Busting Myths of Chronic Illness

Robyn Benson

Published on November 20, 2014

I want to thank Jonathan Crews MBA for his contribution to this article!

Powerful myths surround the public discussion about chronic illness, myths that cast us as victims, feeling scared, helpless, and frustrated—trapped with no way out. Not only do these myths and beliefs limit and paralyze us, they cost us thousands of dollars a year.

One of the biggest myths you’ll hear is that your disease is progressive and will only get worse. You’ll also hear that pharmaceuticals—both addictive and dangerous with numerous side effects—are the only option to help you feel better. And your friends and family may tell you that you look good…so how can you not be well?

But these are all just myths. You can recover from long-term illness and regain health, happiness, and vitality. Major life-changing steps like reducing toxicity, balancing hormones, eating healthy foods, identifying the root causes, examining past traumas and changing the way you think about a disease—being optimistic and positive, for instance—can have a huge impact on your recovery.

Your body has a natural ability to restore well-being and health, without the use of addictive pharmaceuticals, with negative side effects that only make you sicker. Mother Nature has been curing health problems long before the invention of these pharmaceuticals. Her limitless pharmacopoeia of natural herbs has been used to fight disease around the globe for eons, with ingredients like tree bark and leaves turmeric, ginger, garlic and other fruits of the earth. Natural healing systems like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have been around for millennia, curing everything from the common cold to life-threatening illness

But chronic illness is not just a physical problem. Our bodies are connected to our mind and our spirits, and we strive to keep them in balance, juggling our emotions, beliefs, feelings and essential Selves, which connect us to the truth of who we really are in the Grand Design. If any of these aspects are out whack, with each other or the divine whole, we lose our radiant, vital health.

Healing can happen more quickly than you think.

Our most challenging, life-threatening situations can actually be a doorway to greater self-realizations, catalyzing change so that by confronting our limitations and incorrect beliefs, we shift to a more healthful way of thinking, and being.

So here’s to radiant, vibrant health and a new-found liberation from the binding myths about chronic health issues!

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