Gary Zukav

“The choice that frees or imprisons us is the choice of love or fear. Love liberates. Fear imprisons.“ -- Gary Zukav, Spiritual Teacher, New York Times Bestselling Author

Guest Bio: 

Gary Zukav (born October 17, 1942) is an American spiritual Teacher, with a capital “T”, and the author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers. Beginning in 1998, he appeared more than 30 times on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss transformation in human consciousness which were concepts he presented in his book, The Seat of the Soul.

Gary’s first book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters (1979), won a U.S. National Book Award. It is an overview of the New Physics, and became the winner of The American Book Award for Science.

Gary’s book The Seat of the Soul, was celebrated as a #1 New York Times Bestseller for three consecutive years in a row. His book, Soul Stories, was also a New York Times bestselling book; and many other books he has written that followed.

Gary’s books have sold millions of copies and are published in twenty-four languages. He is a graduate of Harvard University and a former U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer with Vietnam service.

Gary lives in Oregon. Linda Francis was his spiritual partner for decades. She passed on in 2022, and Gary has said, “She (Linda) was a model to me and many others.”

Episode Summary:

Gary Zukav and Dr. Robyn discuss the rapid global transformation in human consciousness, emphasizing the need to recognize and adapt to this change. They highlighted the importance of moving beyond the five senses and understanding the new consciousness as a multisensory experience.

In Dr. Robyn’s discussion with Gary, they emphasize the importance of choosing love over fear in times of uncertainty. Dr. Robyn shares her personal experience with Gary as she would pass by him while she hosted her Women’s Retreat in Chile, located at Los Lobos with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and his wife Marcela Lobos.

Dr. Robyn shares these brief discussions and how his books had a profound impact on her life. The conversation culminates in a thought-provoking discussion on the role of love and fear in personal growth.

Title: The Seat of the Soul

Key Takeaways:

• An introduction to Gary Zukav with multi-sensory perceptions as a spiritual Teacher (with a capital “T”).
• Insights on spiritual evolution and personal growth today!
• Discussions around multi-sensory perception in The Seat of the Soul, and how it has evolved in the author’s thinking since publishing this book.
• Encouragement for listeners to experiment with concepts shared, and not to accept them blindly.
• The new consciousness, soul, and authentic power.
• The transformation of human consciousness as it is happening rapidly and unprecedentedly.
• Acknowledgement on how aging and wisdom are not necessarily linked, as some older individuals may still struggle with self-awareness.
• Recognizing and managing emotions to attain authentic power.
• Examples of why some people don’t change over time and others who do, and the role fear has in shaping personality.
• How emotions are key to creating authentic power by looking inside oneself by managing emotions and personality parts.
• Discovering emotional literacy by recognizing physical sensations in chest, throat, and solar plexus.
• The importance of focusing on the loving parts of your personality to access authentic power.
• The awareness of frightened parts of personality experience powerlessness, leading to outward or inward change efforts.
• Ways to create authentic power through intentional choices which requires awareness, emotional awareness, and responsible choice.
• The Wheel of Suffering, as Buddhists call it, which represents how perception depends on how one holds it, either with fear or love.
• How intention is a quality of consciousness, not just a goal, and setting an intention can bring into one’s life circumstances that help them grow.
• Healing ways of consciousness through awareness and choice.
• The on-going process of managing emotions as part of making choices in daily life.
• Expansive consciousness and how it can lead to clarity, compassion, and responsible choice.
• Reminder that Shamans treat people in pain, not sickness itself.
• How our spiritual growth and personal responsibility are opportunities for growth, not challenges, as society transitions to multi-sensory perception.
• The important emphasis of moving beyond fear and attachment to external validation.
• A Monk’s Teacher, as it relates to equanimity: it is led by the responsibility for choices, not others’ emotions.
• Personal power, and the way it comes from authentically choosing love over fear in challenging times.
• The concept of “divine neutrality” as a state of being in love and equanimity.
• Divine. How it is in everything, including mundane tasks and interactions, and each opportunity to choose love over fear is the key to evolution.
• Gary advises listeners to change themselves, not the world, which will have a direct effect on change.
• Recognize your ability to choose love over fear, to enhance spiritual growth.
• Self-awareness and how it is key to your personal growth.

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Gary’s Top Quotes:

“Love grounds you. It orients you. Love brings your awareness to others and yourself. Love opens your mind and heart to others and yourself. Love settles you and gives you balance.”

“Religions cannot change you. If you are angry, you will become an angry Muslim or Hindu. If you are righteous, you will become a righteous Christian or Jew.”

“The hardest times to choose love are the very times when you can most grow spiritually. In fact, they are the only times you can grow spiritually!”

“Your life is yours to live, no matter how you choose to live it. When you do not think about how you intend to live it, it lives you. When you occupy it, step into it consciously, you live it.”

“A responsible choice is a choice that creates consequences that you are willing to assume responsibility for.”