Living A Stress-Free Live with Regenerative Medicine

Robyn Benson

Published on May 16, 2022

Living a Stress-Free Life

. . . and begin living a regenerative lifestyle!

In these wild times we’re living in, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by stress. But you don’t have to let anxiety, worry, fear and other negative emotions win. And you definitely don’t want to turn to alcohol, prescription medicine and other toxic treatments for stress relief. At Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine, my team and I are here to help you overcome stress and its debilitating effects with a powerful combination of natural traditional and alternative medicine.


Amazing Acupuncture

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine for about 3 decades, I’ve worked with patients from around the world, and I can attest to the effectiveness of this ancient Chinese healing technique. Using fine needles placed along pathways that deliver Qi, or energy, throughout your body, acupuncture stimulates your muscles, nerves and tissues. The result is the restoration of your body’s healthful energy balance and relief from depression, fatigue, sleep problems and other stress-induced imbalances in your body, mind and spirit. Along with acupuncture, we can customize Chinese herbal medicine specifically for you to give added relief from stress, anxiety and depression.


 IV Therapies

Santa Fe Soul’s pioneering IV Center of Santa Fe offers a selection of signature nutrient Intravenous Therapies that can alleviate stress and restore energy levels, boost immunity, elevate mood, recharge brain power and help you regain your zest for life. Intravenous treatment infuses nutrients directly into your bloodstream so that you can better absorb them. We offer nine different treatments, and for stress, I highly recommend our Chill Out IV Therapy treatment. This simple magnesium infusion can restore, and relax you. We like to call it liquid yoga. Or, try our signature blend Myers Energy Boost, a potent cocktail for recovery from lack of energy and a great way to beat the blues. Our experienced practitioners also can work with you to customize a stress-reducing formula just for you.


Healing Energies

A session with two of the revolutionary treatments in Santa Fe Soul’s ART Lab can greatly relax you and reduce the stress from your life.

The Theta Chamber administers seven powerful treatments in a single visit. As you rest inside the chamber, you’ll experience Visual Pattern Light Stimulation that can improve 33 health conditions, including sleep, hormone balance and depression.

The Tesla Energy Lights, inspired by the work of the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, are another powerful tool to combat the effects of stress. The lights fuel your energy, mental clarity and positive well-being. We combine them with Nano-Vi™ technology, which promotes vitality and rejuvenation.

All of these services and more are part of my Amplified Regenerative Therapies (A.R.T.) at Santa Fe Soul. I created this revolutionary program to help you discover and expand your healthiest self and take charge of your own health.

Get ready to release your burdens by reinventing, regenerating and reigniting your health. Contact me at Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine.

This is your time.  Breakthrough to a new you naturally!

If you would like to learn more ways to empower yourself by supporting your own self-care plan, enjoy listening to my new podcast called, “YOUNGER: The Art and Science of Youthful Aging.” It features interviews with leading experts in natural healthcare with easy access 24/7 as you live a regenerative life.

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