Shiva Shakti: Awakening Your Life Force Energy

Robyn Benson

Published on December 16, 2014

Sexual energy plays a major role in our lives, and if you’re stressed, disconnected from your partner, or dealing with other blockages, your sex life is suffering.

I have to admit that in 22 years of my practice, at least 75% of my clientele complains of low sexual interest, or even complete loss of drive. Sexual cultivation and restoration is a foundation of a well balanced life according to Chinese medicine.

In my practice, I regularly give acupuncture to help restore this primal energy in the body, which helps activate energy, gives the body a nice glow, increases healthy circulation, balances hormones and dramatically reduces stress, while increasing the pleasure hormone Oxytocin.

Reconnect with your passion and restore your sexual energy—your life-force energy—with internationally acclaimed sex and intimacy expert and author Amara Charles and Shyena Vénice during a special three-day workshop, SHIVA SHAKTI: An Introduction to Spiritual Sexuality, January 9-11, 2015 at Santa Fe Soul.

Amara focuses on restoring a balance between Shiva, the awakened masculine energy, and Shakti, the feminine, receptive energy, bringing greater awareness into our life so we can have the pleasure we deserve. She has 25 years of experience working with men and women—both singles and couples—helping them achieve life-changing breakthroughs so they can experience new levels of intimacy and pleasure.

Through experiential exercises emphasizing play, she introduces the six kinds of sensuous touch that bring fresh energy to your life as well as ancient techniques to make you a better lover. “Touch is one of the most fundamental aspects within the relationship,” Amara says. “What people really want and need is intimate touch and connection.,” And these specific touches will deepen that connection, from the Water Touch—a washing touch that cleanses and heals—to the Earth Touch, a gentle pressing that brings vitality, and the Fire Touch, an electric touch.

She also helps  you discover what kind of lover they are—Wind Lover, Earth Lover, Fire Lover and more, which all have different strengths and challenges, giving insight into the needs of your partner.  IN this workshop:

  • Enhance your life through sexual restoration Daoist practices and more
  • Awaken your core aliveness
  • Own your grand design
  • Rejuvenate your sexual vitality, sensuality and love your body
  • Learn your lover type (a favorite of all of Amara’s global events)
  • Awaken the healing power of your sexual energy

Amara uses Qigong excercises that bring vitality and energy to the body, and tranquility exercises to calm the mind and the breath.  By addressing the emotional and psychological issues that bring blockages into intimate relationships, she facilitates breakthroughs in communications, resulting in the courage to express yourself openly and honestly, from the heart.

Join us for SHIVA SHAKTI at Santa Fe Soul, Jan 9-11 for a truly transformative journey into sexuality and healing and bring more wisdom, warmth and happiness to your intimate relationships! Amara is the author of Sexual Agreements and Aching to Open. Her new book, The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka, is the first to reveal the Shamanic healing practices of sex from the Nagual Tradition.

If you have any questions feel free to call 505 474 8555 or email Amara directly at

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