Want a Healthy Brain? Eat an Apple!

Robyn Benson

Published on July 25, 2014

We all want to be healthy, but at times we’re just not sure how to get there because all of the health “noise” we hear on TV or read about on Facebook. It can all be confusing and overwhelming. One day something is good for you and the next day it’s bad for you. No wonder I have so many people asking me to help them decipher the confusion. The bottom line is; eating healthy is probably the best, fastest and most nutritious way to get there.  Even the simplest fruits can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look:

Your brain can do so much better with a red, juicy apple

Want a healthy brain? Eat an apple! Studies have shown that the apple isn’t just the healthiest fruit, but the healthiest food as well. You might not be surprised to hear this but the fact is, the apple contains an antioxidant that is called quercetin, which reduces the number of neurons dying in your brain. Oxidation and inflammation lead to neuron death, but with more apples added to your diet, you can prevent this.  As a result, your neurological health improves and the power of your brain increases. It also helps stave off Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia according to studies. Note: Always choose organic fruits and vegetables.

Reduce heart disease with bananas

The most significant dietary change an individual should make is to reduce their intake of sodium and add more potassium to their diet. Rich in B6, Vitamin C, potassium and fiber, bananas can keep your heart functioning properly and effectively.

Studies claim that consuming higher potassium amounts reduces the chances of death due to ischemic heart disease by 49%.

Burn fat with grapes

Grapes contain resveratrol which has a number of health benefits such as protecting your blood vessels from being damaged, reducing bad cholesterol and preventing the formation of blood clots.

Another interesting fact about resveratrol and is that it can reduce the ability of a cell to store fat by as much as 130%. And that’s not all; it will cause disintegration of your fat cells at a rate of 246% higher than average.

Reduce wrinkles with oranges

We all know the benefits of oranges when it comes to Vitamin C but what few know is that when applied topically, oranges have the ability to improve the appearance and overall health of our skin. It can even help reverse skin damage caused by pollution and the sun – and – it helps reduce wrinkles by improving overall skin texture. This all comes about because Vitamin C plays a vital role in our skins ability to produce collagen, which is a firming component of our skin. Vitamin C in oranges also helps our skin absorb vitamin E and iron, producing a glowing complexion!

Prevent Cancer with Pears

More than any other fruit, pears contain the most fiber which helps our bodies pass food much easier through the digestive tract. The beauty of the pear though is that this gritty fiber also helps remove cancer-causing chemicals in the colon. In turn, this helps in reducing the risk of developing colon cancer. Pears also contain flavonoid phloretin which has been found to induce and inhibit growth in colon cancer cells, human melanoma, as well as liver and leukemia cancer cells in lab studies. The consumption of pears has also been associated with lowering the risk of breast cancer.

So sink your teeth into these luscious fruits and reap these amazing health benefits.

Source: www.medicaldaily.com

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