experienced the best Earthing of my life. I climbed glaciers, walked barefoot on the cool grass and I even para-glided off a mountain over the sea. Talk about healthy travel!

2. Refuel your cells with nature by getting into healthy bodies of water, when available. Plan your trips around your favorite beach, hot mineral springs or a lake or river destination. Your body loves clean water, and many hot springs offer a multitude of healing properties from pain relief to stress relief.

3. Follow the Ultimate Health Formula (UHF) , or The 8 Pathways to conscious and extraordinary travel. Your personal power combined with earth frequencies and lots of healthy water, optimal nutrition, movement, and presence in the moment, (including your best positive thoughts) and awareness of your interconnectedness to people, place and the universe, results in ultimate health.

4. Bring your favorite essential oils and take a warm bath on arrival. Essential oils that are 100 percent natural are an excellent choice for recalibrating your energy, rebooting your immune system, and helping you with digestive issues after a long journey.

5. Chant, pray, listen to music, do yoga, or stretch to bring about the best vibrations and frequencies for your mind and body.

6. Drink the best possible water with a pinch of sea salt to help rehydrate your body before, during, and after travel. Water can give you an immediate boost.

7. Invest in reputable products that help neutralize harmful frequencies, including Earthing sheets, Orgone pendants, protective shields and functional clothes. Invest in the best pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) wellness devices, which mimic the earth’s frequencies and quickly recharge your cell batteries.

8. Invest in your stress resiliency. As a healthy conscious traveler, you want a clear game plan for how to handle stressful delays, cancellations, getting through security, or finding yourself stuck in traffic on a freeway
in L.A. Write a note to yourself from your higher-evolved self about the three things you commit to do on a regular basis when the you-know what hits the fan while traveling.

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